Friday dopamine dump (40 Photos)

  • skeeter


    • ColaChiver

      #25 Who loves Orange Soda?! Kel loves Orange Soda! …I do I do I doooo oooooooo!

  • Big Duke 6


  • Pedros_Rooster

    #23 Nice bass…

    • nuccabay

      i did not perform bass to mouth

    • B_GO

      look like lake trout

    • SlimtwigMJ

      Hey I got a PHD too

    • 0331

      I am in love

    • @nickinwarcal

      salmon you dicks

    • chiver

      I'd like her to make my finger smell like fish too

    • whale hntr

      judging by size of salmon, my pedo bear alarm is going off, wildly request moar if over or equal to 18 yo…..

  • Vent187

    #10 you dumb blonde

    • Bud

      HAHAHAHAHA, you said the thing that was the joke! Thanks for your comment.

    • Shenanigans

      Or a pretty good troll. Hard to tell.

    • IMHO

      Or a pan-dimensional being of such massive brilliance that we cannot possibly hope to understand it. Probably just a little bit of a window licker, though.

  • Truth

    Life's all about faps and naps

    • herpderp


    • Toxic

      because that's all you have and nobody can take that away from you

  • N2MotoX

    #18 Nom nom nom

    • DigitalBoyScout

      more like: BRBRBRBrbrbbrbrbrbrbbrbrbrbr!!!!

  • Braj

    First brajole

  • baddbuzz

    #18 NEED ! ! !

  • Big Duke 6

    #5 whole stadium of D bags

    • Tom

      You obviously didn't find him…

    • Aggie

      You should visit college station one weekend during football season. I think you'll find us welcoming and you'll probably have a great time. If not, that's cool too, you're entitled to your opinion. Thanks and Gig'em.

      • Also an Aggie

        This is why I'm proud to be a fighting Texas Aggie class of 2013. Whoop

    • Mike

      Agreed. Hook 'Em!

    • J M C

      Who talks trash on a neutral website.. Yep big douche bag!

    • Gradaddy

      Jealousy even sounds bad when read on a post. KCCO and Gig 'Em!

    • AggieJohn

      Ouch. KCCO. Texas Aggie Class of 2003.

    • Dale

      It's particularly hard to play when you don't know you're playing


    #18 #30 Annnnd who might you be?

    • Andrew Snyder

      #30 just appeared out of nowhere holy shit

      • Bubba


        • nono

          found a long time ago but she's like 16. She has a tumblr somewhere

          • Devils Advocate

            So if you found it a long time ago she must be older sooo… Find her twitter brah

  • TheDude

    #17 am I the only one who is going to go home and try this?

    • weaksauce

      not waiting till i get home, going to go flush the entire roll of TP at my work right now to try this ASAP.

    • Testing

      Just put it in a bowl (I think ceramic works best) with the speaker facing down. It's a lot less work.

      Source: Previous Chive post.

      • Bubba

        And works perfectly!

    • JoeyW311

      Did it yesterday, and… Nailed it!!!

    • Billy

      Nope already did it and it works but barely.

  • robsterling

    Nice turd-cutter ya got there.

    • tralfaz

      That's the same pick up line I snagged my wife with. Thumbs up from me.

    • Big D

      That's a peachy shit spitter

  • tv_paul

    #23 I don't care what kind of bait she uses as long as it's not jailbait.

    • biggles

      Don't care, got laid

  • tv_paul

    #34 Kermit stars in the Muppet version of "The Crying Game"

    • penguin slayer

      He's having flash backs to when jim put his hand up his bum!

    • back2worknow

      Fozzie must have Waka'd his world!

    • Yoselahonda

      It's not easy being green

    • MonkeyMadness

      He just found out Miss Piggy is a shemale. Piggy is Einhorn… Einhorn is Piggy!

  • MrCoffee

    #1 Sweet dreams, Champion.

    • Nelson Pancakes

      Bengals fans drink like their team plays…as if they belong on the JV squad.

  • Big Duke 6

    #18 #19 NEED

  • Master_Rahl

    #35 Anyone else think he looks a little like Lemmy? (from what you can actually see)

    • The_Dood

      Can't see the mole. That's how you can be sure…

      • Master_Rahl

        ahahaha, awesome!

  • Shane

    #23 I think Im in love, and I havent even seen the front need MOAR

    • Gross

      Well hopefully it's not the cucumber chick from the DMA. Her face injured me.

    • Clayton

      def MOAR

      • Yerp

        Check out the DMA comments. You will get "Moar"

  • JustSuper77

    #24 always make me giggle.

    • Aaron

      I laughed way too loud at this.

    • bob

      somebody's about to die

    • Red

      This the first time I have seen that one. Man that's funny. Damn, I am sitting here at my desk and just rolling.

      • @valorikx221

        The dude looks like he is about to go all Wolverine beserker barrage on somebody's ass

    • Frankee


  • PoorDawg

    #25 Who loves orange soda?

    • guest

      Holy shit that's awesome

    • Yuppers

      Black people. Black people love orange soda.

    • Stephanie

      Kel loves orange soda!

      • Dale

        I do I do I do-oo

      • WeCopyrightJesus

        Is It True? Is It True?

    • Ace

      Would be more epic if it was grape soda…With a bucket of chicken.

      • Facts

        fuckin idiot

    • Average John

      I thought that was Kel!! 🙂

    • 90's baby

      "I swear to god I'll kill the smart ass who brought the orange soda… Ahhh here it goes"

  • Master_Rahl

    #40 This is the b(r)e(a)st! #18 #39

    • Big D

      I see what you did there!

  • Teddy Roxspin

    #23 won my heart! God that's sexy!

    • Bubba

      I gave you a thumb up for your name!

  • Calvin

    Wet is the new black

  • ChiveTilliDie

    Fuck you website

    • Beaner

      It's actually a cool website

  • cherone

    got lost in #18

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