theCHIVE’s Halloween Line available right now!

chive halloween feature theCHIVEs Halloween Line available right now!

Today on theCHIVERY, we’re launching our Chive Halloween Line. We have 4 new designs including the much-anticipated Chiver at Heart and Black Cat Saturday (check out what we made Mac wear right here)

These are (very) limited release shirts, good luck!

Chiver at Heart available right here.

Black Cat Saturday available right here.

Mummies available right here.

The hilarious Community Service right here.

UPDATE: Chiver at Heart sold out in under a minute. Yes, we’re reading your emails and we’ll try to make more and have another launch before Halloween.

  • MoneyMaker

    Ha Ha 6 Chiver at Heart Shirts, Now its time to list them on EBAY..SOLD OUT AND YOU CAN BUY THEM FROM ME

    • Chiver

      clearly not a Chiver at heart…

      • MoneyMaker

        Ha Ha, Not at all, I only Buy T-Shirts cause you Yahoos are dumb enough to buy a shirt for 50-75 more than i Paid for it.

  • guest

    How the hell was 2xl chiver at heart sold out the minute it was released, b.s.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MJoker

    keeps saying sold out since the first minute

    • Meh

      Since the first second…

  • Cruzer117

    How the hell can they all be sold out in less then 30 seconds!? Damn you Chive ! Bah will have to do with my BFM 3D!

  • FrustratedChiver

    Sold out in faster then I could click. How many did you guys make when you booked these because it doesn't feel like very many.

  • wasloyalchiver

    Nice going chive. I can't buy an XL because of the same reason JP Martin has. If its out of stock then ffs post it.

  • captainobvious

    Got mine right away! Thanks again Chive!!!!


    thats crap. should put LIMITS on shirts, i clicked instantly when they went live and theyre gone? come on.

    • Danny

      same, i did it before the clock even read 12:01

  • Chiver_Sammy

    My Chiver at Heart size sold out…oh well KCCO…

  • Rampant77

    I was there right at the drop.. still didn't get one!! Damn.

  • TMV

    Waited all morning to be disappointed…..

    • pugs

      yep, I am agree..

  • OneNightStand

    i'd Rather Buy Fakes, Always Availible and for $20 a shirt, with free shipping. Thanks Chive !!


      agreed, hell ill buy screenprinting stuff and silkscreen em myself! isnt that difficult. aha

      • OneNightStand

        You and Me my Friend lets going to Reproducing Some shirts

  • stefansoble

    Woman's Chivette at Heart still available!!!

  • Kalib Thunderchief

    mid check out a notice pops up "chiver at heart is sold out " 😦 damn!!!!!! all of you haha gf got hers well atleast one of us got it

  • presponse

    did anyone get a xxl or did they not really exist?

    • rupert pupkin

      I tried right at 12 and wasn't able to get one.

    • presponse

      (in mens chiver at heart)

  • Josh

    I was on the site 1 min early and they were already sold out of XXL, and XL, What gives? Feels like Gandalf turned toward me screamed "you shall not pass", and then spat in my face for good measure.

  • pugs

    Am happy that others got their shirts, however think that there needs to be a limit per person. One dude's got 6 and is going to ebay them…..that's not in the spirit of The Chive.

    Reading that back, I am moaning like a bitch…..oh well. KCCO

    (Make some more shirts!!) 🙂

    • Chiver

      Agreed there should be a limit. I had to buy my BFM off ebay a while ago, so I know how much people can spend on chive shirts, its tempting to add a handful to the cart and make a quick buck but I also know what its like to get gipped out of getting them during a launch, I'd rather people rightfully get them. KCCO

  • Nik

    tried to get one exactly at launch, got it in my cart, and says its unavailable! why?!?!

  • Adam

    so the second launch happend XXLs already said sold out. I mean i just refreshed when they stocked everything, how many did you have 1?

  • Kalib Thunderchief

    pretty choked congrats to all of you who got the chiver at heart kept getting the same problem as JP MortonInventory Issues

    Some of the items in your cart became unavailable during your checkout process.

    How would you like to proceed?
    ◾ Item Chiver at Heart – Men's – Black / XXL was sold out.
    Remove item from order.

  • Travis

    Damn. Wanted one of those so bad. Oh well guess I will KCCO and hope they release more.

  • Max

    Chiver @ heart!!! Now i just need the chivette to steal it 😉

  • whosyopapi

    Hey Chive, make a few more XXL maybe? I would fit an XL easily or even a large, but I like my shirts loose and after shrink the XXL fit best. The XXL were "Unavailable" on my first three refreshes, then by the time they were "Available" they were out of stock. Here's to hoping there's another launch…

  • @schmittyDizzle

    all sold out.. work is always getting in the way….

  • Mikey

    So I guess there was like 10 Chiver at Heart shirts for sale today?

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