London’s Youtube offices are interesting to say the least (20 Photos)


  • Dirt


  • enough

    hipsters. so many hipsters.

    • @Onoku

      So many people with better jobs than you.

  • Tiber_Septim

    kinda lame

  • Anon.


  • suck me dry

    as far off as you can suck me

    • MonkeyMadness

      How old are you? 12? Do you have to be so fucking stupid EVERY day?

      • GeeROiD

        Hahahahahahaha!!! This idiot is mad at letters on a screen!

  • franco

    2x4s. 2x4s everywhere….

    The most expensive shed in the world.

  • Jennie

    #10 only fools and horses?! really?

  • awm

    British equals gay

  • SAChiverSteven

    That's 5 minutes of my life that I will never get back….

    • kcco

      It took you five minutes to go through those pics?

    • kcco

      It took you five minutes to go through that?

    • @LosSaysSwag

      If that took you five minutes, that's the least of your worries.

      • john

        you know what rhymes with swag? ha

  • Darrell

    #15 Find her!

    • Rick_

      Moar of those cankles…

  • Rich1988

    I've been there! I'm a YouTube partner and was invited down… Amazing place!

    • kcco

      No you wernt..Ya but i had a friend who was…no they wernt…yaaaa but you could imagine if they were…

      • Rich1988

        Actually yes I have been there, what would my reason for lying be? They invite partners down quite often

  • neelsvanpk

    No need for pants in #8

    • kenny


  • A.J.R

    Would love some creativity like that in my office

  • evk

    Cooler than my office. Why not

  • KCO617

    This is the London Google Complex…and happens to be a few shots of the YouTube floors.

  • chicago

    you'd think that for a youtube office it would be filled with pictures of cats like most of its video content.

  • chicago

    they should make it's employee's watch a 15 to 30 advert before the bathroom door unlocks, or to dispense toilet paper, turn on air hand dryer… and so on

    • Antihumanracehuman

      They do better than that, the door with a wheel marked " do not turn to open, PULL" actually only opens when turned. Sometimes we like to sit there and watch the hipsters commit suicide one by one as soon as they instagram that shit

  • janeyqueen

    #6 That is a perfect spot for an "I Do What I Want" pic.

  • @Onoku

    I think most of these comments reflect the envy of people who work in really boring spaces. Don't be mad because you work in a grey cubicle. The anti-hipster sentiment is getting almost as annoying as hipsters themselves.

    • kenny

      said the fucking hipster

      • Antihumanracehuman

        Oh really? Please why don't you sing me the song of your people

  • Mmm_Beer

    #15 Merica Fuck Ye… What? England? Looks like they're catching up to us.

    • Woop

      Fish and chips and warm beer. Does that to you

  • austinwho

    Am I the only one that scrolled down with the intent of finding Austin Powers in one of these photos? …I can't be.

    • chiverX

      Yeah baby, yeah!

  • Canebros

    Why do they need an office for YouTube outside of the one controlling office for IT? Site runs itself.

    I am lost.

    • KCO617

      Business development, partnerships, etc. Google acquisitions instill business requirements.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 #11 #17 – retro is an understatement. it looks like austin powers pad.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • Justmekev

    There are some foolish, foolish people posting today. Evolution will hit everyone sooner or later. Respect to the few that got it.

  • Chiv3On

    Some companies and almost every "startup" spends way too much money trying to create a hipster paradise office. If I were a stakeholder, I'd be pissed. Spend that money somewhere else that will generate higher revenue.

    • @Onoku

      There are a lot of studies out there that suggest a more comfortable workspace can boost productivity and creativity. Considering that these kind of ventures go beyond just programming and require creativity to get the projects started, this could be money well spent. If everything else were the same benefits and pay-wise, what kind of places do you think talented minds are going to be more attracted to? So not only does this help with creativity for current employees, it also attracts new ones.

      • duder

        did that space look comfortable? you could say it invites innovation and out of the box thinking but the office design is in-cohesive and unorganized. As i designer i would hate to work there [in someone else twisted view of what an inspired office looks like]

    • KCO617

      The reason why many startups experience preposterous turnover is due to a lack of comfortability. The experience sells new-hires, and keeps the creative asses in the seats for years to come. If every office looked like a cubical waste land then the startup life would SUCK.

      • duder

        Agreed. I just can't reconcile with that office in particular. It's more creative than that cubicle i'm in currently …but i wouldn't stay with a company simply to be in that office. just my opinion.

        • @Onoku

          I think it goes farther than just the office though. The fact that they are willing to put in that kind of effort into the offices leads me to believe that they will give their employees the kind of leeway they need to come up with creative ideas.

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