There Are Sexy Chivers Among Us (90 Photos)

  • Jeff

    #2 Sexy chivers among us. Quite the understatement as it pertains to you!

    • clenis


      • goodeye

        If she rotates clockwise….

        • TJR

          Or counter-clockwise….

  • Jose

    #90 love the smile

    • Jason

      She is gorgeous

    • GRyde

      John sure knows how to finish a post with a BANG!

    • Frenchiver

      The "Smile" sure (^o^ )

    • Boobs

      What smile?

    • SomeYoungGuy

      Love the tits

  • Jeff

    #31 now that's a pristine POV!

    • Melace


  • KCO617

    #32 has me stunned…someone please help me. MOAR!

    • brucey

      uncropped version of #15 please? 🙂

  • Big Duke 6

    A thousand thank yous chivettes!

    • Poop Stain

      #15 looks like she just got a cum shot all over her face and tits hahaha probably just got done with a hard drilling!!!

  • poop

    How are there so many fine ass chivettes!?! Love it.

  • Jeff

    #54 I'd like any PJ's with you in them!

    • dagleja3

      My preference is for no PJ's! Just a birthday suit.

      • dammit!

        This answer wins.

    • chicago

      best pj's: that Nightgown – No panties

    • Alex

      No shirt, just a thong… so hot

    • @beagleracing

      that tank with….anything.

    • Bubba

      Or slip between the sheets with nothing …

  • Big Duke 6

    I love you #10

  • Master_Rahl

    #14 Peek-a-boo, what a pleasant surprise that shapely little booty was 🙂

    • Mark

      Is the bottom picture painted on?

    • Random


    • Slim Jim

      almost thought it was my mik mik

  • Jeff

    #69 you've left me speechless!

    • yeahhh
    • C Money

      #69 for a damn good reason. I would!

      • Notafanoffakes

        Looks great, but I'd like to see the 'before plastic surgery and implants' pic.

      • @womenwisperer

        for the love of all what's good,please find her

      • IrishWolfhound

        Botox much?

    • Ned Ryerson

      tits on a stick!!!!!!!

    • LoyalLAChiver

      Yes, please send more!

    • Nigel

      Women shouldn't look that good. It's damn distracting. It's not fair in the least.

    • Jason

      She is so sexy and exotic looking! Wifey material for sure

    • bacon-ate-her

      and a little breathless as well.

    • Josh

      Yes, MOAR. Much, much MOAR, please. Wow.

    • mustache ride

      Any coincidence that she's # 69? I say no. I'd love to go down on that muff…..

    • Bret

      yea, thats rediculous. holy crap. she is past moar, she is just for the love of all that walks on two legs more.

    • Frost

      Speechless and breathless!

  • Ryan

    #38 I'd like to touch your boobs sometime.

    • Benson

      This one froze me with that smile…WOW MOAR PLEASE

  • Bhodi

    #54 No PJs are the Best PJs!

  • Jeff

    #51, I was always told there's no such thing as a silly question but I think you've proved that wrong.

    • ChivetoSurvive

      Booty Meat! Holy hell!

  • tv_paul

    #51 YES! You have… the most breathtaking… hiney.

    • MM-1115

      Yes! Moar please, one of the best humps I've seen on the chive

    • Truth

      Did she just take a dump in that restroom though????

      • rog

        actually, yes. she drops some stanky deuce!

  • Schnizz56

    #6 far & away the best one here today!!

  • Chiver

    #9 amazing, could look at t that cleavage all day long.

    • Happy Cannuk

      She is quite stunning.

    • GalvatrazChiver

      All the chivettes are amazing but I think she wins!

    • Kato

      As the great Tuco Salamanca once said "Tight… tight, tight, tight!"

  • mith

    #3… God damn… pick your shit up you lazy bitch…

    • Just sayin

      Again I say, all these pics of sexy girls with messy rooms and not one of them happens to leave their vibrator out? Something is fishy here…


      Surely there are other sites out there for fags like you that are more concerned about housekeeping than beautiful women.

      You have FAILED to KCCO. You are banished.

      BE GONE (try theBerry)

      • m. jasmine

        Hey, I don't like this guy either, but don't ban hiim to TheBERRY. He doesn't even deserve that.

    • whatmess?

      so you'd prefer her to spend the time she obviously uses taking hot ass pics to clean her room? i for one prefer she keeps taking and sending the pics

    • Matt

      how can you notice the stuff in the room when booooooooobs

      • ChivetoSurvive

        Original poster is right. Have you guys not seen or heard people make fun of this phenomenon for the last 5 years. Hot chicks self-pics with shit-hole rooms. It's hilarious! Of course I'm not complaining, I love the the body they've worked hard for or for winning the gene-pool lottery, and would love MOAR. But seriously, the rooms, hahaha. Surprised you guys haven't heard this before.

        • ChivetoSurvive

          PS- that's that new iphone 5 she's using, right???

          • Seidmanb

            Yeah, Shes a 10 but that phone belongs in the 90's. Haha

    • carl

      she's too self-absorbed to give a shit about her room. steer clear.

    • Cashboxxer

      #3 Looks like a man package down there…….

  • Jeff

    #28 hello Jersey girl!

    • @dbumbaco

      Its about time! Go NJ!

    • Sovem


    • Andrew

      That's my girlfriend! Very proud of her.

      • drew

        Lucky bastard 🙂

        • Andrew

          Thank you, sir.

  • Tom

    Holy hell, great all round!

  • Pedros_Rooster

    #10 and #90 for the win….

    • Harley

      OMG I'm in love. Holly Hell #10 is AMAZING!

  • ItsRightHereRay

    #8 😀 man i love this site

    • Alex

      I concur… This post was just filled with too much WIN… Can the Chive setup a cruise or something, cause I need some of these chivettes in my life.

  • Iso

    Wow – Thank you Chivettes!

  • Jeff

    #87, that look has us doing really nice things in my mind!

    • busterbrown

      so hot!!!!!!

  • justin

    damn, so many hotties its hard to choose, your all beautiful:)

    • ThatDouche

      You're *

  • Master_Rahl

    Ladies, absolutely KILLIN' me with those dazzling smiles. Way to work! #10 #13 #63 #72

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