• BobLobLaw

    I didn't know Jay Leno was so flexible.

  • Gbr

    That last move ruined it for me. Everything up to that point was completely believable.

  • Tim Hamilton

    I wish every one of MY kicks and punches sounded like GUNSHOTS!!! 🙂

  • c-man

    this guy makes chuck noris look like a bitch

  • Can

    Yeah, name is Cuneyt Arkin and he is Turkish. You should see him jumping over castle walls and cliffs 🙂 Actually he was very handsome with blue eyes and all and have a lot of romantic movies as well but his action stuff is epic, he even has a star wars cover, check it out 🙂

  • Enes

    -Handsome guys are coming.
    -Nice!Luckily you hit first.My rule is "don't hit first".Now i'll do a favor to you
    -Come on!Stay right there.You'll take mule kick

  • rod

    what a frickin joke

  • DeliricemCom

    Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam' dır kendisi 🙂

  • DirkDigglerLV


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