Meanwhile, in the world I wish I lived in… (31 Photos)

  • joe

    making hover boards? You got my vote for that!

    • GTFO!

      What a worthless sack of crap!

  • chicago

    #7 i scanned it [center q]. brought me to online Illiad book from I already have both Odyssey and Iliad in hard cover.

  • pepito115

    #27 Is tre dope, but probably a bitch to clean. #29 In response to some of the posts above, it is coming back. Unfortunately, the next season is being filmed for Netflix. Fortunately, season 4 will also lead into a movie.

  • Oregon_Grown

    Hungover.. possibly still drunk, most likely still drunk @ work. This was the most epic post I've seen in awhile. Made my morning =)

  • Calvin

    Wet is the new black

  • jbcrazylife

    #1 Im in!!

  • Wilbur

    #12 This is how they manufacture hoverboards!

  • @LosSaysSwag

    #31 That was a nice surprise

  • ChivetteHeather

    #25 The way it should be

  • Fred Flintstone

    #21 Boyz in the Hood 2: P. Tata loses his shit.

  • Ashley

    You can actually buy these all day long on Amazon and other websites. Just search for "cereal marshmallows". Best thing ever, especially on your birthday 🙂

    • knaimoli

      You can buy them in a lot of stores, too.

  • zgl

    #18 – true story.

  • Troy

    #12 Picture taken just before Obamugabe says, "You didn't build this",

  • PapaS

    #12 McFly's hoverboard-production-line?

  • StarboardEngine

    Hope and Change and Hoverboards.

  • McGoo

    #24 Wahoooo! My image made TheChive!

  • NinjaScene

    #22 #23 #25 #31 WINNING!

  • Dr. Gonzo

    #17 WTF? Why do the Smurfs have such huge junk?

    • oughtnot

      It's because Smurfette is such a slut ….

    • brandon

      are they blue with white tattoos or white with blue tattoos

  • 5061756c


    You have been seduced!
    Game over – You Win!

    She is the Grand Succubus

  • ThatGuyOverThere

    #11 I was a chef, this is how I watch cooking shows!

    #22 Best. Breakfast. EVER!

  • tramp


  • Canucks_Rule

    #4 – honestly, how awesome would this be!!?

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • Thoridin58

    #17 Smurf Turf

  • Kato

    #3 Available at the local brothels near you!

  • TheHeezil

    #12 Universal Hover Board.

    • 1 and done

      Everybody has to buy one and they don't work at all.

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