Some things get better with time (22 Photos)

  • chelsea_dagger

    Sorry, but some of these definitely looked JUST as good beforehand. I actually think #7 looked better.

    • Aaron

      You're drunk!

      • chelsea_dagger

        Okay, okay… without the bangs. Sorry, but her smile is just creepy!

        • TheTruth

          I agree. Of course the high definition colored pic is going to look better than the 80's pic taken with a calculator.

          She has great DSL's back in the day.

        • Truth Hurts

          I don't see why people make a fuss about Minka like they do.

          She's average at best…just famous.

    • Boobman

      #20 Agreed

      • Pedobear

        Pedo bear approved

      • Cheetos

        Sexy librarian look.

    • Iloveboobs

      And Pam Andreson looked WAY better before than she does now. She has NOT aged well. The pics of her as the Labatt girl in her late teens are gorgeous and she never looked better than her first Playboy pics, before all the plastic surgery.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Sooo, if you get rich, you'll be better looking.

    • Fact

      Vice versa

    • Del

      All those more recent photos have been massively touched up. But yes, you do.

    • Crash


    • MylesofStyles

      The name of this post should be changed to, "Some Things Get Better with Money"

    • rihughes

      If you get rich you get Photoshopped.

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    Things get better with make up

    • dotGIFF

      …and multiple nose jobs.

      • adxasd

        and chin jobs, and eye lifts, and cheek implants, and…

    • yuppers

      Came here to say this.

      • Ruben

        Yup. Me too.

  • Sad Panda

    Some get better with makeup too. #4

    • Urethra Franklin

      She looked just as trashy then as well

    • fil

      wow, she was plucked from a gypsy circus

      • Timba

        I'd hit the promiscuous girl with the makeup

  • Tornpantz

    #14 it's amazing what a age and plastic surgery do

    • Deep Dish

      Look at that shnoz

    • TheTruth

      Breasts are real is most important. I don't care about a nose job.

    • Adam

      I should have snatched he up early. That would have been a better investment than my RRSP's.

    • Kato

      Quit yer bitchin. You know you want to tap that so stfu.

  • jdfish2279

    #22 Well I didnt know George was Velma from Scooby-Doo! Explains a lot actually.

    • sithney


      • Guest


    • SkyVader

      And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling jdfish2279.

      • Garret

        Don't forget his mangy dog too.

    • AssClown
      • jdfish2279

        The photoshop skills are strong with this one. 🙂

        • crazydog

          no, not really..

          • TheDude

            Give credit where credit is due penis wrinkle.

      • LaurenGoMeow

        lol well done sir

        • UhHuh

          You are hot Lauren

      • Denz262

        made my day

      • Daniel Tosh

        this should make the DAR

  • Mr. T

    wow #18

  • @jaczor


    • penguin slayer

      no where near

  • what


    • neelsvanpk


  • asd

    #12 my ass…

    • chelsea_dagger

      Just google her before and after makeover pics once she had kids. Unbelievable what some money and reality TV can do for you.

    • Lunch_Box

      WTF, aren't her 15 minutes of tragedy over.

    • _LG

      Too bad there's no plastic surgery to fix the crazy.

    • Lilbluecar

      This bitch is ugly.

    • bmak

      Yes, I do see a strong resemblance between these pics and your ass

  • Abi

    #22 Sweet

  • Robert


    • Smashy

      No way you're this dumb. "first" means before anyone else, not somewhere near the back.

  • mopar_man

    #5 is better??

    • buell

      She's equally ugly in both pictures.

  • KingThing

    Some of these are debatable…………..
    Take #4 for instance…..

  • wmship

    #20 Hot all day every day that there is a day. Hot.

    • tom

      You got that right

    • drupsball

      Yeah she is the only post that came from perfect to perfect, first she is perfect because you can totally tell she is gorgeous even without makeup and production, some underlying gorgeousness. Like a dream girlfriend. And if she decided to do some makeup and hair etc she could easily get the second pic look.

  • bryanole27

    #20 From cute to stunning.

    • sithney

      she just wore the big glasses so she could take them off and shake her hair out in slow motion.

      • kenny

        total sexy librarian look going on there.

  • melindu

    Russell Brand used to look like Gabriel Iglesias

    • Ned Ryerson

      I was thinking the same thing!

    • bryanole27

      He reminds me of Buzz from Home Alone…lol.

    • TheDude

      Every drug is a hell of a drug.

  • Ahmed

    A good haircut and some makeup does wonders.

  • Tbert

    #9 is a big difference. She went from looking like that to shagging a Kennedy.

    • YesSir

      She is still a whiny bitch

    • Nemesis

      ..not sure if plastic face or same expression on every image i see.

  • Iso

    #15 Tina Fey got better looking but was still good looking when younger.

    • TheTruth

      She looks older in her before pic.

    • robsterling

      No she wasn't /isn't. I don't find her attractive or funny. She's a political hack.

      • Red

        True that. She's a mutt.

    • Wamba

      Tina Fey eyes make me want to punch the Sun whit my dick. Sorry, but it´s true.

  • Opredeim

    #8 Wow, Katy Perry had such a cute smile before

    • El_Hefe

      still does…. now with tits

    • Cheetos

      She used to have the girl next door look.

    • lost in time

      before she started suckin on elephant trunks

  • N2MotoX

    Isn't it AMAZING at what plastic surgery can do for you? It's only $ for some of these!

    • Costanza

      Three cheers for rhinoplasty!!

  • rufio

    #3 is like wine. Gets better with age. But leave it out too long and it goes bad.

    • Iloveboobs

      Just posted on another as well. Pam looked her best in her first Playboy pics.

      • Notknowing

        Dood, I got that Playboy…and centerfold of Pam….and the Labat Blue poster.
        Pam and Nelly both island girls…where I live.

    • Guest

      Take away the makeup and she is beautiful.

  • JLC

    #2 #9 #12 #13 #19


    • Jeff

      You're an idiot.

    • Oblivious

      Although I can't prove them all… I know #19 is true.

    • @eKYchiver

      I agree with 9, but that's it.

      • Overkill

        Definitely Russell Brand too

  • rob

    He looks back at that pic and would have kicked his own ass

    • Boobs

      Secrest is such a pussy I don't think he could even kick his own ass.

      • Woop

        Agreed but he's a 60 Mill a year pussy. So i guess he wins. I'm not happy about it.

        • Lunch_Box

          Unfortunately you're right about that.

      • Fred Flintstone

        He dated Sara Underwood… that's further than you'll ever get.

        • Reginald P Tibbs

          i thought he was gay…

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