Start your week off with some hip bones (39 Photos)

  • Stick

    Pubes on theChive? No way!
    Oh, just shadow.

  • james

    #22 i wana see thw rest

  • NorCalChiver

    #7 and #39, sweet mother of chive jesus…stunningly beautiful. More please?

  • sohc

    #25…on the left; MOAR!

  • guest

    Right on Chive! Supporting eating disorders one post at a time! I haven't seen my hipbones in years, but I still know I am worthy as a human being. I don't need the superfluous comments of strangers saying "oh damn, she's so hot" to know that I am more. Going to the hospital to visit a dear friend who tried to commit suicide because of her eating disorder what a terrible way to spend a Tuesday night. But who cares! Let's see those hipbones! Chive on!

    • realio

      You must take great airs being such a crusader for good and all things Hostess.

      Now GTFO

    • Welcome to Earth

      The Chive does not support eating disorders. The problem your friend was having relates to her own self esteem. Without knowing her, I can only infer that she is too busy attempting to conform to the ideal female form instead of being herself. I have bad news for you: in the real world not every girl is hot or attractive. You should help your friend focus on what she has instead of what is unattainable. Although, truth be told, I think you made this entire story up in order to cover for your own feelings of physical inadequacy.

    • FishCalledWanda

      I agree with the last two lines of your post.

      Time for a hobby. Move along.

    • drinkinthesun

      I humbly suggest you check out FLBP. Women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, and they don't need to be unhealthy to be sexy. Some of these women are just skinny, and some guys like them that way.

      I truly hope your friend gets better.

  • gs425

    Megan Fox stunt double…#9

  • looking

    Do i see a tear on left eye of #37

  • burcak

    Tried several times but I can't see any hip bones in #6 .

  • Chadd

    #29 #39 Are like campbells soup… mmm mmm mmm good

  • Drew

    Why is no one commenting on #23? She is amazing!

    • rtgh

      I know right?!? What a beauty!!! :O

  • Colin

    #11 Find Her for the love of Chive please MOAR

  • you lick ass

    fuck you chive

  • SoFLRider

    #25 on the left and #37

  • tjo55555

    #6 #29 GOOD GOD!!!!!!!

  • CharlieBowen

    #20 sooo sexy, the things I would do if I was the photographer

  • Rick

    Yes..! I like.. good combo 😀

  • dan

    The female body is a work of art!

  • cman33


    Gorgeous!! More please!

  • @sambeauch

    hip bone/baby shelf

  • motojunky27

    #34 & #39

    0_0 …wow

  • andrew2172

    O.O wow. Very nice

  • Jamie

    Girls that starve themselves to fit in with was society calls "beautiful" is pretty sickening. No KCACO for anybody today.

    • Truth

      I bet you are just one person whining throughout the thread, "Jamie"

      • Jamie

        What do you mean? KCACO?

    • FishCalledWanda


      Find something to do! I hear puzzles are fun.

      • Jamie

        This is something to do, moron. KCACO!

  • wannaknowher


    Hip bones + gap = WIN!

  • Androaz

    Wish I had abs that toned…

  • vomit as fuel

    #6 is the recipient of the baby batter award today. Hey, that reminds me, do you guys think sperm will count as water damage to an iphone?

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