Simply put, model Jordan Carver stood out at Oktoberfest (28 Photos)

  • Yak Surfer

    All double entendre aside, this woman is right in every kind of way.

  • @bottlecapjonny

    I'd Love to show her my schnitzle if you know what I mean….just in case you don't, I'm referring to my penis.

  • Larence

    Will totally help to burn off extra calories! 😉

  • Falthor

    is it me or does the costume make her normally Ginormous boobs look smaller? Not that its a bad thing she's still gorgeous.

  • LostBroncoFan

    Don't know who she is but great set of tits.

  • you're welcome

    #24 busty venera is on the left… massive knockers on a tiny frame. nsfw.

  • Otto

    #24 Rlly? U no invite me?

  • ChivetteHeather

    #7 && #10 sweet, sweet torture

  • Captain Miller

    Remember that scene in Saving Private Ryan before the US fights the Germans at Rommel, where Ed Burns character is talking about the lady trying to fit in the girdle a couple sizes too small, and "she's just pouring out of this girdle?" This is the girl he was talking about. WOW!

  • Reginald

    #19 These two need to wrestle in a pool of jello for our enjoyment

  • dante

    nothing better than beer and wenches during octoberfest

  • Men Everywhere

    If all women were just like her… toned, beautiful, big fake boobies… this world would be a much happier place. Just think… the needs of all men would be satisfied. Also, men would treat their women like a princess.

    Instead, in reality 99% of women are fat, out of shape, and ugly. It's a sad thing…

  • skinger

    I wonder what lucky dude is tapping that?

  • Delvin

    I predict… FLBP!

  • Nseal92

    Oktoberfest….. One of the best events of the year. You add a bunch of hot German women it becomes the best event.

  • VIGILANTinfidel

    I'd like to offer her a free hand mammogram.

  • Foreman

    She needs to dress as Princess Leia

  • jt7

    Jordan Carver also does yoga! Google it.

  • bkfrijoles

    Beer, Pretzels, and Boobies I need to get to Germany one of these days

  • Dandan

    Hey look a fox! #21

  • billyjack13

    Milk is better than beer!

  • nuccabay

    wow, nice rack

  • wannaknowher


    Now that's a real woman!

  • HappyHooliganUK

    Oktoberfest In Munich is the best festival ever. I've never seen so many people drinking alcohol and no trouble or fights. Plus you get heaps of stunning women dressed in those traditional costumes serving the best beer. If you ever tour Europe this is a must on your list 🙂

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