Justice doesn’t always get served, but when it does it’s just so damn sweet (Video)

Every morning, as this school bus stopped to pick up a handicapped student, the same SUV would pull out from behind it, drive up on the sidewalk, and go around. Finally, one morning, the driver got her on camera and called the cops. The next day, this happened…

  • tjk57

    Love it!!

  • noegod

    Fuck Yeah! I wish I could have been on that call! What a dick!!!

  • roadgypsy247

    Man I wish I could have been a fly in that patrol car. That's just awesome!!!!

  • Not an idiot driver

    Idiot driver. that's like 7pts on his/her license right away.

  • Yay cops!

    Wow, I'm surprised there are not a bunch of anarchists making some comments about hating the police and they are not doing their jobs… THAT IS AWESOME. I'm super proud of that policeman!

    • Gsuss

      Sex the police.

    • Observationalist

      No one has a problem when police are actually protecting people. It's all the bully cops that are never held accountable that create the bad image for them.

      • asdasd

        Observationalist is right… there are a small percentage of cops out there who absolutely such at their jobs and have a hard-on for the power… those are the ones who get all the attention while a majority of cops are great people and great officers!

        • asdasd

          er "suck" at their jobs, my bad…

    • phail

      Just remember to praise them when they taze you for not giving a urine sample 😛 Or when they taze 8 year olds who won't calm down, or beat up guys in wheelchairs. It's like 1 out of 10 to find a good cop these days.

  • The kid

    Let me guess what these idiots will say… He's a free man of the land. That cop impeded his movement and he is not subject to the laws of any state. That cop rocks and all good cops do too! Great job officer!

    • Simon


      Whilst it was great, obviously, I thought something more would happen over what was written in the intro. Maybe I've been watching too much of Sheriff John Bunnell.

    • Anon

      I saw some pavement where she was driving. Clearly it was legal. Police was out of line there.

      • Obvious Panda

        Clearly that was sarcasm people, even a Panda knows that

  • Robert

    This is awesome. I saw this on YourMunky yesterday and i could watch it 100 more times.

    Justice is served mothertrucker

  • http://twitter.com/Thogert @Thogert

    Serves you right you impatient douche.

  • Hendo

    I think this calls for the old rubber hose and phone book routine

  • Leroy Jenkins

    The less women on the street the better.

    • Dick Hertz

      Fuck yea!

  • Tiber_Septim

    Some people think they are more important and don't have to follow the law they get what they deserve in this case Awesome!

  • sagasha

    The apple sure don't fall far from the tree. Check out the driver's imbecile mother defending her daughter's stoopid ass move here: http://thegrio.com/2012/09/14/woman-drives-on-sid

    You really have to hear the rest of her story to actually believe it. The sad thing is that unless she has a lengthy driving record the law can do nothing to her except issue a menial fine.


    • Sabastian

      she messed up bad, hopefully the ticket will punch some sense into her face…but im sure the Cleveland Chivers would rather not stalk her around the city and harass her. Karma has her in its cross sight…

    • George Zip

      What needs to happen is for a cop to patrol that every day. One ticket isn't going to stop her (see link to mom's comments). You start doing this regularly, idiot girl will find a new route.

      I fucking hate that "I'm in a hurry; I'm more important" attitude.

    • Observationalist

      Why would she only get one ticket? That was at least 3: not stopping for a school bus, driving on the side walk, and wreckless driving. I'm sure more could have been added and her license taken away.

      • _LG

        I completely agree. She also should be charged with reckless endangerment because she could have easily hit or run over someone standing on the sidewalk (i.e. perhaps a small child trying to get on to the school bus or a parent waving their kid off). Even if she had quick reflexes, with the speed that she turned around the other SUV, she wouldn't have been able to stop in the event that someone was actually there.

        Hopefully that woman will have her license revoked. I fear for her kids who are both in the car and learning how to drive from her as well.

    • Dan

      Wtf is her mother even saying? "For some reason it takes the bus an "enoylee" long time…"

    • OGBYN

      That woman is awful, but vigilante justice is just as bad. Please don't display her name or address. Knowing that she will get her just desserts should be enough, even if we would all like her to be punished to the full extent of the law. So yeah, shame on her, but don't stoop is what I'm saying!

      • http://twitter.com/BBKing77 @BBKing77

        Normally I would agree with you about not stooping, but she drove on the sidewalk in front of a daycare!!! Cop should've shot her on sight!

        • Crankybastard

          Shoot out her fucking tires then take her out back and give her the boots. Fucking self-important, holier than thou bitch should get what she deserves.

  • Johnny

    If you look closely you will see its Lindsey Lohan driving that car

    • Endo

      No, I think that's Amanda Bynes.

