Start your week off with some hip bones (39 Photos)

  • Jesse

    Nom nom nom!!!

    • Guest

      Happy Thanksgiving Canadian Chivers an Chivettes!

  • Square

    Hip bones on Sunday? Glad I skipped church!

    • Second

      Thechive is church we go everyday…

  • steve

    #9,#17 MOAR!!!!

    • Sexy skeletons

      More food!! Quick, get them food…

      • patrick

        i think 17 is paulina gretzky and #9 needs a sammich

  • Davy

    #21 #29 MOTHER OF GOD….


      #21 FTW!!!

  • Jack Wagon

    All of you ladies are of the utmost beauty and I do thank you for greatly improving my Sunday morning.

    • nate33uc

      #37 #39…my fleshlight is in for some pain tonight

  • North

    My god I love beautiful women

  • Dave

    I think I've got a hip boner

  • Sid

    Hip bone fan, you got me…#6 is wowzers!

    • what

      There are hip bones in this picture?

    • Slim Jim

      isn't this hat really hot girl who got her own post?

      • PiratesFan

        Yes. And she is 100%, spot on, perfect. Good lord.

    • GPHD

      triple takes on this shot.

    • northerner

      Beautiful hip bones, abs….and pokies! Yum!

      • TPM50

        Hip Bones. Looks moar like NIP bones.

  • Tyson

    #37…wow! That is all!

  • boob_cuddle

    Hip bone Sunday? I like! #6 #38

  • Hank Hill

    #6 that makes me happy
    #34 that's a fat cat in a red hat!

  • drew

    #14 very nice 😉

  • jackcco

    #6 #37 moar, please!!!

  • falacer

    #6 MOAR

  • Jason

    #16 #19 are doing it right!

  • Drock

    #29 rrrrright … Hip bones

    I’d bone their hips …

    • landon ashworth

      She is lauren babcock.. i've modeled with her before.. #29

      • Kaitlyn Reese

        Here on the internet, we can all say things that sound awesome, but it's never proven till there are photos (;

        • Drock

          I have to agree with Kaitlyn on this one .. Ya know to confirm it was lauren babcock .. And kaitlyn Reese

  • dimaman15

    overestimated my ability to control my boner. oh well.

  • PeyKonzloas
  • Wet_tosti

    #3 the dickbone connects between her hipbones…

  • pixelogre

    Wow…drool. Too many, can't choose! if I have too… #6 #15 #29 are pretty delicious

    • Chiver_Sammy

      I like them too but I'd add #4 #7 #38 also…hope they make this post a regular series..

  • Juan Carlos I

    This is not good-looking. They need more food. When you fuck with a girl like that the hip bone stabs you… Uncomfortable.

    • Logan

      My girl has prominent hip bones… never been a problem. But keep banging fat chicks. They need love too.

      • Dick

        Do those hip bones remind you of little boners

    • Dick

      Agreed. Skinny chicks and 10 year old boys have the same bodies. Give me a thick Beyonce ass over all these hungry girls

      • Colm


  • Tiber_Septim

    #6 does it for me super hot 'n sexy

  • drock

    well done they are all beautiful

  • tom

    sure ill toss them around the room. but they are kinda to skinny a little more would be better

  • Guest

    Happy thanksgiving Canadian Chivers and Chivettes!

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