Lioness’ motherly instincts kick in, adopts baby antelope (11 Photos)

  • Lioness


    • Me.

      1.) Fuck you.

      2.) My comment: "until the mother lion got hungry then all bets were off.."

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Then people say animals cannot have emotions or compassion. If you think morals, ethics and compassion comes from a higher being, think again! It's an evolution trait in many mammals.

    Great post and finding, Bob!

    • Carnivore

      Nah, she's just fattening it up for later.

      • Ryan

        Believing in evolution and God aren't mutually exclusive

        • MrStiggy91

          Exactly. Afterall, in Genesis what's the first thing God creates? The fish in the sea. What's the last thing he creates? Human beings.

    • JSJ

      An evolutionary trait? You can't be serious? Please don't fill the Internet with more idiotic lies.

      • Bud

        You have to be trolling right? There aren't actually people out there that still don't believe in evolution, right?

        • glenco

          According to a 2007 Gallup poll, about 43% of Americans believe that "God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so."

      • Woop

        The only idiot is you my blind friend. Belief without reason and rationale thought is the highest form of arrogance and stupidity.

      • @undefined

        great another jesus freak

    • mises

      Grow up weirdo.

    • TheTruth

      Everyone and Everything is created in His image.

      • JESSE

        he must have a pretty bizarre sense of humor.

    • JESSE

      I gave you a thumbs down just for being an ass. I don't care if I agree with you. You're still an ass.

    • hater

      In my Bill Burr voice….What a Fag!

    • that guy

      Nature is neither good nor evil if you idealize it and use it to formulate philosophical arguments then your arguments will be based on a false basis. If nature is the basis for morals then you must accept the good with the bad.
      Evolution is a philosophy that is based on materialism (everything is either matter or energy) materialism has no place for personhood; so ideas of love for example cannot exist. Evolutionist say that love is a survival device that man has created. This makes love in evolutionary thinking no more than a lie that man tells himself.
      The very fact that man questions things like morals (a metaphysical idea) would point to man having a mind which is a metaphysical thing.
      The important question to ask is does the grass (or any other seemingly mechanical entity) have problems with its identity. If it does then Buddhism is a far more likely candidate for the universal theory of the universe. If it doesn’t (which would prove that it is mechanical) then why would man have a problem with who he is and what his place is in the universe?

      • A BiPolar Guy

        Please don't interrupt the name calling and superficial arguments

  • Old Jeezy

    My dog did this with a baby rabbit, and it was fucking adorable until she ate it.

    • Tony

      no way did she really? whatt? i cant see a domestic dog killing animals when theyre used to eating dog food

      • Jen

        my domesticated cat kills animals ALL the fucking time.

      • Old Jeezy

        I still can't believe that rabbit ate my dog.

        • LuvsHorror


      • Obvious

        What exactly do you think dog food is made of????????????????????????????? Hint (Animals)

    • _DoC_

      Yeah…this cat just ate her mother…The baby was antelope "to go".

    • @undefined

      I Laughed

  • Cold heart

    It's called breeding. Farmers also don't adopt cows.

    • Mike

      Lions also don't ranch, dumbass.

  • Cowthang

    I once kept a creme egg in my pocket for a few days. It thought I loved it but I ate that mofo. True story.

    • coop

      ^ winner. Because creme eggs are damn fantastic.

      • darkSurge

        Mini Eggs are better!!

    • Whasssuppp

      You win the internet. Gratz bro

    • Parkview

      How does this get 230+ thumbs up

  • dammit

    eat it!!! goddammit, eat it!!

  • Bubba

    This is evolution: how hunters become farmers.

    • Mally

      One pounce she's hungry you die early. Two pounces, she's training her cubs, you're in for a long day.

  • Lisa

    #6 Seeing that coming at me…yeah…I'd pretty much curl up in a ball crying "Mommy?" too. Stunning photograph.

    • ddd

      i'd try and punch it. it would be useless, but i'd try.

      • ColaChiver

        Gouge the eyes…. Again useless, but I'd make that bitch wear a lion-made eyepatch the rest of her life

  • Kiloooooooooo

    SMH. She's playing with her food. What kind of a lesson is that to her offspring?

    • DemonIAm

      Well, she already ate her toy (the mom), so what else was she to do?

