Sooo, sequoia tress are really big (27 Photos)

  • yam

    #27 Home tree!

    • El_Hefe

      i think is gallery needs to be HQ

  • supppp

    awesome table

  • StarboardEngine

    I've never seen anyone mind a gap that big like this guy. Impressive.

  • Raph

    the title is spelt wrong…

    • TRP

      No it's not. It is spelled wrong. Nice try.

  • Electric Boogalo

    Is this from Avatar?

  • Raph

    hahaha fail, spelled

    • Kristina

      Actually, countries outside of the US use spelt and spelled interchangeably, or even favor (favour) spelt.

  • rufio

    #24 so beautiful. Need to get back to Yosemite.

    • Handjob Murphy

      You won't find these in Yosemite. The sequoia's a coastal tree and doesn't like the higher, dryer elevations of the Sierra Nevada. But yes, so beautiful.

      • rufio

        ya I know. It ust reminded me of Yosemite.

      • Josh

        mariposa grove in Yosemite is full of sequoia's

      • TBT

        Wrong. A lot of these are taken at Big Trees State Park in Calaveras County and in Yosemite's Mariposa Grove. That's the Sierras. Coastal redwoods are awesome, but many of these are Giant Sequoias found throughout the Sierras wherever they weren't chopped down – including Yosemite!

  • Tyler

    They call me Mr. Roundtree

  • boob_cuddle

    #27 day 45 they have yet to notice that I'm not one of them.

    • Eaton A. Burger

      day 2945

      • Eaton A. Burger

        or 22945, trees are old, damn

  • Siy

    Every time i read "goggles" i read "googles"

  • Dads

    Nice tits on these trees.

  • Eaton A. Burger

    #26 disgusting… I would really like to meet the person who that's a big tree, lets cut it the fuck down. whoever you are, you are a dick.

    • cuttin bigwood

      ever think maybe the tree broke or fell over, and they cut it off? seriously, you know how big of a machine you would need to make a cut like that… go back to Eaton A Burger, and quit your tree hugging.

    • Chooch

      1. it was probably cut down decades ago.
      2. it could have been part of a conservation effort (cut a few trees to save the forest)

      • TBT

        1. More like centuries
        2. No – it was the largest tree in the grove. Oops! To their credit, they probably thought there were more like it right around the corner.

    • TBT

      Haha this one is in Big Trees State Park in Calaveras County. was chopped down and used as a dancefloor. You have to remember in those days the thought was those are everywhere. Let's chop one down instead of 4 and get as much wood. Seems tragically flawed today, but in those days it made sense. Trust me in 150 years people will look at us and shake their heads too.

  • Dano

    There are giant sequoias, Sequoiadendron giganteum, and coast redwoods, Sequoia sempervirens.





  • drewdeze

    i saw the general grant, that thing is huge!

    • Lucky Ducker

      Thats what she said!

  • TheChris

    #27 General Sherman is his name

    • old

      2700 years old

      • HatBomb

        Jesus ain't got shit on him.

  • ChivetteHeather

    Fascinating shots! Nature rocks.

  • Lucky Ducker

    Ok Bob, since it appears you are a fan of big and old wood *snicker*, check out these two then. Methuselah tree, a bristlecone pine, for your real old wood need;. and the Baobab tree for some of your big wood needs.

  • Twentysix

    Why in actual fuck did I just spend five minutes looking at trees?

    • 15Weight

      Because nature is fucking amazing. That's why.

  • rugerhoyt

    I hope to get out west and see those trees in person some day

    • Djz

      you should. I saw them at 14 years old, and the impression they made will last a lifetime!

    • siuado

      Come on out! Wine County and Redwoods….winnar winnar

  • wolfpack

    #13 and #14 are red fir not redwoods

  • AMA

    Reminds me of lord of the rings

  • blue_bronco

    It looks like Endor

  • Gteg

    Awesome "TRESS" guys!

  • lat297

    #16 That's just a lazy clean-up…

  • Wolfmane

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