Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (39 Photos)

  • AB

    #17 Best news i have gotten all day! KCCO!!

    • CR guy


    • Question_Mark_

      Can't wait!

    • Jawbone

      ….Wow. You don't have a lot going on do you?

    • Lilbluecar


    • Eric

      I'd like to be #22 's "hard date"

      • HerpADerp

        Can't wait to pay $60 for a $20 hoodie.

        • goon

          to be a walking advertisement

          • Canucks_Rule

            and not get paid for it. lol, we're all such sheep.

    • a-nom

      I will go f'ing broke for this…I wear hoodies year round…finally!

    • Joshua

      but when are you getting rid of the Morning Jacket shirt?

      • I'm all out of money

        Since there t shirts are 40.00. The hoodie will be 100.00.

    • whatmess?

      Sweet, just 86 the douchey zipper

    • Dillon

      Start selling stuff in Tall sizes for us tall Chivers

      • me...bn

        Yeah the the xxl is more like a s/medium!!!

  • Dadillac

    Hell yes

  • GRyde

    Hey Chive! When I look at your site on a Mac I see a cute little Chive logo in the address bar. But on a PC you’re giving it up to WordPress. Whussupwitdat?

    • Heisanidiot

      Must be something in your machine. On my PC in FF I have the green C as well.

    • Rick_

      Favicons don't vary by os. But wordpress defaults to their's if it can't load the user refined one. Chive, I thought you hired developers/programmers? Why are you still using wordpress???

      • TheBetterMan

        lol, half of the non-porn interwebz is on wordpress, the site is awesome isn't it, all that matters, not going to go into the reasons why because either people wouldn't care or understand, I've been paid tens of thousands of dollars for some sites I've programmed, but I still use wordpress on some sites

    • Lucky Lucy

      I use FF and I have a little globe… no C 😦

      • ush

        i have green C on the tab header, grey globe next to the URL, This the same for you?
        Its the least important issue i've come across today but still…

  • tim

    #22 hello weekend boobs

    • http://twitter.com/weavty1 @weavty1

      And hello stubbles! barf. get yourself a warm wash cloth before you take a pic next time…

      • sam

        really? you just keep loving your hand, not much stubble there.

    • OhioChiver

      R.T.M. Respect the Mound. Nice work Chivette. 😉

    • theRealRealist

      Why is there a photoshop or a really bad microsoft paint job done on her green panties though??

      • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

        Shoddy shaving job………..

        • Dan

          classic Lip Slip

      • Carter2

        I noticed that too. A nice mirror of the left side.

    • KalEl24

      I'd like to see the un-photoshoped version.

    • iain

      Man hands. photoshopped because that's where the big fat cock is. Disgusting.

      • Jack Wagon

        iain, you sir, are a meat wad.

        • iain

          Calling it as I see it. Have I offended your well developed taste for transvestites?

          • ImpressMe

            I gotta go with iain on this one….that…is a dude. There is just no other reason to shop that pic that way…

    • neelsvanpk

      Took my breathy away! Thank you so much!

    • arsefart

      call photoshop on 22

    • Amy

      I thought this was a bloke……looks like its tucking backwards and who the hell sends in a pic with their unshaven tuckback in we can now determined this girl has to shave half way down her thigh i would say Laser away that shit

    • ChiveDayAndNight

      adobe photocrotch?

  • zoo

    #28. Oh, my.

    • _DoC_

      Anyone else pretending she has a weird pointy nipple but entirely ok with it?

    • jmstech

      Did anyone else study the reflection in the TV…hoping?

      • jimdangle

        No, because the paper would make it impossible.

    • Kato

      This is a stick up. Show me your titties!

    • neelsvanpk

      Thank you, babe!

  • ???


    • Rich

      Yes, first to fail

    • boba

      you disgusting loser!!!

  • Bill

    #25 ….love you moar!!!!

    • Murad_Gupta

      as american like to say: i would hit it and then i would hit it again and then i would quit it!! Lololololol!! i like sex. i like american woman.

