Rare vintage photos of celebs (31 Photos)

  • kenny

    mitch fondles ham

    • 0331

      Go back to reddit hipster.

      • kenny

        fuck reddit. and fuck hipsters.

  • Yume_girl

    I can feel the temptation, but I'm not gonna say it….

    • GeeROiD

      C'mon! You would have been the first one to say it!

  • guest

    #11 2001 is vintage?

    • Mike

      what about the one with lady gaga in it…

    • hi mom

      Red Hot Chili Pepper's drummer from the early 90's

      • Hank Hill

        Um, no. Will Ferrell.

        • black27696

          I always wonder if Will Ferrell is tired. I mean…spiritually. Is he exhausted? Tired of acting the way he is in most movies? He's playing characters that have grown so much that they've become his image off set. Outside of movies he's still acting goofy. He's not. He's intelligent, but his entire life is now playing a part.

          I would hate living in a way that never lets me stop performing.

          • a-nom

            That's what happens when you're type-caste…it's aweful for sure. It's like Zach Galifianakis, amazing actor, very intelligent, then the Hangover happened…

          • tom

            Besides that he sucks

            • Not_Today85

              Stranger than Fiction was a good movie and he was serious in that. Had some other movie where he was funny but not over the top like Elf.

            • ry_linch

              you obviously haven't seen Bored to Death, one the most underrated comedy series…

    • El_Hefe

      George W

  • Tiber_Septim

    #29 hey Travolta whatcha doin, Oh just hangin out

    • Jefffro

      No, he's swinging!!!

      • SoBritish

        Guess who's with him

        • Groumi

          Gérard Depardieu?

        • Vent187

          His massage therapist?

    • billyjack13

      He's getting ready to suck that guys dick…. that's probably his masseuse

  • Dan

    #25 You know Robert Downey Jr was on a ton of drugs back then. I mean who else would ride a horse to an award show?

    • Jefffro

      That Sir, was hilarious!!!

    • bob

      oh wow….another SJP is a horse joke…..you are sooooooo original

      • vandinz

        There are only 3 full stops in an ellipsis.

      • @lackofabetter

        I agree. Everytime, same ole joke

      • Woop

        Uhhh it's all about presentation. And he presented this very well

        • From_The_Hip

          Agreed. Brilliantly executed. I laughed.

      • TheDude

        These jokes will never get old.

    • SOhioChiver

      She has a nice body (horse noise) pbpbpbpbpbp

      • Mr. Somewhat Awesome


    • Kzo

      Is he trying to mimic her face?

    • Rob

      Iron man something something horsepower something something.

  • pimpampet

    What a beautifull pony!

  • suck me dry

    all the way off is how far you should suck me

    • SAChiverSteven

      Aaaaaaand you're still an idiot that seeks attention…..
      You and Paula should get together….

      • savagecabbage

        Screw you. She's mine

        • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

          You're ALL MINE! My minions, MINE!!!1!

          – Fan testimonial: "I think a weekly Paula gallery would be awesome, I mean who doesn't like camel toe?"

          • yourmom

            love it

          • Yerp

            Hey Paula, I have to know, how big is your dick?

            • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

              Oh so you DO care!?
              18cm. True story.

              – Fan testimonial: "You provide a spark to our site. – Anonymous"

              • smallchinaman

                So you are not Asian, I have now narrowed your identity down by 2 billion people. Only a matter of time before I figure it out.

    • Ccard

      I don't think your mother is responding to your requests. So you should stop now and KCCO.

    • I will

      I love you SMD

  • http://www.facebook.com/Betz.23 Brandon Betz

    #20 Nice "O" face! She's doing it right

    • keystone183

      I gave her that.

    • SOhioChiver

      Liv Tyler?

      • Blind_Eye13


  • Jefffro

    #1. Nice to see Sarah Jessica Parker in her pony years. Downey Jr. must've done a metric fuck-ton of drugs to bed down with her ugly ass, ugh…

    • Ehh

      I actually think she´s rather good looking in that pic. I would…

      • Dave

        I agree! Didn't realise it was her until I saw them together in #25

    • Ccard

      If she asked you to have sex with her I guarantee you would not hesitate. Stop hating. Beauty is a light switch away.

    • Canucks_Rule

      i still don't see it.

      • TheDude

        Yeah, Canucks suck a fat rod

        • Canucks_Rule

          ya, one-bite brownies are overrated.

    • LILY

      true! but damn is robert downey sexy! 🙂

    • JackBurton

      You wish you ever got to fuck a girl halfway as good looking as her. I thinks I smell a virgin talking chit!

    • Rubberbandman

      Damn, Sarah was hot then

  • Mr X

    #20 surprise buttsex

    • SOhioChiver

      isn't it always?

    • Kato

      I bet she's the proud owner of that chair from Burn After Reading.

  • Guest

    #18 I'm guessing that's not the only thing that he has put in Ben's mouth!!

    • Homer

      Let me see it before you swallow Ben.

    • B-to-the-H

      That pic is begging to be photoshopped.

  • Bill

    Others have said this and I concur, CAPTIONS! Not everyone knows who these people are!

    • SOhioChiver

      if you need to know, just post the pic number with a # in front of it and ask such as "Who is #8" or google the pic

  • zibadindindin

    fuck me SJP is looking good on #1 ..like a high school sweetheart

    • savagecabbage

      So your high school sweetheart looked like a foot? or a horse. Whichever you prefer

    • Lilbluecar

      If thats the case, I don't even want to know what you think about Mr. Ed

      • zibadindindin

        Google 'Mr. Hands' Then you will know how I feel about Mr. Ed.

