Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #35 You must be famous, because you sure have a lot of fans!

    • Rusty Shackleford

      #34. Goddamnit

    • Derek

      Number 35 is now #34 for some reason

      • Rusty Shackleford

        I knew I had that right

        • _DoC_

          Chive has changed numbers on me too…sometimes the next day the pic will change and someone will comment a "fail" but whatever.

    • crazydog


    • seriously people?

      I'm just trying to figure out why the down votes for such an innocuous misstep. People on this site are starting to turn into assholes, like they're fucking programmed to hate the first poster no matter what. You could have put Kunis' picture from #6 as the first post with a decent remark and these pre-programmed jackasses would down-vote it simply because you beat them to their precious comment list.

      • Everyone


      • KCO617

        You're new here, huh? It's people who say "FIRST!" that need to GTFO. If you contribue something accurate (hence down votes for this first poster) and relevant to the OP….then we will give you up-votes. Welcome, have fun.

        • REDDIT.COM


    • Quichurbichin


  • Andyrew711

    #1 must be Miley Cryus

    • Rick

      More like Nicki Manaj

      • RR87

        justin bieber

        • heywood jablowme

          lady caca.

    • Random Black Guy

      Must be Nickelback

    • Holden McGroin

      Needs more cowbell

    • bob

      i think they're makin him listen to dubstep

      • https://www.facebook.com/chasingsparrows Kaitlyn Reese


        • Idk

          I think they're making 'she' listen to dubstep. Hmm good one.

    • https://www.facebook.com/chasingsparrows Kaitlyn Reese

      I think *she (since it's wearing pink) is listening to some One Direction. Poor baby.

      • Andyrew711

        you're right. poor baby. wanna hug?

  • Borat Sagdiyev

    I arrived in America's airport with clothings, US dollars, and a jar of gypsy tears to protect me from AIDS.

    • Jen

      do not try to shrink me, gypsy.

    • Daniel Tosh

      #25 George Mcfly and loraine Mcfly

  • hater

    #6. No argument here.

    • newt

      it would be an honor to get pink eye from her

      • Danno

        I object. No ass = fail

        • https://www.facebook.com/chasingsparrows Kaitlyn Reese

          I see an ass, may not be a ghetto booty like you're used to but there is an ass there, like most human beings have.

  • PiratesFan

    #6 I've seen some Chivettes that give her a run for her money.

    • iain

      I have heard that her vagina smells like pickle juice, emptiness and sterile semen. Deal breaker.

      • truth

        We were talking about your mother.

    • Josie Poopie Jr.

      Scarlett Johanson, sexiest woman alive.

      • _DoC_

        Right up until she got "Sean Penn-ed"…pretty much killed it.

    • Lefty

      Hot? Hell Yes.
      Sexiest woman alive? Not as long as Carrie Jean Underwood exists.

      • Sanchez


        • nope

          Sara Jean Underwood?

    • tom

      i object because she will never have a issue with her lower back

    • https://www.facebook.com/chasingsparrows Kaitlyn Reese

      She could've won my agreement until Ashton Kutcher hit it.

  • BigPup

    #6 YES… She needs a Chivette shirt!

    • Rick James

      lets just photo shop one on her like half the broads on here

  • BigPup

    #33 You can help me with whatever you want Charlie.

    • ChivetteHeather


    • SmokeyTheBear

      reminds me of my old pup…

  • ElChippy


    • James


    • Jeremy

      /give honeydew 46 1

    • carl


    • Helena

      Ha! I THOUGHT so!

    • Mr_Dredd

      i was wondering is anyone else knew that was simone

  • Fatmangus

    #1 yeah….I remember the first time I heard Justin Beiber too.

    • heywood jablowme

      or skrillex


    #6 i prefer the hunger games chick

    • Ustupid

      Youre an idiot

    • Lunch_Box

      Jennifer Lawrence, also nice.

  • BigPup

    #26 Spirit airlines carry on?

    • diamondxp

      Great Comment Pal! I was just on Spirit and there were huge Carryons. LOL

  • Derek

    #28 flawless

    • Derek

      Ok… Mila was number 28 when I posted that.
      #6 flawless

      • : ?

        no. she wasn't.

  • Chester


    • Guz


    • KCO617


    • _DoC_


      (Seriously…how many times do people have to say "Adblock" on here….)

      • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

        At least one more time, apparently.

        • The Guy

          Look into getting Adblock.

      • Joe


        • Innocent_Bystander

          The results are in, and it looks like the general consensus is adblock.

  • PiratesFan

    #28 In a few years he'll regret not savoring this moment.

    • Pottsy

      This was at the EB Games Expo Sydney over the weekend!

    • The Truth

      You can tell he just wants to go home and play his new video game. ha

    • _DoC_

      I'm thinking his expression is "Come on Dad…again? I know you're only doing this to get them to pose bending over so you can get hot chick cleavage shots and include them in the family album."