      • Wait who?

        We don't say that…. Intact NOBODY SAYS THAT

    • SmokeyTheBear

      The should be viewed with my face inbetween them..

    • DanD

      This is Paula, not kidding.

      • Poop Stain

        That can't be Paula, I always pictured her as a he!

        • NBAfan

          She did hint about a photo being her about a month ago, looks like it's the same girl to me (other photo showed whole body from the back, and sidebobo :)). Can't remember what gallery it was in though.

      • Slim Jim

        she likes to brag about how much we like pictures

      • Could it be??

        If that's Paula then she knows how to give me a chubby!

  • elliott

    #24 is very cool

    • Cowthang

      and AC/DC would be stoked that someone considers them modern!

      • Powdered Toast Man

        Or maybe that little non-conformist bassass simply likes the band. Which sounds more likely to you?

      • Anon

        That is from their CD they released a few years back. So… modern

  • weldsoft

    #25 Yes, yes it should!

    • KyleGamgee

      GEEZ those are nice.

    • jimmer nobody

      Ah Friday is made for me.

    • Frank M

      Not only your under boob, but side boob, top boob, & front boob. Preferably in one photo.

  • TheTruth

    #16 No.

    • bob

      i hope they fall.

      you only get 1 life, dont waste it trying to show off

    • ImpressMe

      Hell No. My nuts crawled up and hid behind my damn spleen just looking at that.

    • thedude325

      "Repulse the Monkey…"

  • N2MotoX

    #7 Puss in Boots!

    • Heisanidiot

      Wasn't copying you N2MotoX – you beat me by SECONDS!!

    • Dennis

      Smelly Cat oh smelly cat…. Phoebe would be proud

  • tv_paul

    #17 we’re working on getting you a hard date soon!
    Michael Scott: That's what she said!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Just remember John, when you get caught wearing cool shit in these pictures, you're going to have to make said cool shit for the rest of us too. It's like pulling out gum in class.

  • baddbuzz

    #29 A little more to the right . . Yea thats it

    • circle

      nope.. back to the left… nope pretty sure you went to far….back the other way

    • J. D. Rage

      down, way down…:D

  • Heisanidiot

    Haha #7

    Puss in Boots 2

  • https://www.facebook.com/se7ensenses Conrad Knorr

    Early DAR!

  • heyprettylady

    #17 SJU? I love you

    • heyprettylady

      shit. meant #14

      • smallchinaman

        I don't understand what the second from the left was thinking. Why would a perfectly nice looking blond go and die her roots brown?

        • Trent dilfer

          I was thinking the same thing… Not really

  • Brent

    #3 #25 YOU ARE AWESOME! THX!

    • KyleGamgee

      Ye gods, we give thanks for the bounty we have received.

  • crazyk85


    Somebody just blew the Kool-Aid guy……

    • tv_paul

      Oh..Oh..Oh.Oh..OOOOOhhhhhhhh YEAH!

      • Captain

        can't.. stop.. laughing.. hahaha

    • Danny McGrath

      She just finished making her list of people to blow or blow up…

    • Tillman61

      Now, that was funny and I needed a good laugh – thank you

  • weldsoft

    #18 Ah Quebec, my home country….


    • Tonyrey

      on a besoin d'un visage !

      • CanadaLover

        Go move to fucking France if you want to live in a French country. Quebec is not a country and never will be. If you don't love Canada, then just leave.


          Why so much hate men, calm down.

        • Quebec

          Wow, so much hate. Quebec bashing has been going on for a very long time and you keep on perpetrating the tradition. Not well done. You'd think that a Chiver would be respectful.

      • Big Joe

        English motherfucker! Do you speak it?

      • Anonymous

        Speaking respectfully from an Anglo Quebecer I really don't care about the politics, all I know is we need more Chivettes like this! I always see Edmonton and Winnepeg girls, when everyone knows Quebec has the most beautiful girls in the world. 🙂

    • http://twitter.com/Savage3O8 @Savage3O8

      i love Canadia.

