I gotta get me a goofy girl (42 Photos)

  • fizz

    #42 you win!
    now post MOAR!

  • Simon B

    I've got to admit it… #35 scared the hell out of me… But then I laughed.

  • Hawaiichiver

    #9 with the ukulele marry me.

    • newfiechivette

      i do

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #29 i think im in love

  • DWalk

    #9 is wife material

    • newfiechivette


  • LMG

    #7 and #34 Im in love with crazy !

  • Jrod88

    too many hipster-staches for my taste…at least they're cute to make up for it.

  • kyle

    I'm sorry, but if #26 (Evelyn Taft apparently) was my weather girl I would always know what the forecast was… ALWAYS

  • Jay

    #35- Holy cow heterochromia iridus is hot!!

  • Jawbone

    These are the annoying ones who have to be try to be funny. It's their attractive friends who the frat boys fuck instead. Sorry, keep trying though.

  • Declan

    #42 I need to know where that restaurant is so I can go visit this girl! And enjoy the uniforms 🙂

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  • Shadow Chiver

    #35 your eyes !

  • samj

    #21 Must be found…

    • samj

      the blonde one that is… To hot.

  • berdell
  • Justin Harmon

    MOAR of #9

  • Justin Harmon

    #9 is seXXXy. marry me? haha MOAR!! MOAR!! MOAR!!

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