Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

  • billy


    • Mr. Marcus

      Weekend time! Too bad billy works weekends

    • Mr. Marcus

      i like the chive, but these morons who post comments are boring and predictable.
      FIRST, MOAR, FIND HER, KCCo…Be original…be a leader…..dont be a sheep!

      • Sorry

        Your comment was even worse.

      • snacksnack

        I like clowns

        • Sean Ian Hovorka

          I like turtles. Shit… that falls under the predictable category doesn't it?

    • dude

      Billy and Mr. Marcos are both cockjuggling thundercunts!!

      • Dick

        You are a fucking homophobic closet case. Don't be ashamed. Your family will still love you after you come out.

        • snacksnack

          His family is the Westwood baptist church….yo

          • cheers

            i believe you mean westboro.


    • Yerp

      Pink lemonade and makers mark are a terrible combination.

      • Sean Ian Hovorka

        Hmmm… touche, that was not expected at all!

  • Farrari

    #43 Speedy recovery!

    • Tiber_Septim

      Congrats, fuck Cancer fully recover fast is my prayer for you

      • DaddyD

        I think we need a "Keep Calm and Fuck Cancer" t-shirt.

        • 0CanadianBacon0

          yes we do

    • Dick Wettings

      Recover fast and kick more ass!

      All the best!

    • Dito

      You are not alone! Keep calm and fight cancer!

    • drew

      Hey pretty girl Stay strong KCCO 🙂

    • Mike

      God bless stay strong chive on!!!!!

  • Jesse


    • Not First

      you suck again!…jackass.

    • dude

      Yeah fail retard!

    • Yerp

      Are you this bad at everything you do?

    • Big D

      You know what else people hate? Stepping out in front of cars, man you should try it!

  • Tata

    Love the chive! Love the best photos of the week.

    • Skuben

      Totally agree! Fantastic website! Great comment

      • Jack Wagon

        $19 Ronald McDonald called, he wants his hair back

        • sixdeadelves

          picture fail #19

  • Slek

    #59 is Sexy!!!

    • Dick Wettings

      I would fuck that cup

    • Dustin

      I like big boobs, those are only B 'cups'

  • Logan Malmberg

    Fridays = wonderful! Party night! Best of the week photos! What a perfect day!

  • asd

    #15 you dirty girl you

    • Jimmy_Recard

      She looks so good like this, I'm keen to see how she looks clean.

      • Guest

        Agreed! Chive, get on it – we need an after shot.

      • hootie

        you know she looks hot as hell…so many hot chivers…so many…damn it I need to get laid-

    • southeside

      I went out with her and begged her to post to chive…for the team.was mad cool she sent me this gallery cause I was out the country n not up to date on my chively… Gluck getting more from her but you will be super lucky if you do.

    • Jeff

      I think that is Sara Jean Underwood

  • aichiwawa

    #2 #6 #11 #60 yowza

    • Mr. Marcus

      I've had them. They were ok

      • Boobman

        My picks as well but I have to give the edge to #6 WOW

        • whos.mike

          damn fucking right, you beat me to it.

  • falacer

    #11 YESS #54 NOOOO

    • Dr. Rick Noodleman

      Have we located 11 yet? Add that to the to do list.

  • CutlerC


    only the most fun was had.

    • Tiber_Septim

      I would bet my last dollar she's a lot of fun to be around

      • DutchChveFan

        Absolutely! But first, hose her down (or dont)……;-)

  • Gursch

    #9 may play the piano one day. Or paint awesome pictures. might even become a kick boxing legend. it all started with holding your ice cream cone

    • jordan

      and being asian….

  • haters gonna hate

    #2 #11 dem asses!!!!

  • @scootercntsmell

    #15 MOAR

    • Herrick Devlin Johnson

      Find her!

    • bkfrijoles

      She's my favorite

    • southeside

      Chive get at me if you wanna connect. Trust me I tried previously! Awesome fun girl she is!

  • chitownchiver

    #37 and #53 = epic. #60 WTF are you holding???

    • @TheMightyWrench

      It appears to be a cucumber and corn

      • Jak

        Squash or gourd, not corn

    • shinystuffrocks

      Akimbo veggies. Giggity.

    • Lucky ducker

      FTV has some weird requests from its photographers now. That's what is up with the veggies.

    • Wayne

      I've seen the other shots. 3 guesses where she puts them.

      • Ninjac

        in a salad bowl?

      • Dolph

        In a slap chop?

    • Leo

      I like the fact that her ass says "dream more" and she's holding those vegetables

      • Leo

        she is***

  • BigPup

    #45 SO pretty, wow… MOAR please!

    • Chunk

      Seriously Chive, MOAR!!!!

    • Someguy


    • brandon

      I know this girl…. shes not even 17 yet. does it make sense? no. is it true? yes.

  • ItsRightHereRay

    #28 😀
    #46 i want that cat

    • Yerp

      Show of hands for who would lick Bryci's ass???? Yes this includes you girls (excluding Paula, that's just gross).

    • sean

      That's my friends cat lol.

  • BigPup

    #37 Just so you know if you ever need help with those, I freelance as a professional motor boater… Jussayin

    • ben

      FIND HER

  • Guest

    #60 zucchini and corn cob? frightened yet curious

    • DoIt

      Check out the comments from the DMA today. Enjoy…

      • Anonymous

        I think her dream is to be with a guy that big…. I am not her dream 😦

    • Jak

      The yellow one is a squash or gourd of some sort.. Checked the set out 😉

      • Big D

        Link please 🙂

  • BigPup

    #9 THAT's how you KCCO!

  • BigPup

    #32 I wonder if she works out.

    • Boomer Sooner

      If those abs were on another guy, I would be jealous. On a girl, that is just fucking gross; you are really hot still, but gross, stop it.

      • Bee

        More for me.

      • adfdasf

        agreed… so nasty

    • Yerp

      Bang bang bang

  • Kukjjiao

    #60 fap fap fap

    • Haha

      Her face is allllllll messed up n' shit.

      • Jimbo

        But who cares?

      • blunt

        im still downs though

    • Ati

      Really? Cause that hair looks like straw, like it'd snap off at the end if you even looked at it the wrong way.

  • tv_paul

    #43 So glad they removed the cancer cells but you still kept that beautiful smile, KCCO.

  • JEK

    MOAR #11. Y U NO FIND?!

    • Marteeen

      Chive I beg you, please find this Goddess!

  • tv_paul

    #60 I think this will create a lot of wet dreams

    • Undershooter30

      I've obviously missed the original post this was in but who is she?

  • oqsig99

    #15 #28 #37 and #45 Please find Moar of these beauties!

    • Andrew Lischynski

      #28 Bryci

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