“HotTug” is so crazy it JUST MIGHT WORK (18 Photos)

What is it with hot tubs today?


  • AdkMtnMan

    I was disappointed to see this post was about a hot tub boat.

  • Marijke

    Hey this is my hometown, Rotterdam! The houses are called de kubuswoningen

    • http://www.javelinphotos.com javelinphotos

      +1. I'm quite surprised to see Rotterdam on the Chive!

  • I-NeeD-$$

    Its all fun and games till you get 1 foot swells and its down parascope!

  • Mike

    No thanks, I'll keep my 30' Sea Ray with twin 300hp monsters and return home to the hot tub with enough room for 12. While my hot tub cost as much as that tug, mine has jets…lots of jets…

    • the box

      Wow I pretty sure your the most unreal person I’ve ever even heard of. Keep it real bro.

      • Mike

        huh. how is a $65k boat(bought with just over 200 hours on the clock) and $17k hot tub unreal? Get out of Navy, go to college, get a job, move to cali and a better job, profit. Some people drive phallic extensions to show everyone how rich they are, I drive a modest car to work, and play as hard as I possible can. Looking out of my windows I see the parking space to the left one mine is a Cayenne Turbo S, the one to the right is a CLS63…mine has a leased Camry. Anyone can get wherever they want to be if they try..

        • mikespuberty

          The fact you use the term “profit” in the exact same mannner as my teenage nephews tells me you are full of shit. Do your parents know you’re on the internet?????

          • Mike

            says the little tyke that considers a single word as a sign of someone's age yet bothers with silly names. Try again when you manage to get off of food stamps.

  • Brent

    Do I have to wear a life jacket?

  • Evan

    As a recent convert to theCHIVE and your wonderful ways, I feel a certain level of anxiety posting a critique. However, why go to Europe for an imitation when a superior product manufactured in the USA is available. Check out hottubboats.com. Great product made by great people. KCCO.

    • Mike

      you might want to note that your spam site is for Lake Union up in cold land. I live in Discovery Bay cali, the bay area, also known as the delta. A calm day is 2' chop unless you're in the sloughs. worthless product if you ask me, but spam away.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #14 – looks fun… till someone drowns IN the boat.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –> http://twitter.com/KCCOVancity

    • Canucks_Are_Pansies

      looks like fun uless you're a maple leafed moron spamming your site.

      • Canucks_Rule

        u're right, ensign 155 WAS a ridiculous amendment to the baucus bill in 2009.

        • Mike

          a sphincter says whay? Anywho as you canucks would say. my immigrant great grandfather living in Massachusetts fought in WW1 to keep your Canadian way, my grandfather in Arizona fought in WW2 to keep your Canadian way, my father from California was drafted in Vietnam and fought for your canadian way, I served in the Navy during desert shield/storm to keep your Canadian way.

          You vaginas in Canada take a lot for granted. If it wasn't for the US you would have been invaded LONG ago, this is coming from a 5th generation American. My great grandfather's side is from Navarra province in Espana and my mother's side is from Catalonia province in Espana. How about you you canucked piece of roast beef? Oddly enough even being a 5th generation American with my heritage from Spain, my wife was born in Torremolinos(Costa Del Sol Espana) and graduated from Cal Poly SLO, my alma mater… Keep trying leafboy…

          • Canucks_Rule

            true. article 22 of the geneva convention should be re-worded to reflect modern situations in the digital era.

  • lols

    i don't care for this contraption and therefore will not be purchasing one today

  • http://www.hottubhireyorks.co.uk Scott

    Only in Holland!

    Can't imagine this on the UK canals anytime soon.

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