• Sam

    Parenting level – Master

    • Maytrix

      Actually, probably not – kid is probably conditioned now so he'll complain every time until he gets the distraction of the computer. Any video would have worked – its just a distraction

    • Frank M

      My cousin's twins were like that with Yo Gabba Gabba. It was like some weird baby magic.

  • Yerp

    If I hear that song one more time I'm going to punch a baby.

    • Guest

      Agreed. In fact, in anticipation of the inevitable. I have cleared my calendar for the day and will begin baby punching at random.

  • Bob Hope

    Video on the Homepage is a chick with a HulaHoop and in the page it's a fucking baby – i confused.

  • slip

    you are now free to resume regular programming!

  • the_mike

    I prefer this one.

    • the_mike

      Wow that many Led Zeppelin haters. Interesting.

      • fibonacci5150

        2:16 and he is rdy to rock

      • Lolz

        They stole most of their songs. They're really not that great. Not even stairway to heaven was original.

  • Guy

    Do these magical powers work on women?

  • Bradyized

    All I take from this video, is that I want a penguin bib.

  • Popowich

    Open condom store!

  • Aaron

    Kids are weird.

  • herpderp

    That's funny, because I can only get my girlfriend off while playing that video

    • Upstate NY

      Now that's sad!

    • Katze

      Doesnt matter had sex

  • tv_paul

    Poopin' Pablum Style

  • Brian

    Awesome dad is awesome

  • KevinTito

    I hope the kid still needs that to eatt when he's 30. Hilarious.

  • chiveadmin

    Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos) http://onfunzone.com/funny-picture/daily-afternoo

    • Migraineboy

      Seriously, what is this shit?! Steal chive posts? And post them as "Jhon"? you're an asshole.

  • gracer

    feed him a little faster

    • buttercup78

      Yup. That's all going to come right back up.

    • Rizzo

      He's just keepin time with the beat.

  • tom

    only eats when watching tv….idk if thats a good thing

  • mike

    when did THEY switch to spoons?

    • MathNerd

      The babies name was Benjamin…

      • Sallycakes

        Benjamin Wang

    • gesus44

      Properly around the time you walked out of the caves, moron, spoons have been in Asia since day dot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.gorski.7 David Gorski

    Video coulda been about half as long and i woulda still got the point

    • thedude34

      Yeah, that 1 1/2 minute video was brutally long.

  • Shadowwight

    JJeez! He can't give the kid the chance to swallow one bite before he shovels the next one in?

  • Mike Ho.
    • Yuppp

      Who cares.

  • John from Accounting

    these Koreans are nuts! Check out the crowd….

  • Anonymous

    The song is independent of the child's behavior. It could have been anything on the screen and the kid would eaten. Now, if the parent played the song from an iPod on speakers (rather than show the video and audio) and the kid ate, THAT would have been interesting.

  • Bob

    This song can do ANYTHING!! Once it was raining, and I turned the song on, and it started a thunder snow storm. It was amazing.

  • DrPepper

    Wonder how funny it will be when the kid is diagnosed with ADD in 5 years…

    • Party Pooper

      Such a pooper of parties.

    • Annie

      he wont be diagnosed with ADD, the current thing for doctors to do now days is diagnose a kid with Autism.

  • Dennis

    Wow love all the psychologists and master parents the chive has. Just watch the fucking video and laugh then go on to the next one nobody cares about your analysis of his parenting skills or if the kid has ADD

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