Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (39 Photos)

  • Qbrick

    #14 All nice, but blonde in the middle…dammit that blonde in the middle!

    #23 Tacobells newest hot sauce: "fuck you, you're on fire"

  • Tree

    Wooo Scotland #8

    • Scott_ish

      Aberdeen's finest

  • Rob

    #37 MOAR

  • NeedleFapper

    #3, #22, #25
    Underboob is…..I don't know what to say here. Any word available to fit here still would not be enough.

  • kenk85

    #23 i bet they dont request fire sauce anymore

  • WTF

    #29 it not quite straight… but that ok… just keep it right there…

  • Don_Aguelo

    So… I'm just wondering if one of those girls stood up just so the other could lay down at the exact same spot and pretend to be drunk.
    I'd give them an A for the nice undies, but an F for faking to be drunk.

    • Duh.

      That is the SAME girl laying on the ground. She's just covered with a towel in one of the pix.

  • ChivetteN

    #12 Why so serious?

  • Eric M

    Where was the shot in #24 taken?

    • Eric M

      Sorry, I meant #27…..

  • DAR to dream

    #3 I can end my Friday on that note. #18 I love CAN more and more each day.

  • http://kansas.virb.com Kansas

    #29 I NEED that poster. And would love to see moar of the lady trying to put it up!

  • Eltren21

    #5 Any chivers out in the Naples, Fl area?

  • JT$

    #23 happened just down the road from where i live. No one was hurt. KCCO

  • vcbc

    #22 what is she hiding in the shopped panties?

  • Sneaks

    #12should have asked someone ? Is my make up okay!WTF !

  • bombom677


    Ah Finally a Chivette from Quebec!

  • Ray

    Moar #18 please!

  • Jonathan Barnard

    Is Number 33 in Lowestoft?

  • 330kroeger

    Epic DAR.

  • Scottie D

    #18 more from Québec !

    • you

      If you want more from Quebec, it will be more of the exact same, except maybe a little chubbier. All the girls here look pretty much the same; brunette (unless dyed), short and stuck up. Very Jersey Shore-esque. The difference is in Montreal tho, where immigrants are actually allowed out of the ghetto (although montreal itself is a ghetto), so you do have some variation rather than just clones.

  • Colin


    YES! A Sara cameo!!! I love Sara cameos!

  • John Vesikar

    In this day and age with hi res screens on everyone's desk or in everyone's hand and tens of gigabytes of data plans why can't we have HQ for all these kinds of posts. Yes I know that some older recycled material on the web is small as is but I'm also sure all submitted images of the lovely babes on this site are submitted or sourced from other sites are in HQ, yet we still see these pathetic 500×375 res images. What's with it Chive?? Give our eyes a break and our souls the added happiness from HQ images. Thanks from Australia.

    • V4Vendetta14

      It is a pain in the ass, but install google image search into your browser (I use Chrome). Then you can right-click on any image and it launches a google image search in a new tab. I used to use Tin-Eye, but Google Image Search finds things where TinEye would find nothing.

      You can get different sizes of some images. Some of them are just shopped bigger with no gain in clarity. Some are the originals.

  • bErMeNtAl

    #34 I have the same towel!

  • Blunderbuss

    Had a rough night with the Ex last night. Opened up and told her I still cared for her, got torn down. Thank you Chivettes for reminding me there are gorgeous women everywhere. Have a good weekend.

    • JustSayin

      She's your ex for a reason. Move on bro!

  • http://www.gregoryclassics.com Art Fan

    GO WEST LLOYD http://www.gregoryclassics.com for the poster

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