• driftwoodprose

    She consistently has the worst boots. Does those serve some functional purpose I don't understand, or does she just have poor taste?

    • AB

      Seriously dude.. this is the reaction you had when you watched this?

      • sketchent

        its a fashion response, The femininity is strong with this one

        • Envelope

          Man he is not.

    • Newt

      What boots?

    • ander


    • drewdrop954

      He's still a virgin.

    • Z Dawsey

      You suck guy! That rite there is talent and if all you can do is criticize her choice in boot then i think you should just leave. Leave and never come back ya hear!

    • Telephone Man

      No, no, no…leave 'em on, leave 'em on.

  • Guest

    I feel embarrassed for this woman.

    • This guy

      I feel embarrassed for your mom.

  • BostonGuy

    Yea, that's about all I saw

  • RaygunsGoPew

    I was expecting more hip-shaking action. But this is still good!

  • aproposofnothing

    Here's Katie doing a little hip shakin'

  • Jeff

    Freaking awesome!! Please find her and leave the boots!! Bare feet!!

  • Nicos

    Couldn't resist the urge to make a GIF out of it

    • JJJ

      You should probably go ahead and make a gif out this video around the 3 minute mark…

  • I heart katie

    chive… pleas find / contact her and make her chivette of the week.. her body is amazing!!!

    • DuecesWyld


    • Dart

      Of the week? She deserves much more!

  • Dizzle

    Katie Sunshine is her name….

  • Rob

    Well that'll be stuck in my head all day

  • younsee

    Just go ahead and do one of these videos naked already.

  • dasblogk

    The yard could probably use some work

  • Gary

    Yard?…what yard?…:>)

  • Canucks_Rule

    it's like watching a lava lamp.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • Z Dawsey


  • Red

    My Internet keep stopping the clip. Not unusual. What was unusual was when I replayed what was downloaded, I didn't mind in the least. I actually had to stop myself from doing it over ad over and…well, one more view won't hurt. This is now a requirement of all future girlfriends. It is a deal breaker.

  • Nick Radoszewski

    idk, i like the boots. its an expression of her personality, along with the hula hoops.

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