FLBP is how I know everything will be alright every Monday morning (53 Photos)

  • Theresa

    #2 funny to see this on here! Me and my best friend Mary from about ten years ago!! Where do people find these

  • ryan

    #4 #6 #36 #28 #42 #41 Moar please

  • What_Tha

    #28 Stunning… even moar required.

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  • Garrett

    #4, #5, & #42- You ladies look like total sweethearts! Gorgeous, sexy, super cute, and super cool! Both with amazing smiles that make me smile : ) . You are the type of girls I want to hold close when it's cold out and go for walks in the park with.

    #51- You look like a super sexy cool chick who would always be fun to be around!

  • Filbur

    who is #1?!

  • BigSchem

    I love the smirk on #42's face

  • BigSP

    #51 Jackie Juarez

  • BOsp

    #51 Jackie Juarez

    • Jamie

      Actually, my name is Jamie 🙂

      • BOsp

        Well Jamie, I love you!!!

  • AmericoPolk

    #4 Awesome Breasts

  • dacrawla

    #30 I see you're holdin it down strong for VA. If you need some 804 "assistance" I can help you get those last few "garments" off! 😮

  • EdM

    OMG for # 28…god I wish she lived next door !

  • TimCat

    #1 is a goddess. Who is she? MOAR!!!!

  • jwh

    Definitely #20. But who is she?

  • Cory

    #36. that is all

  • Guest1

    Please… Find #20 !

  • Craig

    #32 the best…..absolutely. MOAR!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/john.finniv John Finn IV

    18 is AMAZING!!! beautiful!!

  • Kyle

    After I have complimented you, and you insult me, by saying, Do you know thats "sexual" "harassment"? I "feel" disrespected, saying that after you have been complimented is not O.K. Overreacting to compliments about your bosoms and rearends is not O.K. and should apologize for such juvenile behaviour.

  • Jed

    The police ought to apologize to guys like me, for terrorizing me into giving a false apology, that they ought to have given to me for wasting my time with a dishonest apology. So in other words, they should have said, We are sorry for making you say I,m sorry. It should not have to take an apology to diffuse a situation, how about instead putting aside our differences and not allowing that to put a wedge between us instead so we can dissolve our distinctions.

  • Giles Cory

    Insulting men calling them creeps,pigs,perverts, etc. because they stared at you and complimented you is not O.K. behaviour on the behalf of the woman, thats childish thinking,those in the womens movements behaviour is infantile, and impotent and extremely rash, as well as thoughtless. Name-calling men because of compliments is unacceptable conduct from anyone who was supposed to have been a lady, which there are not too many of them around these days, which is a crying shame. Why women like reacting incorrectly so much to strangers compliments about their bosoms and rearend is beyond me. It seems like a trend these days I'm just tying to be a nice guy, say something nice about her bosom and I get grief for it, a good wift kick in the ass. Calling the cops is both rude,irreverent, and immature, when your bosom and possibly rearend is complimented, lying to gullible "cops" and getting away with it is not O.K. that just compounds the problem, nothing gets resolved with that kind of approach by being confrontational. Why hasn't anyone learned today even on this machine, if you dont have anything good to say, dont say anything at all, why didn't the womens "movement learn this?

  • He-Man

    Mistaking and enforcing so-called sexual harassment is not O.K. its a deceitful law that manipulates millions of peoples minds by giving them the wrong ideas about the compliments they get, or anything else thats done. And thats ridiculous for anyone on this mechanism to insinuate that I would supposedly "assault" you with sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse and assault are two totally different things and words there is basically no correlation. Just like sex and abuse are not the same, abuse means being violently attacked by something not just someone, like hit perhaps by a hammer for example, where as with sexual intercourse, what sort of injuries could anyone possibly think they have unless they are really gullible and naive.

  • Len

    Women not saying, thank you when they get a compliment is not O.K.

  • straight shooter

    #29 maybe doesn't belong in this album, but dang! Stunning

  • Soup250

    Yup Canada holding it down hard as f#%$

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