Write it down, take a picture, I don’t give a Find Her (36 Photos)

  • AB

    Cmon Chive we all know #5 to be violacious girl on twitter

    • phil

      and i am happy that i follow her amazingness

    • Corey

      @violaceousgirl has to be the sexiest chivette on twitter!

    • ju1io

      all of this girls are on tumblr !!!!

  • Mad?

    All the way off

    • TheDude


  • roadhog0

    #27 She Must be found!! Gorgeous Chivette!!!!

    • Him

      Find her vibrator in that messy-ass room

      • emailhobo

        Crowded room… Not messy.

      • HER

        don't worry, its hidden in a drawer

    • Joseph

      The most beautiful girl ever on this site, spoken from a long time chiver.

  • Bdick

    What??? I was first

  • Ccard

    #7 very very very sexy. Better than the Thanksgiving turkey I will eat today. I will give thanks for her.

    • Kelowna Chiver

      I'm guessing she could be found on the bangbus.

      • whale hntr

        Married/engaged and on the bangbus? Classy ladies bangbus uses, I better not see mine on there, brb *checking model list *

    • jjj

      Marilee calhoun

      • grammar jammar

        she looks like a whore to me

    • Ed Venture
    • just sayin

      she has fat hips

      • Kodos

        something to hold onto.. your argument INVALID

        • Mike

          no…. that's one thing that boobs are for

          • Simon

            You are wrong. hips are ment to be fat.

            • Mike Hunt

              no… she is meant to be fit all over, not fat.

              You must be british or black

    • PianoFingers

      You're right, Ccard, she's very very sexy. She may not be the most beautiful girl in this set, but the look in her eyes says "hey, you and I are gonna have some SERIOUS fun right now" – and that, my friends, is the definition of sexy.

    • nate33uc
  • CowboyChiver

    #24 #36 I guess someone really wants her found…

  • Uli


  • Fordman

    #2 is Jessica biel

    • Giblets

      I thought so too

    • http://twitter.com/biffalmighty @biffalmighty

      Yep. That's my girl_

    • ShawnK1704

      not sure she fits in the find her, but i do recommend a Jessica Biel dedicated post. she is incredibel

      • Kato


    • Aaron

      Should be easy to find. It looks like a picture from the movie Cellular.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.mcbride.315 Brandon Mcbride

    #7 #7 and MOAR #7

    • Randy

      Christine Carollo

      • http://twitter.com/CharlieParkster @CharlieParkster

        those two look nothing alike.

        • Dano

          No…it's definitely her…I saw the picture and was like "Holy Shit!! It's Christine!"

          We were at the same high school together and my brother dated her sister – who is also quite hot. Sorry, no link of pictures of that one!

          Small world!

    • Ed Venture
    • nate33uc
  • Unfkngblvbl

    #17 I can't even tell if that's a chick.

    • Santi

      Is a British called Sara Morgan that work as a mechanic for the Formula 1 team HRT but as far as I remember, is not hot

  • JP Mortin

    #2 – Isn't that Jessica Biel?

    • http://twitter.com/biffalmighty @biffalmighty

      yep. that's my girl

  • StarboardEngine

    Looks like Jessica Biel. Already found by Mr. Timberlake.

  • tim

    Find that back seat, so i can go there

  • BabyJesus

    #1 and #27 since they're the same girl and for the love of all that's holy #3 has to be found

  • MattDougJefferson

    #24 ….. the only thing you need to find her is a gym and a nutritionist. That bitch is gross. #34 is what every woman should look like.

    • MattDougJefferson

      Apologies, I meant #23. #23 is the fat disgusting blob of shit I meant to write about.

      • http://www.facebook.com/rhettvandemark Rhett Van De Mark

        Kathy ferreiro

      • ABQChiver

        Maybe you should consider not looking at theChive or particular post. You seem a little jaded. Maybe you should seek done professional help for your problems.

    • donchesney

      exactly. i also find myself powerfully attracted to men, and the problem is clearly with every woman on earth. i'm not gay, it just that women, as they exist in nature, are so much less attractive than men.

  • http://twitter.com/nickinwarcal @nickinwarcal

    #7 that's not from a porn

    • Billy

      Quahog Pastor: Maybe you should've thought of that before you made a porn.
      Lois: But father, I didn't mea… wait, did you say a porn?
      Quahog Pastor: Yes.
      Lois: Oh. Well, that's kind of weird.
      Quahog Pastor: What?
      Lois: Well, I mean you gotta say you made porn or you made a porno. You don't say "made a porn," it hits the ear wrong.
      Quahog Pastor: Oh, god, have I been saying it wrong this whole time?

    • Bluto

      Buit it most definitely should be.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #31 Well played.

    • DudeMan

      I will look for her on Thursday at the farmer's market.

    • Dirtdog

      Found her, Dating her

      • Asher

        No need to lie

        • Dirtdog

          Haha, Sir I am not.

          • http://facebook.com/kelseylynnhowell Kelsey


            • Bubba

              Pics or it didn't happen!

    • RyanPiezo

      I'm 98% sure that the second photo was taken at wakestock while Awolnation was playing. I remember seeing the two girls being hoisted up.

    • http://facebook.com/kelseylynnhowell Kelsey

      Found! Girl in yellow is me.. hah

      • Bubba

        In that case: MOAR!

    • Dustin

      (also a SLO Chiver)

      • Andrew

        And here I thought SLO chivers and chivettes didn't exist.

        • Dustin

          gotta a green and a red firefighter KCCO. You see me, I'll buy you a beer.

  • tv_paul

    #21 Okay please feel free to find all but this cutie. I don't think these chive boys have good intention and would sully such a sweet young girl. Stay hidden young lady for your own good.

    • cheeseSammich

      I would like to make her my mistress…

  • r1rider

    #29 for the love of God yes

    • jbcrazylife


    • Zaedrus

      Thems breastesses!

  • Los

    God, I hope I don't have a daughter

    • Nick

      I thought the same thing and the first one was a girl. Doomed I know

  • BigPup

    #16 where does one apply to become her window washer?

  • Sixty

    God damn. Yea please find her.


    • Jeepster

      Found. Christine Carollo

  • RayRay

    #4 red!!!

    • Crazy

      She's gorgeous find her!

  • 918'd that A$$

    #14 where is the pedobear?

    • Thomas

      918? Where at?

  • Scott

    #7 DAmm she is a HOTTIE

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