  • 216_chiver

    Wow that was great. And no im not gunna stalk her unless the road she is on is to the kitchen to make me a sammich cause im hungry!!!! J/K ladies I love you all

  • http://www.funnypicturespro.com/15927/justice-doesn%e2%80%99t-always-get-served-but-when-it-does-it%e2%80%99s-just-so-damn-sweet-video/ Justice doesn’t always get served, but when it does it’s just so damn sweet (Video) | Funny Pictures Pro

    […] From: theCHIVE » Owned […]

  • Nick

    Not all of us from Cleveland suck like this broad. So how bout a Cleveland Chive meetup?

    • Endo

      I second that.

      • clevelandchiver

        Greetings, Endo! It is time to "group up" as the minority in the world of Chivers…I'm talkin bout us Cleveland/Northeast Ohio Chivers! Let's do what Chivers do and flood the offices with a demand that they come here for a meetup! I have already sent many emails on my own….my voice has not been heard. OURS! can! -Dan

    • Dude Imbibes

      Brilliant idea! There are many many fine drinking establishments in and around the city.

      • clevelandchiver

        The Chive would be astonished at the "menu" of establishments in and around this city! From the East Side to the West Side….this city is one of the best all around towns in the country! Those who don't know…will never know because they will never take the time to find out. Hopefully, The Chive will!!!!

    • clevelandchiver

      Well said, Nick! I have sent a good few emails, along with pics from our new Tilted Kilt and the knowledge that we have the most beautiful women (per capita!) in the world here in Cleveland. The "few" Chivers in this fare city need to group up and let The Chive know what an awesome and fun city this is….along with its fun 'burbs….Lakewood, especially! KC&CO, my friend! Nice to hear from another awesome Northeast Ohioan!!!!

  • AdkMtnMan

    I hope she's on an episode of cops. Wish I could hear that conversation.

  • Willinilli

    Agreed, Justice is served…tell me if im missing something,but one thing i dont get is the positioning of the handicapped bus? is the bus blocking the whole road ,if so why coz the road seem big enough for cars to overtake? which lead to the under taking on a side road? or…that the suv just feels like the road isnt good enough for him to over take?….

    • johnny

      i don't know if you live in america, but in america when a school bus stops, its basically like a stop sign. All cars have to stop around it until it starts moving again.I guess thats why she decided to go around onto the sidewalk, to avoid hitting anyone on the street. The super fucked up part was that the building right next to the side walk was a day care center…. So if a kid just happened to walk outside the door at that time, they could be hit and die because of her. Fuck impatient people like her.

      • http://www.younglobe.com Ryan

        This happened pretty close to my house. She said that she went around that way because then the bus wouldn't be blocking her vision if a kid were walking by and she can see the bus door. And she did it every morning because otherwise she was going to be late to work. Makes way more sense than just leaving a couple of minutes earlier or finding an alternative route, obviously.

    • DexLargo

      I don't defend the SUV driver – no excuse for driving on the sidewalk when the schoolbus puts the stop sign out.

      My question though is, why is the bus putting the stop sign out? Do they do this every time the bus stops? In my town, the bus won't always stop all traffic, but will only do so when there is a child crossing the street, either to get on the bus, or after exiting the bus. Otherwise, no reason to stop all the traffic. In Cleveland do they always put out the stop sign, no matter what?

      • Moe

        I don't know where you live but in every part of America I know of you are required to stop for a school bus.

        • DexLargo


          Where I live, you have to stop if the bus has red lights flashing and/or the stop sign out. If no flashing red lights or stop sign, you may pass – even if the bus is loading or unloading. Here, it's very rare to see a bus stop with red lights flashing and/or stop sign out. This is because the bus stops are almost always on the right side of the road so that children don't need to cross.

          That said, whenever passing a school bus, you are required to do so cautiously.

          Seems pretty reasonable to me. Why should all traffic stop when the bus is picking up kids who are all right at the curb?

          Regardless of how anyone feels about whether or not a bus driver should or should not activate the red lights and/or put out the stop sign, when a bus driver has activated the red lights and/or put out the stop sign, there is no excuse for passing that bus

  • Sprocket

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Howard.is.god

    This ballbag deserves some time in the "federal, pound me in the ass prison"

    • Samir Nagheenanajar

      Where Inmate Lumberg will show her his "O" Face?

    • Critical Observer

      it was she

  • Mr. Tea

    Where we're going, we don't need roads…

  • svp

    The obvious thing to do would be just to leave 2 minutes earlier…

    • chiver

      nailed it

    • Axl

      Slash is always the voice of reason

  • Boobs

    Women are terrible drivers.

    • OGBYN

      Really? People give THAT a thumbs up?

  • 'berto


  • Peasoupdoughboy

    When did they put wheels on kitchens?

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