    • Blablabla

      Quebec isn't a country…

      • weldsoft

        Inside joke… Some people have been trying to make it one for some time!

        • Blablabla

          Beautiful part of the country. La Belle Provence!

      • Wymann G. Prickmore

        Yeah, only Canadians will get it. Although, they might as well be… but that's because I'm from Toronto.

    • OmahaDude

      You mean home province, right? Ah, probably not, since Quebecois still think that they are actually separate from the rest of Canada. Here's a quick joke: A Quebecer and a guy from Ontario are walking along the north shore of Lake Ontario and stumble upon a lamp. They naturally rub it and a genie appears and grants them each a wish. Naturally the Quebecer pipes up first and says "I would like a 50 foot wall to completely surround Quebec so as to keep all the non-French speaking Canadians and non-Quebecois out." Genie says "done". Guy from Ontario says….."Fill the fucker with water eh?"

      • weldsoft

        Not bad !

      • http://proposmontreal.com ProposMontreal

        Funny, 'cause we say the same joke, but with Ontario instead. Small world ain't it?

        • The Truth

          Except that doesn't make sense considering Ontario doesn't want to separate from the rest of Canada.

      • http://twitter.com/Slobs9 @Slobs9

        Hahaha very very well put

      • dr.funk

        Ontario, are you hangry about something?? une belle fille du québec post une photo et ça chiale. Haters are gonna hate. #GodblessTheQueen

      • Jeff Blanchette

        Ma fille me demande l'autre jour:''Papa, maintenant que l'on reste au Qc, on est Québécois? '' Alors je réponds'' Oui, bien sûr!'' Elle me dit ensuite: '' Quand on restait en Ontario, on était quoi?'' Tout de suite je lui répond: '' On 'tait rien!'' Good luck with this one OmahaDude…. I thought TheChive was a site where we could chill with no hate, just one motherf*ckin site where there'd be no hate… you know, just Keeping Calm and Chiving On… I'm so desperate with human race sometimes… You all want to save the world and bring peace but you can't tolerate someone else's point of view about a friggin' peace of land… No one owns anything forever, you 'll lose everything when you die anyways so Live, love, laugh. dream, embrace, and Chive On brother!

    • Kzo

      Mademoiselle, you're just stunning.
      Thank you and happy friday.

      Just a little poll : chivers and chivettes from Quebec, are we that few?

      • a-nom

        Je suis Quebecois by decent (my family also descends from Acadian, anyone else??)…born and raised in New Hampshire however.

      • bruno64

        Je suis un Chiver and I'm from the town of Gatineau, Québec in Canada and proud of it.

        • you

          You're proud of being from Gatineau? That's the Surrey of Quebec. If you don't get what I mean, as most Quebecers rarely leave the province, google "Surrey Girl".

      • Phil

        I fear that is… I've been scrolling the Chive about a year, finally got my hands on some original and black KCCO, being talking about it, but still feel like nobody knows… I hope someday it will be more widely recognized! Oh,.. and please stop arguing about the french Quebecers problem. I'm from Sherbrooke, I'm french, but would have been much happier born elsewhere. Better learn english and live free lol.

        • you

          If you wanted a shirt that people would talk about, you shoulda bought a Boston Bruins shirt, or just spill some poutine on your regular shirt.

    • max

      although she really is hot… this is a lie… she was number 6 of another post a couple of weeks ago… :p can never forget une québécoise! 🙂

    • ticul69

      Je viens du Québec et tu représente à merveille les jolies femmes du Québec.
      FYI, she represents Quebec verry well.
      On en veut plus/MOAR!! ;P

    • EricL

      Je vote pour un post avec juste des Québécoise…!!!!

      • bruno64

        Oui moi aussi !

    • Steve

      j'ai honte d'être québecois…

    • JGab

      Enfin des gens de Québec!!! Moi qui croyait être le seul!!

