• High

    Hahah, super wild. Pretty funny if you look at it as just a girl, a hot girl, dancing in her room with special effects around her. Skills though.

  • Micks

    WOW!! She's very talented

  • Weird Kid

    Cool Painting, I like seagulls

  • richterfry

    I'm in love i'm in love and i don't care who knows it.

  • Doctor doctor

    It was a trick. Those dogs were trained

  • Marc

    There was a hula hoop in this video?

  • Crazy_Jake

    Foreplay like this in a room.. I think of something else she could twirl that on for sure…
    All day , will play..

  • Nighthawk

    Get back in the kitchen! You hot piece of ass you

  • Mr. Eff

    Okay so. Aside from the fact that the girl is hot and scantily clad, that is some mother fucking mad skill with a hula hoop. Jesus christ.

  • Jerry Winchell

    Is this the same girl from the Hula Hoop Video to Fort Knox? Beautiful girl either way.. Love it..

  • velvethammer

    She kind of reminds me of the Daft Punk dancing girl…

  • Huff

    she is gorgeous, and talented. That was pretty cool.

  • pimp C

    best 3:24 ever

  • tcaddy

    do you think she'd marry me???

  • MattKL

    Aaaand now I have to wait a few minutes before standing up.

    Worth it.

  • Psymon Spyders

    I just watched this while listening to Disco Science by Mirwais (the music from the dog chase scene from Snatch), it was amazing.

  • John Stuart

    Without a doubt the coolest video I've seen

  • Dan

    And now for the big finish…. If I know wat I mean

  • Daaamn

    Hula Hoop? Where?…

  • missmk88

    Holy lady… want to come to Shambhala with me? 😉

  • sean__m

    That was pure magic.

  • steve stoic

    Why two sets of undergarments´… Found it very distracting.

  • Max

    I bet she does yoga.

  • chris

    Seriously Chive when are you gonna send this girl a HD camcorder! This is her 3rd video and they only gettn better!

  • dtv

    She's so good I stopped checking her out after a minute or two

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