Bad girls bend at the waist (32 Photos)

  • jarhead10

    #10 Double Trouble.

  • tony g.

    #23 brighten this up with photoshop for a nice "lip surprise" 😉

  • me4her0nly

    #14 she must b an Asian school girl lol

  • Bobby

    #2 Beautiful face? Check? Hair? Check! Body? Without Question. In other words HYFR(Hell Yeah F@cking Right)

  • LostBroncoFan


  • Ryan M

    #15 and I can die a happy man now

  • shawn

    For the love of everything MOAR of #6 and Find Her! Most gorgeous ever on the chive just perfect!

  • Vlackattack


  • absure2

    #1 powerful body love your legs please come back

  • whodoube

    Not that it matters, but most of these ladies are bending at the hips and not so much at the waist. kcco.

  • KLM

    Great post and all but not one of these girls is bending at the waist. Not complaining.. just saying.

  • redeagle

    #27.. U R perfect!!!! xoxo I love u xox

  • ashley_salazar
  • Ben

    I love bad girls!(;

  • SoulSurfer

    #12 I'm in Afghanistan to help bring peace and she has me shooting off rockets.

  • Lou

    #17, #28.. Please chive more yoga pants feeds!!

  • Rubenoz

    #2, #32

  • tnrchr

    #6 Please MOAR!!

  • @Aaron253

    closer and closer to a porn site

  • eL Ray

    this has definitely become my favorite category – good from any angle

  • myles

    #7 mind the gap

  • Matthew Joseph Humphrey Jr.

    Girl #2 WOw

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  • @sambeauch

    #6 Jordan oh my you bad girl

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 – completely forgot what i was gonna say.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

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