Justice doesn’t always get served, but when it does it’s just so damn sweet (Video)

Every morning, as this school bus stopped to pick up a handicapped student, the same SUV would pull out from behind it, drive up on the sidewalk, and go around. Finally, one morning, the driver got her on camera and called the cops. The next day, this happened…

  • dawgbone98

    Driving is a privilege, not a right.

    When someone shows such disregard, they should have that privilege rescinded permanently. I can understand accidents and even the odd time when a driver fucks up for whatever reason… but doing something like this intentionally simply shows a complete lack of respect for everyone.

    Take her license, cut it up and never let her drive again.

  • nola

    OOOhhhhh someone got pulled over. Lame post

  • Larry

    Props to the bus driver also for catching that poopy head on camara. Gotta protect the kids from douche bags.

  • jason

    i would have put a spike strip in the grass.

  • Rob

    It's things like this that make my day

  • Red

    What a stupid fuck ! Who us in that big if a hurry everyday that you feel the need to endanger peoples lives ??

    • dawgbone98

      Who can't leave 5 minutes earlier and avoid this?

      Especially when you run into it every single day?

  • ChukDee

    Dats Niiiiice!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/jaczor @jaczor

    I don't condone what she did, but why does traffic has to stop on both lanes while a school bus picks up a kid? sure, they should slow down, but having to stop for a process that I would guess takes quite a while (the driver stops the bus, gets off, waits for the kids to get on on the loading ramp, that must take at least 10 minutes) must annoying as hell, specially when you could just drive carefully. If I was her I'd just leave 5 mins earlier, but imagine if you live a on a street and this bus has to pick up 2 or 3 kids on that same street, it would drive me crazy I was caught behind it.

    • http://twitter.com/BBKing77 @BBKing77

      So take a different route, it's not that difficult!

    • Mike

      Because a kid might cross the street from behind the bus, and if you're not paying attention (and do kids always pay attention??), you might hit them. Go back and read the driver's education materials.

  • Bob

    I have to admit, I was expecting something a little more dramatic. Like, I thought the cop that pulled out was going to accidenatlly hit her, and cause her to end up paralyzed.


    SHE WAS 100% BLACK

  • Guest

    I don't get it….does that driver do this every day? How do they know to record and comment on it? If this is happening every day then it's annoying on the part of the people setting the driver up to do that by getting in the way and trying to slow them down.

    • Mikel

      Buses run on a schedule. The annoying part is that she can't leave her house 5 minutes earlier and get to work without egregiously breaking the law. This is America, we stop for the school bus for the safety of the kids, period.

      • Guest

        Don't you think it's strange that they knew to film it though? It must have happened several times for them to know to do that. Also, I don't know what the speed limit is, but the car in front is driving around 15mph and comes to a stop, blocking the road. It seems like this was done on purpose to try and get the driver to go on the pavement. Obviously I am not saying that you should break the law and drive on the pavement, but I think there is more to this than meets the eye. It seems to me that they are trying to stop this person from getting past and have that police car pull them over.

  • HandsomeRob

    As someone who sees some batsh*t crazy drivers every day breaking the law this made my day.

    "Justice isn't always served as it should be, but when it is… it's oh so sweet!"

  • ChiveMaster

    In best Nelson Voice "HAWWW HAWWW"

  • Bob

    YEah! Way to stop that law breaker… I mean they drove around a bus…with children!! Think of the kids! What a fcking joke, has no-one seen the ridiculousness that surrounds a bus drop off; one kid in 1995 got run over by a bus so from now till 2099 all buses will employ another individual to look under the bus and hold up the rest of the world for a good minute or two. Talk about a knee-jerk reaction. Fck off ya douche's.

  • Bilbo*aggins

    I would've gathered a few week's worth of footage and cut them together with a Benny Hill soundtrack. Then let the police use it to nail that person to the wall.

  • yermon

    smartass gets owned

  • doug1550

    Why didn't she just leave the house five minutes earlier and avoid the bus?

  • Alvaro Munoz


    formal justice has a sense of humor!

  • RicH


    Is this the lady that drove around the bus being forced to hold the idiot sign?

    • admincanadiana

      Yep, that's her.

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