      Pretty much genius if you ask me.

      • Zasm02

        Find the redhead and make her an internet star!

        • boob seaer

          I just saw bewbs

        • DanahCharlene

          I'm the red head!

          • Zasm02

            According to your Facebook, you are! I feel like a successful detective!

          • _DoC_

            Dear lord…You're a Chivette AND Australian too? Ok, that settles it. I'm moving to Australia…

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzz


  • RealZoo

    #6 Sexy? Yes. Sexiest woman alive? Nope.

    • ChivetteHeather

      I agree

    • chicago

      way too many sexier blondes out there to win the sexiest title.

      • https://www.facebook.com/chasingsparrows Kaitlyn Reese

        Why does it have to be a blonde? There are some brunettes out there that are hotter than most blondes.

        • Levian

          I think we may have one right here!

          In my eyes redheads >/= brunettes > blondes

  • suck me dry

    ssssssssssssssssssssssssuck me all the way offfffffffffffff

    • MikeOverHere


    • Black6dog

      You're clearly a very busy man so I've decided I won't waste your time with a hurtful comment on how you're a virgin

  • Nealson

    I just want to say thanks Chive (in this case Bob) for posting DMA this early in the morning. It's 2:15 AM where I am, and I just got home from the hospital working on call in surgery. Been a rough night of brain surgery, but I, along with everyone else, KCCO. It was a perfect to get home and wind down from the adrenaline rush with some DMA. Much appreciation.

    • timecop

      it was actually a minute or two late.

    • Rick James

      cool story bro

      • nope

        you had a on call brain surgery? or is that some sort of doctor lingo i dont know? on call brain surgery till 2am …seems legit

        • Nealson

          Haha, yes on call brain surgery. As in I was on call in case any emergencies come to the hospital that need surgery. At 8 pm, a patient came in with an aneurysm in her brain, which if not treated immediately and delicately, could rupture causing her to bleed to death in her brain. So yeah, legit emergency surgery. Best part of being on call, working till 2 AM, then coming back in for my shift at 630 AM. As always, KCCO.

    • Tea42

      This is a line from the 1983 movie "The Man With Two Brains" w/ Steve Martin (Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr) and Sissy Spacek as the voice of Anne Uumellmahaye…I HATE POSERS!!! "Get that damn cat outta here!!!"

    • Pandamancer

      I read that you wound down from the adrenaline rush with some DMT.

    • ...

      I'm sure you are a fine doctor and thus a great person, but I feel this post was a rather unsubtle way of saying "I AM A BRAIN SURGEON. No biggie guys, I'm just…I'm just a brain surgeon. No biggie. Really." Well, it's hardly rocket science, is it?

      • Nealson

        Hardly, haha. I'm an OR nurse. No way could I do what they do. Besides, neurosurgeons are crazy. Like really.

        • almost

          One thing is for sure, you are very persistent that you were in some sort of surgery/ being a nurse till 2 am/ on call/ who gives a shit?

          cool story though thanks for sharing, p.s. I'm just busting your balls/ladyparts

  • Jordan

    #24 Rodney Mullen like a BOSS

    • PiratesFan

      He was my go to skater in the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater

    • YES


    • geno

      creator of pretty much everything street skating. he doesn't get enough credit

    • DirtNasty

      Nollie 360 flip to primo slide, pop shuv it out… It's like a foot orchestra on wheels.

      • vsdgbdeh

        lol foot orchestra.

      • http://twitter.com/skateordiejskin @skateordiejskin

        That's basically warm-up for him

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #4 Ermahgerd, Peeerngeens

  • Jonnyboy

    That's fantastic.

  • Paki

    Find those girls for the love of everything that's holy!!!

    • Paki

      my mistake 🙂


  • gnar gnar

    #22 jack shack

    • gnar gnar

      ^ #21 actually… i'm drunk

  • Carlos Estevez

    #8 looks like Simon Lane

    • Madam Geeker

      THATS WHAT I THOUGHT! I was like holy bawls is honeydew. :O

      • Googan

        It is!

      • Mr_Dredd

        it is simone hes wearing his shirt with him on it

  • bErMeNtAl

    #3 the fuck?!

    • Sean


      • chbeers

        that guy has a really strong boner

    • Irish Chive

      I say shopped. Neither of their clothes have hang from gravity. So it must be shopped, or else MAGIC

      • _DoC_

        He is falling, not hanging. That is why his clothes don't hang. Air resistance and drag cause his shirt to press and ripple against him and his shorts to raise. The other guy is just standing there about to laugh his ass off when his friend crash lands on all those rocks.

        • dev

          they used glue dumbass

        • Andrew

          Hey I'm the guy with the strong boner in this picture!!

    • Brier

      How could he be falling when his feet are where they are?

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