Today we spell redemption R-E-D (40 Photos)

  • Oliver

    This post needs to end.

    • Flaccid

      Can we get some Indians up in here? Maybe a little afghanian? Anything else

      • carl

        at first i thought 'ewww'. but then i thought, 'yeah, you're probably right'.

    • jimmy

      then go somewhere else you ungrateful pecker head

      • Jack Wagon

        your life needs to end.

    • R Bence

      No one told you that you have to look at this site dumb ass. If you don't like it go to some other site.

    • Rob T

      I love red heads…. but i feel like they get to make the post even if they aren't hot.

      • JW3

        I am a red head chivette, and even I agree that they let a lot of not-so-cute girls make the post. Heck, a lot of those girls don't really even have red hair!

  • Adam Dunn

    #16 #26 Moar!

    • Flaccid

      Can someone explain to me why they call red heads "fire crotches"??

      • Answer

        Because when their soulless eyes glare at you, your pubes catch on fire, which leads to flaccid penis…redheads=flaccid

      • Hank Hill

        Really?! Red hair. Red pubes. I suppose some genius years ago imagined that the crotchal region appeared to be engulfed in flames due to the hair color. Only been with one redhead. It was damn sure hot. I can tell you that.

    • Limp noodle

      The only good looking "redheads" in the post look more like brunettes …

    • Shrinkage

      This should be categorized in the "WTF" gallery

    • Mother or god

      Look at that pinky toe! #18

      • Freaky


    • bonitaChiver

      #26 yes more please

      • Bheld

        She's hot, but her contacts are Colored. Wonder what she'd look like without them.

        • Watson

          No shit, Sherlock.

      • goatpunch

        twilight obsessed. would not bang

        • goatpunch

          ok I would, but I would have a disinterested look on my face the whole time!

    • Skermitt

      I freakin love this post!

  • Awesome show.

    The Walking Dead WOOOO!!!

    • Tiber_Septim

      #2 #32 I am surprised there was no love for these two, they are gorgeous and kept it classy by keeping their cloths on WTG ladies

      • DaddyD

        Yeah. #32 was at the top of my list to be on the bottom of my pile.

  • bigd

    #3 must be the luckiest gal in the world with shamrocks like that.

    • DickFister


    • tv_paul

      They must be her Lucky Charms and I bet they're magically delicious.

  • geo

    #39 plus we need pics of the redhead on True Blood!

    • Notknowing

      Baby got BACK! Very nice.

  • Awesome show.

    Also, Freckles are the SEXIEST thing on this world aside from boobs and butt(girl butt)

    • Ccard


    • ...

      Guy boobs are okay though?

      • dskj


  • Fatmangus

    Ok, #26 is just creepy.
    ……..but that doesn't mean that I'd turn down piles of consensual intercouse.

    • Squints

      What does it say about me that I want to bone her with the teeth and contacts in? I have some soul searching to do.

    • richard fitzwell

      Are you kidding me? I would absolutely wreck this chick. I'd plow her so hard I'd have to put my dick in a wheel chair. And than just to make sure we each left our mark, I'd let let her blow my handicap penis.

    • Notknowing

      Yup, nothing better than vampyr sex….with all the scratching and biting going on…..come to think of it. That sounds like having sex with your cat.

      • pete jones

        Is that not still in style?

    • gs425

      We don't know what's below the neck. It could be a dude for all we know.

      • Stead

        Not a dude. I know her. I'd say her husband might object to the plowing though……….

      • Will

        Doesn't matter… Had Sex

    • Jeeper

      The look on her face totally says, "I'm going to bite your dick off." Yet for some reason I still want to let her do it. How's that possible?

  • JustinFL

    #38 Gorgeous and then some.

    • Mr. Rodgers

      Cute, yes. Gorgeous goes too far.

  • deadpool

    Like that face…yes yes her breasts as well

    • JamesMoravia

      She is hot, more pics please

    • thebeefinjector

      she is Freaking HOT everything about her. please send moar you are beautiful.

    • Notknowing


    • Gustavo

      @Violaceousgirl … there you go

    • Kristen

      What a fucking whore. I bet she shaves her twat to get rid of the crab habitat.

