• Frank

    Why halfway through the video was there a group of Middle Eastern guys fighting and one of them getting shot and killed?

    • DubStu

      He's not getting shot…he walks behind the guy firing the RPG, and gets a face-full of the back-blast, ie; fire… 😉

    • JSJ

      Pretty sure there was more then one person who died in that video.

      • Eov

        5 people died in the one where the tower falls on the power lines. That was at the begining of this week.

    • jonny

      it was the boom from the rpg that knocked him on his ass

    • Aaron

      "back blast area clear!" is obviously not in their dirty dialect.

  • Rocky

    wtf was the deal with the dj not caring about the fire at the end there?

    • nelpit

      He's Keeping Calm and Chiving On… Definitely a Win!

    • Plurp

      He knew that if he got off the air, he wouldn't have been paid.

    • JdJ

      it was the "late night love" block. it was just getting hot and heavy in the studio

  • @BigFuNation

    that guy at the end, loves reporting the news

    • Decepticons

      He is greek LOL

  • Boobieboy

    That guy with the banana suit deserved his 3rd degree burns. WTF wuz he thinkin'?

    • Matticus

      "Omg he's on fire" …….ya no shit

    • darwin

      I kinda hope in some way it makes him sterile.

  • Anonymous

    Wft why would you set your self on fire.

  • TPM50

    Darwin awards for everyone.

  • Babo

    I couldn't stop watching!

  • Kris

    Purifying the gene pool one moron at a time

  • Wet_tosti

    His famous last words "Are you ready to rock? Tumdumdumdum!" I love banana flambé..

  • IdiotsAreEverywhere

    WTF is wrong with people?

  • greece4tw

    last video GREECE FTW

  • Jennie

    the majority of these are ideal candidates for a future Darwin Award.

  • Donny

    This is why
    1 stupid people shouldn't reproduce
    2 we should remove warning labels from common sense things……

  • Hank Hill

    Some people just shouldn't mess with propane and propane accessories.

  • Lynben

    Sweet lord jesus its a firrre

  • pyro moron

    just drivin along la de da BOOM giant firework

  • Clover

    …… white people.

  • The_Dood

    And none of them stopped, dropped, and rolled.

    • Black6dog

      Literally every one of them ran away from help too

  • Mr.Clean

    Ehrmugerd! Fhur!

  • cels0_o

    4:17 and 4:22 epic

  • Brinx

    Southern states…

  • Veggieboy

    Maybe they can get a groupon for skin grafts

  • Grant

    That is the most dedicated DJ ever. Congratulations!

  • jB!

    I want to see there faces after everything happened.

    • Spelling Police

      *their – stay in school.

      • jB!

        Oh man. I'm normally the one who corrects people. First time jitters I guess. Anyway, I'd still like to see their faces after the damage.

    • your dum

      It's probably like you're face!

  • Jesse

    I lost. Hard. @1:38

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