• Mike Ho.
  • Taebo

    Not that funny

    • JdJ

      not to you, maybe, but you are not the master of humor for the world.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Schlatmerica Brian Schlatman


  • Jeff

    What the hell was that roof made of? Paper?

  • U.B. Hotch

    Paula needs hide and go fuck herself

  • Jmendez

    He copied direct tv comercial
    When you bundle with cable you run over roof tips and fall through ceilings don't bundle with cable
    Get direct tv.

  • JdJ

    well that kind of got out of hand

  • Lunch_Box

    After the treatment of the American embassy in Egypt, FUCK Egypt!

  • Job

    seems legit

  • Shane

    Polish, and he said "this is crazy".

  • yermon

    hope he dies so kids wont learn this stupid shit

  • Larry

    Translation: I'm a human wrecking ball!!!

  • Dash

    I guess you could say his parkour skills were through the roof.

  • Muhahaha

    This is what happens when you play assassin's creed too much

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