Hot Right Now: Jinkies! We should Find Her (40 Photos)

Daily Afternoon Randomness in HQ (39 Photos)

  • Suspiciousstockport

    #22 Possibly a tranny. Beware.

  • Mike

    #22 Thank you! Please send moaar

  • bkfrijoles

    #14 if you look close enough you'll notice some sweet mutton chops

  • Andres Torres

    #23 … That's one way to burn the calories….

  • Fi3ry_Ph03n1x

    #25: I think your underboob should be viewed in person.

  • UummmYeahhh

    #14 SJU drinking the beer in the middle?

  • Rett

    #23 Lesson of the day: why you should never blue angel after eating Taco Bell

  • DavidZH

    #17 better order your extra T1's now. Because THAT is going to create a shitstorm of data traffic in the area… But I like!

  • CanadianPiper

    #18 Bonjour


    #16 FOOL OF A TOOK!

  • Milano Versari Ortiz

    #34 Damn, lightweights.

  • nouu

    #34 free anal.

  • Mike Boone

    #22 Is that a Photoshop mistake on the top pic?

  • LostBroncoFan

    chive on

  • Grewsome

    #25 In the immortal words of Darth Vader: "Impressive. Most impressive."

  • Ctzn

    #18 The only good thing to come out of Quebec besides an empty bus.

  • Don

    #18 Hopefully from the best City of Quebec: Montreal! 😛

  • Stupid Sexy Flanders

    #33 I was staring at the top half of this picture, thinking to myself, yeah that pole is the same colour as the sky, how dangerous… And them I scrolled down and saw the dog…

    • Stupid Sexy Flanders

      *And then…

  • jamieC06

    #18 bonjour and welcome to the chive..,#22 wow!

  • chiver chau

    is it just me or is her top photoshopped on? #34

  • Tim

    #34 too drunk ? forgot where is your bed ?

  • Nom


  • Christian Slater

    #23 would you like mild, hot or fire sauce?….fire?….you got it…

  • Crazy_Jake

    #16 WTF with the kid watching..

  • Larry

    Whats the reason for #39

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