The Canadian KCCO Chivette: Karissa (12 HQ Photos)

Ever since the Canadian KCCO's first became available a couple months ago, we've had one of our good friends, Karissa, modeling anything Canadian we make. I dunno' why, she just has a cool Canadian vibe.

You've been emailing me asking for more of the Canadian KCCO Chivette so we had a quick photoshoot the other morning for y'all.

For only the second time, Canadian Military KCCO's will be available tomorrow, Oct. 11th at 3pm EST at on theCHIVERY. Because we truly believe we have enough stock this time, you DO NOT NEED to be a member of the Canadian Military to score a shirt.

As always, good luck!

Canadian KCCO’s available tomorrow right here on theCHIVERY.

  • Road-Rage

    #6 No self-respecting Canadian would drink Blue ! It tastes like horse piss ! :o)

  • SoFLRider

    Loving the side boob, would love to see some ass cheek, too.

  • Bryan

    She's not my type. I prefer my women to be a little more feminine than that.

  • chelsea_dagger

    Off topic. I have the same toothbrush. #7

  • Hardy

    Kyle W is Fag, Now taking an American girl is not a problem if you like BBWs

  • Jesus


  • matty2fatty

    No one else notice that it's clearly a paintball marker…….

  • Shadow Chiver

    A goddess sleeping with an assault rife and walking round wearing a bullet proof vest? Sweet !

  • LeoFails

    #1 Gross foot… #10 Horse teeth

  • kriss

    Hot Chic….sideboob….M4 Rifle…..damn! So fkng awesome!

  • 11BangBang

    #1,#8 Lit up some Taliban along side some outstanding Canadian Infantry in RC South back in '06. They didn't quite look this good, but those boys could scrap!

  • Billbob

    #6 I told her to stop using my toothbrush. Damn!

  • cant get one

    nice shirt how do you get one

  • Anonymous

    bosen pakai bra

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