Sorry, but I think I’ll take my bike instead (20 Photos)


  • Bud

    Alright! Only the people with brunette hair on the bus!

    • loves sammiches

      Well, that didn't work…Ok…only the short people.

      • NavyBoyTate

        Nope….ok anyone with brown eyes or smalls penises

    • Benji

      Ok… How about the people who can not pronounce the word "hello".

    • Shawny

      So wong

  • Jesse


  • Himihimehoe


  • Marineman12

    #10 Find the white guy

    • Walls

      Where's Waldo ??!!

      • Marineman12

        Exactly! Good luck with this one!

      • Kato

        You mean "Where's Waldo Wong?"

      • whale hntr

        you mean, `where's wardo?'

    • MylesofStyles

      This is what the servers looked like when the Chiver at Heart shirts went on sale.

      • Marineman12

        The amount of buses represent the amount of shirts in inventory?

    • Frank

      This looks like it could be ripped right out of the Dawn of the Dead remake. Sends a shiver down my spine.

  • Adam

    The Clone Wars?

  • G_Had


    • neelsvanpk

      I see what you did there…

  • Los

    Whole lot of math going on

  • r1rider

    where's waldo

  • tv_paul

    #10 Oh crap I lost a contact , nobody move.

  • wkdfrog

    Q: How do you blind a Chinese woman?
    A: You put a windshield in front of her.

    • my5tika1cll

      I thought you blindfolded them with dental floss????

    • Anomanom


  • Ryan

    No thanks, says the claustrophobic fat kid

  • elliott

    We are not over populating the world.

    • Mike

      that's with 1 kid each…they are doing their part to control their population, how about you?

      • Mikes Dad

        I tried to get your mom to swallow more often,

  • MrCoffee

    #20 You're doing it wrong, pinstripe.

  • Hank442

    #13 This why I live out in the country

    • oqsig99

      Which is where most are traveling to.

  • gahwings1

    Communism, isn't it great?! I can't wait for it to come to 'Merika! Oh wait…

    And yes, that is sarcasm.

    • Bob

      You know you're doing it wrong if you have to tell averybody that it's sarcasm…

      • gahwings1


    • bab

      umm, what does that have to do with overcrowded populations? If anything, communism is the only thing that's stopped China's population from crossing 2billion people…..without their draconian one-child policy over the last 50 years, there would be an additional 400million people, 133% of our entire nation's population….during the Great Leap Forward communists are often blamed for grain shortages and starvation due to policies during their horrendous drought, another dozen million off the books….. You are a fool and your comment has no base or connection to the photos posted, other than highlighting your intellectual lacking and spewing what little your sheltered world has offered you.

      • gahwings1

        Hahahaha! Nice tirade.

      • gahwings1

        My comment has nothing to do with overcrowded populations. You see all those people there, fighting for a seat on a bus? A government regulated bus. Over population is not a problem and world over population is a myth put forth as an excuse by people who want to control our lives. One of the many problems of Communism/Socialism is the over regulation on everything and everyone, including the one baby policy. If you live in 'Merika (I assume you do for the sake of argument) and you think you live free, I am sorry, you have not been paying attention to the last 50 years of American history. My comment is quite relevant to the photos as shortages of every kind appear regularly under Communist rule. You should learn listen rather than speak little parrot.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      This isn't any other day in China.
      Girlfriend reminded me that last week was the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival….think of it as Asian Thanksgiving.

  • Sade

    #20 Bike no help either *facepalm :/

  • oqsig99

    No thanks #10, spending the holiday alone would save a headache.

  • Zrock76

    Man, am I glad I don't owe them any money…oh wait

  • Aad

    #7 is that an unintentional Chinese photobomb Tebow? Sweet!

  • @LosSaysSwag

    Are these scenes from the new Resident Evil?

  • D.York

    Can anyone say 'sheeple'

    • Hara

      Fluck you, man! I gotta get to work!

  • Kodos

    can you say SARS??

  • vzxcvgb

    boring chive

  • Starboard Enging

    Highlight from this year's Tough Mudder event in Guanzhou.

  • You laughed

    Seems like a great place to drop a bomb.

    • bbb

      sorry didn't laugh.
      Killing people doesn't make me laugh
      you suck

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