Fall is in the air, here’s some dogs wrapped up in blankets (29 Photos)

  • Kunal Patel


    so cayOOOOTTT!

    • MylesofStyles

      If you threw just one "s" into your name, you could be Kunal Pastel.

  • Jigsaw

    Why is this a post? Better yet, why did I look at it?

    • aaa

      because its freakin adorable.

    • sixorchive

      because you're a fag, fuck you.

    • Laurie

      Better yet, why are you trolling it? If you don't like a post, leave without feeling the need to comment next time!

  • DoubleNickelJP

    No one likes a cold bitch

  • Los

    First to say I love dogs!

  • El Pato

    no boobs

  • Alex

    #13 looks like my pup… so cute! All of them…

    • guest

      its a vizsla. great dogs.

      • Hunter

        I have a baby vizsla asleep on my chest right now

        • Kato

          a hot karl?

  • back2worknow

    That is the fastest I have ever scrolled through a topic.

  • dammit!

    awww…. wookit all de wittle puppies all warm and snuggly!

  • bam

    #1.. POW #2.. POW #3.. POW

  • Popowich

    And the Chiver at Heart has already made it to Ebay before it even made it to anyones hands…. BRUTAL!!!!

    I got my woman her ladies small and tried to get myself a mens large just to click checkout and pay and see Mens large was no longer available….

    I fully believe that a limit of 1 or 2 items per size should be in effect.
    and I really like it when you guys post hidden links in between pictures like how I got my DAR shirt a week or 2 back. So that the Loving Loyal Chivers and Chivettes get a chance to proudly don your gear without having to deal with losers that just troll theChivery to sell your golden goodness of Chive gear for 100% to 400% markup.

    Launching new shit is great and all. But that really just gives the trolls a heads up to buy as many items as possible to make money on your gear, when the loyal Chivers and Chivettes that actually want this stuff to wear and advertise for you get screwed due to these moron trolls.

    • Retail Math

      That was a nice story and everything but this is the brilliance of not over releasing a product to a market that is dying for the merchandise. They will never ever ever make way too many. This is what keeps people like you and me foaming at the mouth. Making a product hard to get makes it that much more of a "my precious". As long as they are crushing their margins, this business model will never get old. Look at UGG and how they only release(d) "x" amount of Classics every year. Now look at Crocs….over saturation destroys your product.

      • sfb101

        Cool story bro

      • Popowich

        I agree, I'm not asking for more items to be made. I'm asking for a limit for people or hidden links that true Chivers will see, so us TRUE Chivers and Chivettes can wear it proudly rather than try to make money selling it. Its sad when there is a Ebay account named theChivery selling only Chive gear. I had a window open yesterday for the Chiver at Heart counting down for 5 hours waiting to get one for me and my lady only to see some asshat people getting 6 and posting them on Ebay and stating so in the comments. It's a rather huge kick in the balls and makes it hard to KCCO. Such is life I guess.

        Good Luck to all True Chivers and Chivettes to get the gear they want. and even when we get let down always remember to KCCO!

    • Popowich

      And to all those who rate this down, must be the ones selling the shit on eBay!

      • El gato

        I sold two chive shirts on eBay last night for 85 a piece plus shipping. Can't complain. 🙂 I have six more if you want to buy one:) KCCO

  • JSJ

    For all you disappointed in this post, there is tons of free porn out there. Do t want you to waste your time here…

    Awesome post! Makes me miss my Sadie dog! RIP!

  • Sade

    #2 So cute! Aww!

  • sithney

    i had no idea i wanted this post so badly

  • Bubblegum fountain

    #6 Winter in coming…

    • Aaron

      Poor guy wins the biggest loser but is stuck with all that extra skin!

    • VCB

      Dammit! I was gonna say that!!! lol

  • stephaniem12

    This is the best album ever.

  • JimmyC

    #6 Anybody know what kind of dog is that is? Badass. Looks evil as fuck, even wrapped up in a blanket like a pussy.

    • Daphney

      An Akita. A old one, but great dogs

    • Hummus

      It looks part Malamute.

    • John


  • anotherCHIVER

    I can dig this post. I don't get into these pix but its cool cuz i am sure the Chivettes really love these pups. The Chive isn't just about self shot pix, as JSJ put it, if you want porn, go find it. Chive on!!!

  • aaa

    I hate that PSA, totally kills the mood and sets you off into depression. (on a side note, no one should ever donate to those, donate locally or to a known organization, its a known fact that donations made to these places often go to pay for the advertising itself and not towards animals (or kids) in need)

    • VCB

      I donate to local no-kill shelters and the Rose Brooks Center in Missouri.

  • Rastapopolis

    #6 looks sad that hes wrapped in his own father.

  • Coal clean

    Yes..that looks like me this weekend. Happy Friday btw chivers!!!!

  • Sean

    Yeah, these are all cute. Now show me some kitties wrapped in lace.

  • ChiverMedic

    #6 Winter is coming

  • James

    Dammit!! I said awe!!!

  • Mike Ho.

    <img src="http://www.newautoquote.us/hotel/fy.jpg"/>Cute, It really does seem like an India woman, shy eyes <img src="http://www.newautoquote.us/aquarius/rumy.jpg"/&gt;

  • jbcrazylife

    I miss my dog now!!

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