Soooo…. you got wasted (31 Photos)

Are you wasted? Get your shit together and send your photos to macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com.

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  • Brandon


    • Guest

      Happy Thanksgiving all my Canadian Chivers and Chivettes!!

  • Farrari

    #31 i lol'd

    • Muthafucka Jones


  • countrygirl66

    Love the weekly reminder of why I don't drink anymore! 🙂

    • @whyseanrocks

      me too lol

    • DickFister

      … or any less

    • Ura whinybiotch


      • Jeff


  • Jawbone

    #21 Probably tired of being the pivot bitch for that all- male party.

    • insert sarcasm

      Looks epic…

    • wetrippymane

      sorority rush weekend does things to a man

  • Jimmy_Recard

    #22 Is a good quality lady.

    • Is it just me?

      She kinda reminds me of Jennifer Aniston… Maybe I'm just seeing things

    • Josh

      She reminds me more of Celia Hodes from Weeds than Jennifer Aniston.

  • Zander

    #25 – come on… one on each hand is protocol

    • Kato

      Everytime the word "tax cuts" and "reforms" get mentioned, the bottle gets lighter.

    • dude 2

      Come on ladies. 2 40oz bottles a piece. You both look completely qualified to participate in binge drinking

      • HereLetMe

        It's wine dude.

    • Nate

      Blue painting tape? An unborn fetus could tear through that.

    • chesterdrawers

      I like how the one on the left's legs get more and more spread the later it gets…

    • Chelsea

      I'm the one on the right, they were family sized bottles and I have baby hands haha sorry to disappoint!

      • bdg

        Please give us more pictures.You and your friend are beautiful!!!!!!!!

    • Dick

      It's good they taped both of their hands. No sandwich is safe around those two!

  • _DoC_

    Those boobs are sow aamazing…..I'm so wasted right now…..wait, what post is this?

    • Fag swag

      Somehow this will be funny to the people that surf the chive

      • _DoC_

        Your mom laughed…..also, she said to tell you not to forget the milk tomorrow when you stop by.

        • ...

          At your dick.

  • Fags Swag

    What's up with the sensitive bitches that surf the Chive.. It's like nazi camp here.. No one can take a funny comment

    • chesterdrawers

      They tried to ban all of us trolls so it got gay and dumb. But we trolls know how important thechive is so we can change IP's and access from different macid's to circumvent the admin's feeble attempt to bring us down, even though it makes for a more fun site environment admin actually wants to turn thechive into a lame site.Cheers admin, to both our successes!!! Game on…

      • Beans

        You don't make the site more fun. You make the comments section annoying and stupid. Nobody likes you.

        • Dick

          And you are a fuck crybaby cuntswab.

    • bitchplease

      Show us what you look like and let the funny comments ensue.

  • djstout17

    #30 is a hottie. I'd gladly take that man's place.

    • James Keogh

      Kari Byron?

    • Poo Poo Platter

      Lets try now with no pants on shall we?

    • Nate

      Definitely a hottie, but is she missing a foot?!

      • ...

        Doesnt matter. Had sex.

  • p1ll

    #3 will need to bathe in disinfectant

    • Tom

      This may be the most disgusting photo ever on the Chive

  • Jamie

    I like the part where The Chive recycled pictures. It really shows contempt for their audience.

    • Bill

      Look at the past 50 odd pages. That's all they do now. Ever since they became more concerned with posting Hump Days and women who have daddy problems, Chive went down hill.

      • Jamie

        I wish that more people would see that. People are blinded by the eye candy and don't stop and think. I feel sorry for them.

  • Andyrew711

    #18 donkeylips???

    • OhioChiver

      The elusive Vinylboobsasaurus. 😐

    • melindu

      Life got hard after camp anawana

      • Andyrew711

        at least he's keeping calm…

  • Kato

    #29 True story.

  • Stephen Davidson

    #10 confused the sink for the toilet?
    #30 tattooed FLBP ginger! Moar! :p

    • Ilikeham

      Moar of the hot redhead fo sho!!!

    • silentwalkaway

      I'm thinking she tried to sit on the sink and it fell off the wall.

  • Jswizzle

    You're doing it…….right!

  • Txschivr

    Planking, yer doin it wrong

  • yo mammie

    #31 Stupid Frank….always getting himself into bad situations …

    • Frankee Chuckles

      Frank? From Shamless?Oh gosh.. He has changed 😀

  • Alexandru Chitimus

    #16 F@ck the Police!! Fu#K the Police!!!!

    • Sgt. Statanko

      They eat chunky vomit… FTP!!!

  • jt123


    "fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son"

  • Guest

    Why do you need to watch TV and listen to the radio at the same time?
    Cause I like to party!!

  • unstablegirl

    "You've got a dart in your neck!"
    "I like you man…but you're crazy. You're crazy."

    • dan

      Don't worry. Nothing important was lost.

    • tom baker

      awfully close to a testicle,, whew!!

  • English Chive

    #7 Sainsbury's

  • timbo

    Shame on them for having the cooler in back in the first place. Every responsible adult knows it goes in the backseat, so its easier to grab road beers.

  • Frosterson


    Soooo…. you never got wasted

    • Licktheconcrete

      A fine should be given for this blatant lack of judgement!

    • Needing a Trollop

      Party Foul

    • Parkview


      • bjj

        or shops at don mills in toronto??

    • tom baker

      wasted :: looks more like , stupid:: first time with a suv/ and cooler??

      • iain

        Edmonton 111 st and 104 ave

  • John Knolhoff

    #3 is f-ing gross and #11 is going to have some splinters

    • HeatherW

      #11 …nah just morning wood.

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