I miss college — Big 10 edition (36 Photos)

  • suck me dry

    all the way off is how far you should suck me

    • Robzombie

      Your dick must be covered in scar tissue by now

      • WTF

        That, sir, was hilarious.

    • Harry Longbahls Jr

      BIG 10 girls are Fugly

  • Dave

    and the winner is, as usual, ohio state.

    • TheWizardofWoz


  • muckfichigan

    #21 LOL. GO BLOW.

    • jim

      these ohio people are so clever. i bet a few of them will even show how well they can spell the name of their state, well the first two letters they need help with the next two

      • alwaysthatguy

        UM Chive Meet up at Lep Charlies or some bar?

    • Rex Crotch

      Those tatoos look HORRIBLE. Just sayin'.

      • jjjjjjjj

        are those tats of shrimp ?

        • McSmizzle

          they kinda look like ultra sounds….

    • Eric

      The tattoos are nearly as beautiful as the Chivette. Should find and mind the gap, with a close-up of the angel and devil girls. Go Blue. Down with The O.S.U. Browneyes.

      • GuntherSquirrel

        Screw rest of 'em Eric, I agree with you on the tats and the Chivette… Can't say as much for the teams tho, only cuz I dont watch sports. *shrugs*

    • carl

      wtf is that tattoo? steer clear of this one…

    • thatguy

      Man, all those rumors about her stripping to pay for school…. guess they were true

    • William K

      That sure as hell isn't university housing, until I see a transcript, I'm thinking she's a Walmart Wolverine. Anyone can buy college clothing.

  • amicus

    #12 …number 2

    • acupofjoe


  • Chester

    Big, heavily-nippled milk drippers

  • Tiber_Septim

    #24 I like where this is going

  • MichaelDuffyIKnowHim

    #14 #17 HELL YEAH GOPHERS!!
    Floyd will be greatly missed during his hiatus.

    • captainmalcolm

      Go Gophers!

    • Boo

      He likes it in Iowa so much, he decided to stay for good. You will never see him again, except on our sideline during the game.

    • Jayavc

      you know why they don't let Wisconsin boys date Minnesota girls?

      You ever see what a badger does to a gopher hole!?!!!?

      • MichaelDuffyIKnowHim

        (to "On WisconSIN")
        Bucky Badger, Bucky Badger
        You can eat my shorts!
        I'd fuck you up the ass
        But I'm afraid of getting warts.
        Herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea
        Are common in your land
        You bastards should spend more time with your hand!

    • Guest

      #14 Best recruiting poster in the Big 10!!!

    • Mackthetruck

      Too bad Floyd isn't yours to show off. IOWA IS THE BIG TEN. ON IOWA. GO HAWKS

    • balaji

      hi come wit me for

  • Jonny

    you should explain what big 10 is for those who arent american

    • Fishnuts

      Yeah well, its called Google!

    • HereYouGo

      The Big Ten is a division of college football represented primarily by the Midwestern United States. The colleges are division I (the highest level of collegiate athletics) so it's a source of pride for people that attend those colleges.

      The more you know! : )

      • Jason

        There are 12 teams in the Big 10. And 10 in the Big 12.

        • Craig

          Because I is college student

  • Chris

    #21 WOW

    • true

      i know right? worst tats ever

      • Robzombie

        I wasn't going to say anything but what are they? They look like deformed fetuses

        • TheJesus

          They're like mutant cockroach bulldogs…

          • carl

            she shoulda just tattooed "insane" on her forehead.

            • Joe

              I bet she turned you down once.

          • jjjjjjjj

            angel / devil crustaceans

  • 'Merica

    Lol a black person at post secondary!! Nice try, arrest that guy.

  • Danehill

    #27 The one on the right is ridiculously hot. You know what to do Chive

    • JT1448

      her name is michelle

      • Roger

        Well that was fucking helpful. Thanks JT.

        • JT1448

          i know the girl on the right, saw the girl on the right was tagged in it, felt creepy giving you explicit information about a girl i dont really know, remember, kcco rodge

    • djstout17

      Yes, she's fantastic!

    • nuccabay

      is this the sundeck of the lodge???

  • Go blue

    #10 HELL YEA!

    • Kyle

      Thats one hot guy.

  • ChukDee

    #14 keep taking it off huunney

  • irons

    #21 Jebus what a train wreck.

  • ChukDee

    #21 looks like u got Aliens coming out ur stomach..tattoo Fail!!

  • ChukDee

    #33 gonna get Sanduskied

    • Iceman2509

      Sandusky says "Jackpot!"

      • Clark

        Nope, he's not 12.

  • Jefffro

    #2.) Fuck you Purdue Pete!!! Go Irish!!!

  • Jefffro

    #21.) Their women are as ugly as their football team is bad. Suck it Michigan, Go Irish!!!

    • Boobs

      I've been to Notre Dame and Michigan. It's a toss-up as to which campus has uglier women.

      • http://4chan.org/b/ gnocco


    • nuccabay

      ok, fuck michigan, but this girl is sexy…so much so that i bet she doesnt even go there, cause they dont breed em like that in ann arbor

  • southsider

    Ski-U-Mah #14 Ski-U-Mahhhhh

  • 209CHIVER

    #30 UH DERP!!!!

    • rikooprate

      Who is that chick! Yowzers!

  • whyme1973

    #21 You win…Big Blue…not so much. 🙂

  • Jay

    #10 so many "brown eye instead of buckeye" comments I can't think straight

  • John

    #10 buckeyes!
    #21 um, never mind, forget it. Nice tataas

  • noobbuster

    Why the hell would you do that?
    There will be sand in your shit FOREVER.

    • guest

      Bet the lanlord was thrilled.

      • LACHIVER

        There goes mom and dads deposit

        • Boo

          Totally worth it!

  • wvufan

    #14 We must find her so we can have MOAR!!!! WOW!!!!!

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