theCHIVE’s Halloween Line available right now!

chive halloween feature theCHIVEs Halloween Line available right now!

Today on theCHIVERY, we’re launching our Chive Halloween Line. We have 4 new designs including the much-anticipated Chiver at Heart and Black Cat Saturday (check out what we made Mac wear right here)

These are (very) limited release shirts, good luck!

Chiver at Heart available right here.

Black Cat Saturday available right here.

Mummies available right here.

The hilarious Community Service right here.

UPDATE: Chiver at Heart sold out in under a minute. Yes, we’re reading your emails and we’ll try to make more and have another launch before Halloween.

  • ThruMy3Y3Z

    I got my chiver at heart i almost gave up, gave it another try and sure enough 2xl was available

  • Craige

    Bazinga… Got mine..

  • SasKCCO

    This is the part where theChive goes "SURPRISE!" and randomly puts BFM and KCCO (Canada!) shirts on sale. Boom.

    • Chiver

      I pray to Thor himself every day that it'll randomly happen, but I think they like blowing up the internet on those launch days, so they advertise for a while. Ah well, KCCO

  • Andre

    So it's looking pretty good for a Mardi Gras shirt, right?

  • dbonita chiver

    Very dissapointed on at 3 est..sold out! Come on man!

  • Jose A. Grimaldo

    I just went to pee GONE T.T

  • Dominic M

    well i was on the phone with a customer and didnt notice the time…hopefully this wont be the only launch of these this month

  • KCCO

    Chiver at heart for me! wasn't fast enough to get one for the Mr. maybe next time!

  • Kalib Thunderchief

    feel like hunny boo boo when she doesn't get a chocolate bar haha

  • Utah Chiver

    Waited all morning for these, thinking it was going to be a battle with servers crashing left and right. No, never even got past the checkout before all men's sizes sold out.

    • SaltLakeChiver

      Take heart fellow Utahan, they will try to release more of them before Halloween it seems.

  • padres20

    Who is the girl modeling community service? MOAR!!!

  • Ronski

    Tried to get my Son one dammmmmit!!!

  • @Jes__Marie

    YES! got mine & my husbands! Chiver at heart ❤

  • mike

    does anybody have the problem that when you order a shirt it is the wrong size even when your phone says that you put the order in right. trying to kcco but its hard to sometimes

  • Agent Chuck

    Chiver at Heart – Man you have to be link a ninja on launches !

  • madfatdude

    im convinced chiver at heart xxl didnt exist, they just assumed people would think they sold out

  • Curly_drift08

    Got my Shirt and its on route to Fort Knox. Soldier and a chiver at heart

  • Kyle

    Maybe if you the page loaded at the same time as everywhere else.. Damnit!

  • Heather

    How was it easier for me to get a green kcco and both BFMs in the same order but I couldn't get one Chiver at heart shirt????

    • Chiver

      I'm wondering the opposite. Got Chiver at Heart no problem, couldn't get anything else if my life depended on it.

  • Sam

    Sorted… And my right size!! KCCO

  • PhillyChive

    Sad Philly Chivette with two shirts in her cart when the timer hit zero and "sold out" when I hit checkout right after!

  • Dominic M

    chiver at heart poster? what?

  • .Krookz

    I spy Leeanna!!!!!!

  • TwistedMister

    The Chivery is going to make more than 100 shirts right?

    Why not register people for a lottery or a waitlist?

    I understand the challenge of it all makes it a prize worth showing off, making it all that much more unique.

    Keeping calm and chiving on, hoping for another chance.

  • Brittany

    In under a minute I got a chiver at heart 17 minutes after launch

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