I have so many questions (32 Photos)

  • Notknowing

    Don't ask questions you don't want answers to.

  • Legion

    #16 Dynamo was here…

  • thrannix

    #31 The answer is 42.

    • Turrebo

      We're going to get lynched, you know that…?

  • Yuup

    The best thing about this site IS suck me dry, fucking legendary

    • suck me dry

      Does everyone like how I keep creating new names and commenting on my own posts talking about how great I am? The truth is I am the only one who actually thinks I'm funny but it makes people think that there are 3 others who think so too.

      • GeeROiD

        Don't worry. I am a huge fan! Along with the "firsts" as well. Lets make everyone mad and insecure. Weeeee

        • Yerp

          SMD never responds to anyone's replies. The only real one is the first comment every time. Also, shut up poopwich. Don't tell people to KCCO when you aren't keeping calm yourself. I can't believe you are getting so worked up over SMD. That's almost as funny as "Allllllllll the way off" haha!

      • suck me dry

        Yes I too enjoy that. I wish someone would suck me dry, but i'm so fat I can't even see my own dick

        • suck me dry

          Plus I need a flashlight, mirror and a pair of tweezers to find my dick but I'm too fat to walk up the stairs to get any of that from my moms room where she keeps the stuff to find my dads dick.

  • humm

    Indeed sir, we could all use a good sucking everyday.

    • Yourmom

      Awesome! Keep it up suck me dry!

  • Squints

    I know what happened in #16! I know, I know! IT WAS CRACKED LIKE EVERY PROTRACTOR EVER 10 MINUTES AFTER IT WAS MADE!

    • Alec

      OH MY GOD THANK YOU! Hah, I was completely mystified, but you're right, that actually makes buckets of sense! Thanks!

  • Sade

    #25 WTF?! Hahaha!

  • LuvsHorror

    #4 Why did this crack me up so bad? I'm still laughing!

    • Ugo

      Me too! The guy in the water is kinda saying "what are you looking at?"

  • Ribsta

    #12 Who let Xzibit get a hold of that camel…

  • peter

    #30 look up "stoma" or "illestomy" then u will understand how, when u have to pass ur waste through the front of ur stomach then u will understand.

    • OZEd

      does having "stoma" or "illestomy" also take away the use of ones arms for cleaning purposes?

  • Shepard Wong


    …and who gives a shit he says? Who he to rate anybody or anything?….just saying

  • http://pudds13.wordpress.com/ pudds13

    I love this post

  • https://www.facebook.com/kevintito222 Kevin Paul

    Jack Daniels?

  • ckron247

    #22 KILL IT!!!! GOOD GOD, KILL IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


    Do people really panic over poop? Really?

  • Bombs

    For all you dumbfucks who think this is not genius.. y'all have absolutely zero sense of humor. And anyone who belittles this man and tries to make sense of it is actually the ones who are the real virgins. Don't read the comments and get the fuck of the website if you wanna troll a troll..

    • http://www.facebook.com/marc.para.96 Marc Para

      Not too bright eh?

    • Steve

      I think it's funny, but Einstein was a genius, Hawking is a genius. Way to completely limit the spectrum of your vocabulary. I bet you think bacon is "epic" too…..

      • TBrown1021

        Every time I read SMD, I re-live SNL's Celebrity Jeapordy. "Suck it long and suck it hard Tribeck!"

    • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

      this escalated quickly

      • Boo

        17 comments is not quickly

      • amirite?

        where did babyfart magizax go?

        • goatpunch

          been wondering that for a while myself. My theory is he, mr. dry, and paula are all probably just mac or john using different names to be on the first page and mess with people. Conspiracy bitch!

    • _DoC_

      How is 8th grade working out for you?

    • suck me dry

      I am not a genius, I have the IQ of mustard. Not reading comments and getting off is not the proper way to troll a troll, there are much better ways I'm sure…..

      • JSJ

        You've been asking for soneone to suck you all the way off for a month now. I think it's time you just bite the bullet and go buy a hooker, because your not getting it any other way.

        • TheDude

          You must be new here. It's been way longer than a month.

  • Chaosd


    Do people really panic over poop? Really?

    • ImpressMe

      Clearly you have never been trapped in an enclosed area with a 'crappy' child….let alone a child who has crapped right out in the open…. personally I would go out the window of the train and sit on the damn roof… or find the bar car if it had one.

  • Med

    Explanation please

  • Sappy

    #22 Is that Nicki Minaj?

  • RTJ

    #31 Sudden Clarity Cat

  • now hear me out

    i dont

  • Gradaddy

    #3 made me lol

  • Webbd

    #29 i see that guy in Edmonton in the streets all the time

    • tralfaz

      If he runs really fast with his arms out can he fly?

    • Sarah

      I've also seen him here in Edmonton at the corner store by my house!! So weird!

  • cortez

    #25 is a mega douchebag – a douchebag amongst douchebags

  • TheHolmes

    #14 University of California – San Diego. That monstrosity cost the school $500K. Mind you this is a public school in the most bankrupt state in the country. If you go around the campus it looks like every construction project in the state is happening at this school.

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