theCHIVE’s Halloween Line available right now!

chive halloween feature theCHIVEs Halloween Line available right now!

Today on theCHIVERY, we’re launching our Chive Halloween Line. We have 4 new designs including the much-anticipated Chiver at Heart and Black Cat Saturday (check out what we made Mac wear right here)

These are (very) limited release shirts, good luck!

Chiver at Heart available right here.

Black Cat Saturday available right here.

Mummies available right here.

The hilarious Community Service right here.

UPDATE: Chiver at Heart sold out in under a minute. Yes, we’re reading your emails and we’ll try to make more and have another launch before Halloween.

  • mrpko

    Chiver at Heart…my Halloween costume is taken care of.

  • ChivetteHeather

    Got my Chiver at ❤ shirt! Thanks Chive!

  • Whiskey Rose Knight

    I was lucky and snagged a Chiver at Heart, thank Cthulhu!

  • presponse

    ill trade somebody an unworn kcco black xxl for a chiver at heart xxl

    • TunaWrangler

      If ur on Facebook guy on the chive Page offering one up

  • cfielder

    Someone has already posted one on ebay…. not cool.

    • cfielder

      And he actually deprived true military personnel and firefighters by buying to sell KCCO mil. and FD at a profit….

      • LuLz

        It's called free enterprise.. something the military fights for.. go figure.

  • crusher44x

    I want to know the secret of how people actually managed to get more than one of these… I checked out within 30 sec and I wasn't quick enough. Oh well, I received my Navy Military KCCO this morning! KCCO!!

  • Titz McGee

    If you sell out in less than a minute, then it isn't that the item is in such "high demand", you simply blew it and did not make enough. FAIL!

  • Fuck you

    All of these shirts suck and are over priced. I could make my own for cheaper. I Will post later and show you something that doesn't suck. Get better graphic designer please, fucking horrible.

    • ScootMagroot

      Y U so angry?

  • @Onoku

    I'm diggin that chiver at heart one.

  • kp1

    …besides KCCO and BFM the rest of the chives t-shirt designs are lame. Anyone else agree? Especially the contest ones

  • Laura

    I am so damn lucky.. I just happened to get on theCHIVE when this was posted and was like oh cool lets see whats left. Saw the chiver at heart shirt was available and ordered it to later find out it sold out in 1 minute… so awesome.

  • Jasper

    put shirt into cart and went to check out and it said some bullshit about inventory update or whatever. Pretty pissed. If its in your cart count it as sale. Then by the time I tried to get a medium that was gone. Whats with this new system. Never had this problem before.

  • Daniel

    so saddened, it was stolen right out of my cart during checkout 😦

  • chivelover

    no offence I love what the chive does but i think having the down syndrome dude as a model is quite whack

  • Popowich

    And the Chiver at Heart has already made it to Ebay before it even made it to anyones hands…. BRUTAL!!!!

    I got my woman her ladies small and tried to get myself a mens large just to click checkout and pay and see Mens large was no longer available….

    I fully believe that a limit of 1 or 2 items per size should be in effect.
    and I really like it when you guys post hidden links in between pictures like how I got my DAR shirt a week or 2 back. So that the Loving Loyal Chivers and Chivettes get a chance to proudly don your gear without having to deal with losers that just troll theChivery to sell your golden goodness of Chive gear for 100% to 400% markup.

    Launching new shit is great and all. But that really just gives the trolls a heads up to buy as many items as possible to make money on your gear, when the loyal Chivers and Chivettes that actually want this stuff to wear and advertise for you get screwed due to these moron trolls.

  • Neel

    I got one for for and two as gifts for friends.

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