Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

  • Jamie

    #27 I just snaked your ass Mutha Fucka !!! Hahahahahahh

  • Corey

    #15. #28, #45, #56, #60. OMG MOAR!!

  • Prophetable

    I don't understand why there is a 7.62 ACOG mounted on that M249. I think the Army has ruined my ability to enjoy things like pretty girls with guns.

    • Prophetable

      Oh yeah, #49

  • TheYesMan25

    #41 STUNNING!!

  • TheYesMan25

    #60 I want a front view of this beauty!

    • Wayne

      Trust me, you don't. A true Butterface. Better left to the imagination.

  • MnChiver

    #43 Chive, is it me or is that shirt a knock off? This chivette just had her cancer cells removed and she KCC'dO, can we send her an authentic shirt? Have her send you her address, I'll pay the shirt cost and shipping expenses. All I'm asking is she get an authentic one to represent correctly.

    Chive On!!!

  • tramp

    so u can fix the roulette when smyths on, but virtuals u can't? u are a lien bunch of twats i know because the tech u have already shown u can and does worq

  • pampflet

    carry on winning pence? sort it out.

  • Guest

    #33 LMFAO

    • jeff

      Laughed my ass off at this one!!B)

  • derek

    #24 yes please

  • Iggy Catalpa


    The Butt. The Eyes.

    I CAN'T DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KCCO

    This is a sin and there must be some mistake. Best photo of the week is clearly Tif.

  • Please

    #15 needs to be in here MOAR

  • kc-co

    #47 Spider Band, Spider Band, does whatever I spider can

    • kc-co

      *a* whoops

  • BWaecker

    #13 Someone had to take him down a peg or two….

  • Gallus

    Yes, #43 deserves to be a picture of the week. I continue to wish her the very best.

    I am glad #51 made it to this gallery. Sriracha is my favorite hot sauce ever. I hope that everyone who likes hot sauce tries it.

  • Dale

    #6 = perfect

  • dcon33

    #6,15&56. moar please

  • Someguy

    It was so hard to move on from #15… SO beautiful, please find, and then, MOAR

  • fizz

    #60 Dat ass! lol look what she's firmly gripping in both hands

  • UMFC

    #6 #11 #15 #41 thank you

  • mirou

    #43 hope you're ok

  • dfasdf

    #32 belongs in "Worst Photos of the Week."

  • Keith

    So many beautiful fit girls to compliment, but #32 is the most amazing!

  • Ronski

    #11 you are wonderful!!

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