Some things get better with time (22 Photos)

  • TheJoeGreene

    Mac likes cats and he thinks Ryan Seacrest has gotten better with time. Seriously, it's time to get rid of the douche once and for all.

  • BWaecker

    Yeah you're right, photoshop did get better with time.

  • Mrmin24

    The answer is mostly in the hair and glasses

  • mmmmmmm

    Matthew Lewis definately needs to be in this list

  • Jello

    #11, I'm assuming he still sounded incoherent when the younger picture was taken!

  • Anonymous

    i think what you meant to say is somethings get better by surgery…

  • ESPNdoll

    everything gets better with photoshop!

  • RICK


  • xneesax

    ryan seacrest is still a lesbian … just taller??

  • Mystic Defender

    What Amy Alkon failed to mention is, why are police being payed to violate my rights as a man, even when it includes complimenting possibly their bosom too. Which being felt up I would think would be worse than having that particular part of my body complimented, but over half a thousand dimwits in this country and throughout the world cant really see the difference, because they successfully have sold everyone a cheap bill of goods which is what that cock and bull story is that they call "sexual" herassment, because she thinks its her ass is ment. Nothing is meant, you the barista enfield bitch, your mother should have taught you manner. And those cowardly scumbags should have left those two guys alone instead of making them pour their iced coffees in the garbage can, just because of an inoffensive compliment about her cleavage that Little Miss Stupid was not throughly educated to listen to correctly.

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