  • savagecabbage

    #1 is that a tan line on sjp? Still looks like a foot

    • Ccard

      Maybe she's a pinto.

    • JackBurton

      You'd hit that and you know it. Quit trying to be funny. Maybe in her older stage she isnt good looking but she was cute as fuck.

      • Eww

        I would hit it, but still bag it.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #10 No idea who she is. It would have been nice to list who all these people are, even though you think we know them. Half of these people had me scratching my head.

    • Suss

      Hellen Mirren – google image search is your friend

      • MonkeyMadness

        Ok, so how do you search an image if you have no idea who to search for?

        • OK Chiver

          Open google, click image, drag image over to the tab and drop.

          • http://twitter.com/Onoku @Onoku

            Holy shit. You just changed my life forever.

          • Bhodi

            This is going to take Find Her to a whole nother level

          • NorCal420

            NO WAY! Thank you Baby Jesus

          • Woop

            Mind Blown. This take porn search to a whole new level.

          • WallE

            Impressive… but all I got in the results was the fact that this picture was posted here and on a few related sites… not who the picture was.

            Still impressive. I'm gonna try it with my facebook pics!

            • theoneone

              you have to drag the picture to google images. it does come up as hellen mirren.

              • Better than

                It works, because dragging a picture of Sting gets you #19

            • Ribsta

              You also have to click the image first. If you drag the image from this page, you will just copy the link. Click the image here to get to the actual picture, and drag and drop that.

          • cacodaemon

            Oh sweet baby Jesus! I never even thought to try that. Where was the genius insight before I wasted sooo many sad, sad hours! Thank you.

            • owen

              It doesn't work. It brings back up the Chive website with the same image. it does not identify the image at all.

              • Kato

                go to Google Image search not just Google.

      • Chuck

        That's Dame Hellen Mirren.

      • Tim

        Holy shit, she's hot for 67 years old. Deborah Harry is also 67. I'd do 'em both.

    • ScottishYankee

      Helen Mirren

      • MonkeyMadness

        Thank you

        Thank you.

        • muddbutt

          drag and drop it into the search bar

          • Daith_Lee

            How is it I been on the internet since the AOL days and DID NOT KNOW THIS TIDBIT?!

            • Gerrit

              Well, it is something recent. One or two years I think

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=678012713 Ryan Brown

    Jeebus! Are the nineties considered "vintage" now?! I'm from the eighties so I'm damn near historical.

    • VCB

      Unfortunately, yes. 😦 I was in a thrift store a couple of weeks ago and I kept seeing "vintage" 90s clothes.

    • BeachBoard681

      Ugh I was trying to avoid the crisis after the quarter life crisis. Nail in coffin!

  • svp

    #19. Rare? Vintage?

    • GI Joe

      Vintage Fail……..

    • jaja

      It's so last year!

    • k.c.

      lady gagas parents dropping her off at the prom?

  • tralfaz

    #6 He'll save every one of us…

    • Steve

      Too much Epic in this photo!

    • dan

      Who are they? I think the moustache might be Freddy Mercury, but not sure.

      • Karalaz Arwernios

        Freddy Mercury and Elton John

        • LawnGuyLand

          You mean Elton John, Freddie Mercury and a large reptile in Mr. Mercury's pants.

    • http://twitter.com/weavty1 @weavty1

      massive erection. LMFAO. go figure…. And shortly after this photo was taken, Mr. Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS. trolololol. (Amazing singer though 😉 lol)

  • SofaKingAwesome

    #18 #20 are begging to be photo shopped!

  • joeybastardo

    Not sure if you know exactly what vintage means.

  • Gallus

    #10 – Helen was young once. Somehow, I keep forgetting that.

    #23 – The ageless Demi. I loved her then, I love her still.

    • GI Joe

      Pre-tit Demi…..

    • Kodos

      original parts Demi, yes… Dame Helen, still would.

    • Yak Surfer

      Watch Helen in Caligula. Nice!

  • VCB

    Who's in the pic with Madge?

    • 2sticks

      that's her brother, Christopher Ciccone

      • VCB

        Oh, thanks. I was thinking it was Arno Vosloo.

  • DirtTurner

    #24 Why is Jude Law standing on Archer's balcony with an umbrella? What if someone needs to toss Woodhouse's clothes over the railing? He'd be in the way.

    • Mr.mischief

      Hahahahahaha…I was thinking the same thing, Archer is fucking awsome!

    • Scorpio

      That is flawless Pennsylvania Bluestone, isn't it?

    • TheDude

      Jude Law is such a woman

    • guest

      "there are two things we don't allow in here Woodhouse, dogs and my mother." I think they just found number three…

  • GI Joe

    Vintage? You keep using that word but I don't think you know what it means……

    • JTMoney

      If you're going to make a Princess Bride reference on the internet, you should probably do it correctly or suffer the wrath of the internets.

      "You keep using that word. I do not think it means, what you think it means."

  • freddy boy

    #23 Always wondered what all the hubbub was about Demi Moore; now I see. Oh, and Chive, captions okay?

    • truth

      Isn't nearly the hottest photo of Demi in her prime.

    • SOhioChiver

      she will always be prime to me

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