      BOOM you are welcome!!

      • Collin

        YESS thank you sir!

    • Kato

      I vote for more pictures of Violaceousgirl sucking on things!

    • KyleGamgee

      Gorgeous girl. A 10.

  • Justin Lentz

    #3 im digging the dimples and your shamrock's

    • Kyle C

      agreed! it's always the amazingly cute and subtly sexy ones that get me

  • John

    She must be found

  • umpa

    Quick question
    is this real life? or is this photoshop2 simply because this is just to beautiful!!!!

    • NZ Chiver


      • The Sword

        Agreed!! MOAR!

        • Kristen


      • Iso

        She is all over Russian photoblogs – there is no name associated, ugh!

    • mikeymike75

      So much moar is required of this girl, it's regoddamndiculous.

    • spike

      I… wha… jee…duh… er….holy…. my…

      nope, no words for that. none. We need to invent a word for that gorgeous creature.

      • MajorTom

        The elusive red headed flat bellied trophywifeus

    • Dutch

      Nina Smidt

    • TheBatman

      she looks alot like the girl from Season 2 of Game of Thrones. (The Wildling John runs into beyond the wall).

  • TigerChiver

    #3 I don't know who you are…

  • NorCalChiver

    Ummm…not hard yet. Blonde canadian chivettes please??

  • DasLouis

    #26 can bite me any time she likes… And moar #9 please!

    • Drake

      Moar of both pls!! 😀

  • Petar

    It takes great strength to scroll past #1 !

    • Tim

      Only reason I did was I was hoping for more of her!!!

      • JamesMoravia

        She set the bar pretty high

  • orion

    #30 is the winner and #18 in second place

    • Lugh

      #18 is a damned brunette. Her roots are showing like whoa.

  • John

    Challenge Accepted #3 's shirt

  • Jjd

    Find #20. I want to see Moar of her!

    • anon

      found her….

      she's at #8

      • Frost

        Well played.

        • Wendy Lynn Gregg

          Thanks for the love, guys! 😉

  • neelsvanpk

    #1 is certainly my favourite! Beautiful!

  • 3Chiver

    Hands down #16. Find her.

  • irons

    #1 sexy soul robber right there.

  • Macho Man

    Why does Jimmy Johns claim to have freaky fast delivery? Their drivers have to do the same speed limit as everyone else. Yep I'm calling bullshit

  • irons

    #9 I would totally nail that mouse!

    • iris

      i know you don't care but its the cheshire cat

      • Chris Jephcott

        Is that you, Iris?

  • Trav1121

    #7 LG! Nuff said.

    • Shannon Coverdale


    • LG Lover

      Moar new stuff please!

    • The Truth

      Thought I was the only one who noticed Lauren….

    • _LG


      • SlimtwigMJ

        How's it goin' Miss G?

        • _LG

          It would be going a lot better if you'd slide your throbbing manhood in and out of my hot, steamy rectum.

        • _LG

          Apparently my day is going a lot better than my impostor's day (but when your mind is that far down the gutter, how bad of a day can you really be having?!)! Just incredibly busy with lots o' school work, an upcoming move, and interviews, and also currently focused on trying to warm up my limbs since it's finally starting to feel like winter where I live. But how about yourself? Hopefully you're doing well!

          • SlimtwigMJ

            Busy as well. Lots of work to do today, on top of highly anticipated bay area baseball games going on to keep track of. I got my first dose of “Fall is coming” reality this morning when I stepped outside and actually wished I had a sweater. But yes, all is well. Thanks! Sounds like, while busy, things are good for you as well. Best of luck with the move and interviews. Just KC&CO as always.

    • factchecker

      Does anyone ever get a little nostalgic and look to find og chivettes. You know LG, Willow, Erin, Dylan etc. Maybe it's just me

    • Dave

      Happy to see you LG, You always put a smile on my face ith those sweet smiles of yours. Glad to see a classy lady not get bent over losers like your imposter.

    • LG_Fan

      LG your real, we miss you. Please submit more! wo

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