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Aerial photos of Iceland look like abstract paintings (16 HQ Photos)

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Russian Photographer Andre Ermolaev took an aerial expedition over Iceland and shot these amazing photographs that look amazingly like paintings.

  • salo

    Dont think id fancy living there though.

    • imdowngetme

      dks salo?

  • Socal Dude


  • SHU Chiver

    So happy the first comment wasn't "first"

    • geno

      thats the same thing i thought

  • Mr. Owl

    How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

    • Ipee Freely

      3, haven't you seen the comercial

      • Ipee Freely


    • ...


  • Rufio

    #15 Apparently there is more to Iceland than cute girls, strange bands and long volcano names.

  • raubt

    What's up with these posts today? Does the Chive no longer like females?

    • dick

      they are attempting to make you a well rounded individual. Clearly it isn't sinking in. Shut up an be patient.

    • Becca

      There are more albums dedicated to women than anything else. Not that I don't admire a perfectly shaped ass, but I find these posts refreshing sometimes. BTW, there's porn on the internet in other places.

    • non-idiot

      There are porn sites for that you idiot.

  • Garrett

    If you turn #9 upside down, it looks like a freaky alien thing.

    • Dan

      How do you link a photo to a comment?

      • Bath Salty Dog

        CTRL + ALT RIGHT

        • Gradaddy

          lol good one!

      • Derek

        Just type the # sign (like "#1") and the number of the photo you want to link to somewhere in your comment. It's automatic.

  • Hawkeye

    Come on — bring on the HUMPS!!!

    • Dan

      Oh shut up.


    That's clearly Greenland.

    My sources? THE Mighty Ducks

    • jared

      julie the cat gaffney wow! loved watching that movie over and over

    • seabath

      Hahaha i was thinking the same thing

  • LostBroncoFan


  • KCO617

    But the Mighty Ducks taught me Iceland was Green and Greenland was Ice!

  • rikooprate

    Another swing and a miss…

    • Becca

      Not really.

  • Morris

    I'll go with organic over abstract.

  • ImpressMe

    Interesting photos….. and it won't kill some of you to learn something new now and again…..

  • rugerhoyt

    very interesting… #3 is my favorite. I shall call it Home Tree

  • bcbigbuds

    ?what happened to paula?

    • Mumbly


  • Jen

    I was just there. Place is beautiful.

    • Guest

      So was I. I would definitely go back.

  • mark

    Looks more like a test tube…..

  • Illcopper

    I've been there twice, and would LOVE to go there again.

  • Becca

    There's more to theChive than hot women. You didn't have to look at these photos, you could have just, you know… Waited.

  • Jay

    They all kinda look like zoomed in photos of pieces of ice.

  • Helena

    Yes. God forbid we see the beauty of the world beyond what makes you hard.

    • Dan

      Well said. And thank you for saying it.

  • Dan

    Go find some online porn and leave us alone.

  • Livin' Legend


  • Alan Horsager

    I like trying to make photographs of people look like paintings.

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