• CockyBishop

    I was at this game and there wasn't a dry eye from where I could see but then again there were 85,199 people there! Go Gamecocks! And God bless all of our military members.

  • Randy Hooper

    Pure awesomeness! Enough said!

  • Donny

    Dammit, these videos get me everytime…..great job Dad and thank you

  • Charles Jones

    I was in the student section at that game. This happened in the beginning. We all went completely insane when he walked out.

  • chris coleman

    I’m from Ireland and as an Irish person i support the U.S soldiers, at least 86% percent of our country does…. the media keeps us well informed on what’s happening …… Good luck… And God bless.. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I was at that game, this scene was electric. God bless America

  • Trey in the Bay

    First, God bless the men and women serving in out military and keep His protective arms around each and every one. Second, may God be with each of their families during their deployment. Third, I am a on site project manager for a construction company and sneak a peek or two in when I can of the Chive. Pretty damn hard to bawl in a construction office! Thanks Chive!

  • mongoose5271

    Damn that's awesome…listen to that crowd!

  • Lou

    Man I about started a puddle at my desk near the end of the video. It is amazing how even those who aren't in the Military or familiar with life regarding those who are serving.

  • Weston_B

    Even though my Dawgs got their asses kicked in that game, that is an awesome video. God bless our men and women in uniform.

  • MikeyD

    it just got really dusty in here!!


    When he walked out it was the loudest part of the night. Too bad the video cut off before the chants of USA! USA! USA!

    Made me damned proud to be a member of the military. I was really lucky to have that be the first game I was back in SC for since 2007.

  • Jordan

    the guy trying to usher them off the field can suck my balls

  • Awesome video

    I am a 36 yr old grown man, with a family, and I just cried like there is no tomorrow.

  • JustKidding

    I was not expecting to cry like someone shoved a freshly cut onion under my nose.

  • dillon

    I hate you Chive. Sniffling like a woman right now…Marines aren't supposed to cry when the Army is involved…but you made it happen. I hate you.

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