London’s Youtube offices are interesting to say the least (20 Photos)


  • Jim

    It says kitchen right on the door. Stay classy JP, idiot.

  • DemonIAm

    #16 #17 #19

    apparently, the place is haunted

  • MNChiver

    Duh, someone got caught surfing one google’s competitors, apparently London is a lot like ‘Mercia, where Google+ hasn’t caught on. I also love the Do Not Turn to Open doors, I’d turn the shit out of those, screaming “Close the hatch, close the hatch!” because I do what I want.

  • Michael

    #18 Love that she's on FB! *hahahaha* I'm really surprised they didn't make her go the YouTube page.

  • The Emperor

    Looks shit and only half finished. Google offices piss all over those ones.

    • Olivia

      The unfinished parts you're referring to are supposed to look like that. It's resembling the back of a film/TV set in a studio. It is a google office as google owns YouTube. Idiot.

  • Wisti

    I bet they can watch youtube videos at work…

  • Doc Brown

    anyone have any idea where i can find those door hatches??? i like the concept

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