• j-mac

    Lots of people can do that.

    The tought part is doing it with 3 seconds on the clock when your team is down by 2 and you have 100,000 people watching live and millions watching on tv

    • Mikel

      3 seconds doesn't really mean anything since football continues until the play is over.

      • dont worry aboutn it

        to bad no one cares about American football except for Americans.. just sayin

  • jbali17

    Now throw in 20mph wind, some 300lb fat men with jumping ability, and a dude that doesn't know how to spot a football. It's impressive, no doubt, but everything he's doing really is just practice.

  • hehe

    They already have more letters in their alphabet, now this? (gasp)

  • J.C. Disco

    He's gonna be fun for other football players to punch one day.

  • gnichols

    *rugby…maybe put on a few lbs though

  • tomd

    I'm calling Bullshit too

  • Bluto

    So you send out the field goal unit except for one wideout. Send him deep and kick him a pass. Win game. Crowd roars.

  • lat297

    Imagine how good he'd be at Rugby!


  • Guest

    It's nice, but nfl kickers take a step before kicking the ball. They don't run up to it because long field goals would be too easy which is what this guy is demonstrating. I'm not saying he's not good. But if he can make those 60 yard field goals with a step or two, it would be way more impressive because I'm pretty sure just about any soccer player can do this.

  • Mads

    This reminds me of Morten Andersen, the danish kicker who have the all time record for points in NFL. He was signed as kicker for Michigan State in his first season playing football ever.
    It would not be a bad idea to scout kickers from Europe since they play soccer all the time, resulting in a flair for kicking.

  • http://twitter.com/undefined @undefined

    you kick better than Mark Sanchez throws

  • jay

    can i get this guy on my fantasy team already?

  • Reckless

    Great dude. They give free education and then around a 800k in the pros for kicking, or you could just make shitting youtube videos the rest of your life

  • IrishInNJ

    I saw him kick 1, 60 yard kick off the ground…the only thing worth talking about in terms of the NFL.

  • Dogsof

    American Football is a strange beast. Ive watched it for years but when a friend asks me to describe it Im sometimes puzzled. The best I can usually come up with is that its kind of like rugby but everyone wears padding and a helmet. And the game stops every few seconds to allow for commercials, switching of teams and to give referees time to figure out the rules.
    All in all, I dont mind it. Its no football or rugby, but its a million times more interesting than basketball or baseball.

  • NYR144

    Oh lay Oh lay Oh lay Oh lay ………..Oh lay Oh lay

  • twoedges

    60 yards from the goal post is the equivalent of a 43 yard NFL field goal – 10 yards from endzone to goalpost + 7 yards from scrimmage to the holder. While his "accuracy" (how many tries did it take for him to hit that ball with the ball at the end) looks impressive his distance was blah. Any thing set to annoying up tempo irish music creates the illusion that something is awesomer than it actually is.

    • ARDAvonWOOLF

      sorry, 60 yards from the goal post is a 60 yard field goal. line of scrimmage is the 43. jeez. euro-math

  • Raul Endymion

    It's a miracle! Well maybe not. Sure I too was impressed at first, but on closer inspection, some kudos may have to be given to his editing ability. Go to full screen and focus on the background; trees and clouds. Particularly during the long distance kicks through the uprights, the the clouds and trees stop moving, while the ball sails through the uprights.

  • Tristan

    The only thing this guy does that involves American football is the place kicking through the uprights (not to his buddies because that's useless in football) and the punting accuracy. I can't even play in the CFL but I could do the things this guy was doing. NFL kickers and punters would laugh at this video. But hey maybe the Jets will sign him, they already have a gimmick special teams player in Tebow, one more couldn't hurt.

  • barnburner

    What is his name or how do you find this on youtube?

  • https://www.facebook.com/dallasbr Dallas Brown

    The Redskins need to pick him up

  • Klaus

    Pardon but American Football or Rugby? I don't see any pussy-armor-paraphernalia there…


    uh, and has anyone shown him a "K" ball? It's all meh until he's actually doen something in a game.

  • jmstech

    Has no one on here ever heard of the game Rugby??? These are all 3 point kicks. He has a future in the sport he obviously already plays.

  • George

    Hey chivers… We get it "try it with 11 large men running at you…" Blah blah blah this comment section is like a broken reel. Do us all a favor read the comments previous to yours and if the guys says exactly what u were gonna type just go ahead and throw him a thumbs up. Hell even throw down a reply if u fell the need, and while your reading them try and get over your jealousy.

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