    • go away quebec

      quebec is a province, in the country of CANADA, but feel free to leave any time now, we wont miss you really.

    • nick

      you might wish it was a country sadly its still a province of Canada. la photo est beau en mass.

    • Léo Patoine

      Sherbrooke for the win

    • M T L

      I never thought there was this many Chivers in QC.

      Can we please organize an unofficial Chivers Meet-up!?!

      Let's do it in Montreal. If there is anyone interested, respond to this post.

      • Kzo

        I'm in!

    • Mitch

      Quebec is a beautiful province, and has some very beautiful women. Quebec women can be pretty crazy, just the way I like 'em.

    • Steve

      Chiver de Coteau-du-lac, on est pas tout seul du Québec! Déçu de voir combien autant de Canadien anglais déteste le Québec pour des raisons que je ne comprendrai jamais, pourtant on ne déteste pas le reste du Canada, allez comprendre. C'est peut-être à cause de toute cette haine qu'on veut peut-être se séparer du reste du pays. KCCO to ALL Chivers and Chivettes!!

      • JGab

        je crois que certains canadiens veulent plus nous voir partir que le Québec veut réellement se séparer de la confédération. I knew I was hated by my fellow Canadians, I just didn't know I was that much hated.

    • axonik

      Ha les belles Québécoises!

    • Shade

      Quebec, quebec here thank you chivette… thank you.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ShawnGates Shawn Gates

      The best bit of PR the PQ has ever pulled and the English media in Canada just rolls with it: That the majority of Quebec residents want to seperate…

    • french sti

      Merci enfin une québécoise, on veut le visage, une photo pour hump dar, et encore plus !!!
      Vive la Chivette liiiiiiiibre!

    • JAX

      Very nice!!!
      I'm from Quebec but stuck in Manitoba right now!!

      • you

        You're lucky then, I'm from Ontario and stuck in Quebecistan

    • Guest

      Who cares,she is so hot she could be from Mars!

  • TheDude

    #23 guy must have had too many Doritos locos tacos and shot flames out of his ass.

    • Ken

      Used the "hot" sauce.

      • Riverrat

        The "Fire" sauce

    • James

      Was taco bell in Lethbridge alberta two days ago !! Sure fucked my dinner plans up!

      • Captain

        You eat dinner at Taco Bell? Your girlfriend and toilet must love you…

    • Flaming Motors

      Chevy Volt?

    • Kyle

      That is in lethbridge ab that was my buddys car haha

    • nathan

      i saw this happen. craziest shit ever. car just blew up


    #10 I was not counting on the tiger following me in.

    • tralfaz

      That escalated quickly.

    • Robert

      Tiger Splash at Out of Africa Zoo in Phoenix, Arizona does this. The tigers aren't trained and it's awesome.

  • Rick

    #3 #25 Thx for the HD versions. Nao, MOAR!

  • Forest

    #38 Galifianakis is a stud. Also, #37 is yum!

    • justChive

      Yes Forest #37 looks delicious- I hope everyone agrees and says really nice things about her so she sends in more HD shots. You are beautiful!

      • Andrew KCCO

        Is that Karmin? The chick who absolutely KILLED the look at me now remix? If so, jesus tapdancing christ. She can rap like a motherfonker and she's gorgeous to boot!!!

  • baddbuzz

    #9 SOON

    • Dr. Eames

      Wait….if that is his phone how did he take this picture

    • Muskrew

      how did this guy get a lifeproof case for his iphone 5 if they're not available yet?

      • whatmess?

        it's not a 5, screen's too small

  • Yep

    #37 Well those are lovely.

    • peanut3603

      She's hot, she looks like my EX… What a bat shit crazy bitch that was, couldn't trust her with nickel… Still was worth it in some aspects…

      • TheTruth

        Pics or get the fuck out.

        • ScootMagroot

          Amen to that!

    • Tim

      peace be with you .

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