Finally, an outdoor hot tub cinema hangout…? (11 Photos)

  • Chris

    as long as there are no sex scenes

    • MylesofStyles

      *are sex scenes

  • Chopsuey


    • The_Dood

      Why'd you leave your keys upon the table?

      • Seamus

        You wanted to

  • Steve

    Seems like the stupidest idea ever…. You would be all pruned after the movie. And peeps would Defs peepee in there. Well at least I would

    • Deep Dish

      Anyone who says they don't pee in hot tubs is full of shit.

      • gnocco

        you two are the worst kind of people…

      • weaksauce

        Well if you shit in there you wouldn't be full of shit anymore. Thats the trick!

  • mikeymike75

    This seems cool in theory….until you get home and it starts burning when you pee.

  • Hank442

    There is not enough chlorine in the world to make me want to get in DNA soup. No thanks

    • gross

      I was just thinking the same thing.

  • Lolasaurus


  • Bojo


  • CowboyChiver

    #2 AND you can bring booze?? Brilliant!!!

    • dagleja3

      It is in the UK after all.

    • Nick

      And I bet no one get out to go pee

    • eatdapoopoo

      europe in general is pretty liberal with booze in public

  • mark

    big boners ruin the pledge of allegiance

  • MOAR

    Amazingly not one person ever left to go to the bathroom.

  • tv_paul

    They use to do a similar thing in a water park near me in the summer. They'd lower the settings in the wave pool and show movies like "Jaws" "The Deep" and "The Creature From The Black Lagoon".

  • Bubba West

    #1 hot tub time machine …LOL

    • Deep Dish

      Best comment on here in a while. Bravo.

      "Do I really gotta be the asshole who says we got in this thing and went back in time?"

      • Awesome

        Are you telling me… you made a time machine… out of a hot tub???

  • tv_paul

    #11 It's okay as long as they're not showing porn otherwise you’d end up with a lot of these tubs looking like vats of egg drop soup.

    • blahhhh


    • sfb101


    • CalgaryChivette


    • gnocco

      good description, mental image is burned in my brain.. terrible…

    • MylesofStyles

      Eggs Benedict anyone?

  • mikegezz

    nothing like being in a hot tube made for 6 with 12 of your best friends

  • janeyqueen

    Doesn't seem very practical but hey… everything once.

    • George Zip

      "but hey… everything once"


      Sounds an awful lot like YOLO.

      • Duh!

        You're missing the point. That means anal.

      • hot diggity dog

        i think you mean bheo, which sounds nothing like yolo, i know, acronyms are hard

  • Dan

    Drinking, 2 hour long movie, in a hot tub full of about 7 people. The urine to water ratio would be through the roof.

  • Andrew Snyder

    little too bright to try and get a handy while the movie is on though

    • gross

      probably designed that way to discourage the perverts

  • Canucks_Rule

    #2 – good idea to see women in bikinis all day. but doubt it'll last.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • Simon

    If most of the tubs are Lay-Z-Spas, then this idea won't last long. Most of the heaters would have packed up within a year, and there'd be plenty of deflations and punctures. Sorry, their customer service is great, but you don't want to contact them so many times.

    In other news, why am I annoyed that the "hit films" Bob (please change your smug weird avatar) mentioned were not being shown in any of the photos? Was it a copy and paste job from a press release, or a lazy piece of writing? Either way, most people here know what hit films are.

    Sorry for being cynical – have a birthday hangover.

    • joebagadonuts

      it's ok folks, i got this one.

      piss off.

      the dudes set up a buch of cheap hot tubs, a white sheet, and cheap projector to show movies they snagged of pirate bay….and chicks in bikinis showed up. it looks pretty well conceived to me.

      • Simon

        Thanks for talking on behalf of everyone – being bullied must be the new rock and roll. I suffixed my comment with an apology which might not have sufficed to you.

        These are consumer tubs we're talking about here, not commercial. They've a reputation for not lasting long and having inadequate filtration for this level of use (assuming it's at an enterprising level). Sorry to come off as pissy, but you're talking about dangerous here.

        The concept is great, obviously, but my history with the tubs combined with a hangover and a nagging feeling that the copy on this site could be better left me thinking that this could be a bit of a glorified press release.

        I've been wrong before, and I'll be wrong again. Last I checked though, being wrong at this level doesn't give anyone carte blanche to behave badly.

  • HotTubCinema

    Thanks for the article! 🙂
    We will be announcing our autumn dates over the weekend, so keep an eye on plus…
    Hope to see any UK based Chivers/Chivettes there!

    • gross

      so, just how much Chlorine/ Bromine/ Bleach do you use on a day-to-day, or movie-by -movie basis… is there an intermission to "shock" the pools with disinfectant?

  • Alex


  • yermon

    this is fuking gay.. look at those douchebags…

  • Capt Red

    Yeah thats just nasty unless they drain the water after every show.

  • Ohms

    Yea, cesspool central.

  • Art

    Meanwhile in Europe

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