  • Cracka_ass_cracka

    Nonchalant kill shot

  • justabill

    Animal planet did something on this. Or an instance like this. Lioness and baby antelope. If I remember correctly, yes, it died. But I think it was cause it wasn't getting fed, not cause the lioness ate it.

    • Jake

      There's one about a Cheetah with some kind of monkey or baboon or something. Could be that one too.

    • JoeMamma

      I saw that, it was weak from not feeding. But it died because a male lion didn't share the same compassion and ruined it

      • bczu

        JoeMamma is correct, saw the same program. The antelope tried running away a few times.

        • Woop

          JoeMamma is always correct. I love to be corrected by JoeMamma. JoeMamma is great. In bed. JoeMamma. good night.

  • sledneck600

    Your gonna taste so much better when you a bit bigger, said the lioness.

    • Spelling Police

      *you're (a contraction of "you are") – stay in school.

  • Lion adopts baby antelope

    […] Via thechive […]

  • John

    Turns out that antelope died when the lioness slept and other lions ate it.

    So the lioness adopted another. That got taken from her because it was malnourished – Lioness couldn't feed it, after all.

    So the lioness adopted another and she now lets the mother close to feed it for a few minutes a day. That one'll probably die of starvation. The park where this is taking place isn't sure what to do.

    This Lioness is psycho-mom.

    • ...

      That case happened after her own cub was killed, I'm pretty sure. The cat's mothering instincts are there, it's just not her own baby so I think she's just picking it up as she goes along. The cats doing this so far haven't eaten the cubs they take care of, other shit just happens.

    • truth

      Wait…are you still talking about the lioness or Angelina Jolie?

      • Dennis

        AHahahaha *tear* hahaha

        • A BiPolar Guy

          I don't get what the problem is have with her adopting a couple of kids. Three adopted and three biological kids, I think? Word is she's a good mother, can't be that. Seems to be something about them not being american kids??? I don't see what their country of origin has to do with anything. She's not some collector of trophies, she really cares about kids based on her actions. She puts a ton of time into charity work for the UN, not just some fly in to a fundraiser and fly out crap either.

  • Robzombie

    That fawn isn't stupid. If something can easily kill you, makings friends with it is a huge advantage

    • Frank

      I don't know. I don't think I want to pal around with O.J. Simpson.

  • Kodos

    don't mess up the wonder of nature with this feel-good bullshit…

    eat or be eaten!

    • sexauer

      Simple minded clown! There's more to life then that… Well…. Maybe not for YOU!

  • Justin Cider

    That's just what we need Lions teaching antelope to hunt. Soon there will be herds of of meat eating antelope roaming the plains.

  • sam

    I think that the lion is mentally slow. If you think about it, she was abandoned by her pride, so maybe they noticed something off with her.

  • Aloicious
    • truth

      The article didn't say that she ate the kob for a fact….but it is a safe bet it didn't end with everybody singing Hakuna Matata.

  • Scott

    If you can't beat em join em

  • Jared

    Why are the 2 ugly indian women showing up as the Top Tapiture Photos of the week…

    Off tpoic, but wtf people.

  • Undergrad

    If compassion and ethics were an evolutionary trait, it would have been selected OUT of the gene pool millions of years ago. A compassionate lion is a hungry lion. Not an advantageous trait if its survival of the fittest. KCCO

    • chelsea_dagger


    • Helena

      Actually compassion and "ethics" (kind of a broad term) ARE benficial traits in social animals. In solitary animals, sure, the "kill or be killed" thing works. But if you're part of a herd, or pride, or pack, yu an't just go around killing your pack members. It's more beneficial to help them and ensure their srvval, as well as ensuring that they'll help you in return. Sometimes this compassionate behavior can bleed over into other situations. In this case, the lioness had JUST eaten, and had no drive to kill the little antelope. So her next major instinct, nurturing young, kicked in.

      • Helena

        Sorry about the weird typos, my keyboard is on the fritz.

  • Boobs

    Fatten up the food before you eat it.

  • dewarz

    "Ah.. geez… I didn't see you there when I ate your mom…
    Ummm…. I'm kinda full now… you uh… you should probably just tag along…
    no, no, no… not for a snack later… that'd be ridiculous… it's so I can… uh take care of you. Yeah that's it."


    Natures version of veal!!!

    • ColaChiver

      Veal is meat from nature, you Darwin.

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