Dogs will always be the best companions (55 Photos)

  • Eternity

    # 33
    " please play with me?"

  • Yak Surfer

    #29 #34 I hope you have long and happy lives together.

  • Inferno


    I haven't gone through that yet but I'm sure I will. We had a dog that passed away from old age when I was two and got our newest puppy 4 years ago (I'm 24 now). I can't help but hope that he passes before he gets to the point that we have to put him down but I can honestly say it's something thats in the back of my mind every time I see him.

    • nightsight01

      I feel you inferno. I have had two dogs pass on me in recent years. Tipsy died of old age in my girlfriends arms. My buddy Rocky had to be put down two months ago. Granted, it sucks to have to make that decision, but I know it was what was best for him. It really isn't easy losing them either way.

      Good luck to you! KCCO!

  • Kaitlyn Reese

    I propose that the Chive does a calender with gorgeous girls and rescued pets! And the donations and pricing of the calenders go to various dog shelters. I think it should happen, some dogs need a long and healthy life with someone to love<3

  • Jason Laabs

    #33 So cute!

  • Jessica

    #40 this will do

  • Becky

    Well that was a fucking tear jerker. I miss my pooch Le Poo who passed away last month =*(

  • kev

    #38 Pretty sure you didnt "lose" your companion.. I think you killed it by letting it beer bong beers..

    • JayP

      11 1/2 years? Yup, that dog was definitely mistreated.

  • 562chiver

    God made no mistake on making Dog, mans best friend. I fear the day that my pit will leave me and go to his wifey and pups in dog heaven.

  • Mike

    I come here to look at cute/funny dogs and then just get depressed with all the pictures of dead dogs. Not cool.

  • Bill

    To my friends who are grieving the loss of their dog/pals. I wish I could tell you that time will heal your hearts, It won't. I do believe that all of our beloved pets will be waiting for us faithfully at the Rainbow Bridge. I almost look forward to the time, I know I will have a doggie kiss face wash and no more fuck's will be given. KCCO from a mourner of the Six BEST Dogs ever.

  • Cats erryday

    Is this a memorial for fucking dogs like holy fuck

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Cheers to all the deceased doggies…. *raises a glass* To friends who are no longer with us, but will never leave our hearts.

  • Retired Navy

    Where's my beer????

  • April C

    #46 The definition of a boxer.

  • Boogie Nights


    aaahhhgggggg, double rainbow….

  • cheeseSammich

    #48 – at first glance i saw a vag… +1 if you did too…

  • A man

    Guys, I don't think I can keep reading these. I get teary

  • Zach L

    Lost my dog of 13 years…for years ago…Thanks for the reminder. Kcco

  • Dale Stephen Semple

    #54 My pup made it on chive. This brought a tear to my eyes. Miss you Tyson

  • tjo55555

    #1 Are awesome

  • Kato

    All dogs go straight to heaven. That's a fact.

  • BRapper

    Man what an emotional post. Sitting here with my two amazing rescues. Could not imagine life without them. Tearing as we speak. I know that day is coming, and I never want to loose them. Enjoy every day with your little buddy, you will know no other love like it.

  • Christa T

    #52 That's my foot!! 🙂

  • RaiderMark

    All dogs go to Heaven!

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