Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • B.J.

    #30 … I cried

  • bran muffin

    I think #30 should have gotten its own post, not under the post of "Awesomeness"…

  • Jessica

    #30 I'm crying………..this sucks! What a great young man! RIP

  • Brendan

    Damn these onions! That was beautiful Dave! See you in heaven one day

  • johkur

    #15 Now that is just drop-dead sexy. If she had gone with the subtle lip bite, I would need to go change my shorts.

  • Murph

    #30 rest well, Brother.

  • USMC

    RIP David

  • Cady Holmes

    #30 so sad to hear that dave did not make it. I work at an organization that services people with developmental disabilities and they are all wonderful, amazing people who don't always get to be heard like dave. I am glad that he got to share his light with the world and know he is in a better place.

    also #4 is a picture of a place called The CIty Museum in Saint Louis and it is absolutely one of the most cool, bad ass places I have ever been, it's a giant play ground in what used to be a bank, yes there is a school bus on the roof, along with a ferris wheel, a giant 10 story slide, a giant praying mantis, a bar and that is just the roof.

    I vote for a Chive Meet Up in Saint Louis at the CIty Museum, I would be the happiest chivette in the world if that happened.

  • tjo55555

    #30 RIP

  • MLR

    Cheers, lucky #13!

    #30 Man, if reading his last message doesn't rip your heart out you probably didn't have one to start with. KCCO, Dave. RIP

  • abaffuto



    "i learn in a short life that what make the world special are good people like all you. otherwise it just be boring blue rock zipping around the sun looking for trouble. you are all special. all of you unique!"


  • Lucas

    Since you clearly knew how to KCCO, all I can say is thanks and Stay Strong and Rock On buddy. RIP

  • DickFister

    Hey buddy. It's a day later and I'm still searching for honest words. Perharps if I talked less and watched more, I could have been your friend and sent you pictures of ugly boobs. But I probably would have liked sending you a stupid twit or tweet or some other shit instead.
    Fuck! Guess I just did. Please don't tell anyone.

  • Jacob

    #18 SKATE LIFE

  • Stephanie

    RIP dave. have fun with your beautiful angels up there

  • Grumpy_Cossack

    How can someone I've known for a few short days make me cry for so many hrs….???? My kid's wondering what the hell is wrong with me. KCCO Brother!

  • Rob Cherrie

    The "Cool Ride" file on awesome cars you posted recently gives my computer indigestion. It will NOT download and keeps going offline. I'm wondering if anyone else had the same problem. "Chive" posts have never been a problem in the past; a pity because the car post was of particular interest to me.
    Can it be reposted??

  • Sean Med

    Is #15 Diana Agron?

    • mikeh

      No – she is named Bobbi and worked at the Gold Cup in Houston. Hot. hot, hot.

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