• KoalasAreAlwaysCute

    nerves made out of steel? tick

    i think my heart skipped a few beats while watching this.

    • enjoimark

      I was waiting on this guy to die the entire time I was watching.

  • ThunderingMute

    Where is this?

  • Mojo

    I'm mostly impressed that he did all that wearing tap shoes.

  • Not Oprah

    I know I've gotten old when my first thought, upon watching the first wall scale, was, "Why would anyone want to do that? There's a perfectly good set of stairs inside."

  • Maybe Oprag

    Assassin's creed 4 is going to be first-person, wha…..? Definitely freaky, but kinda of tough to see and appreciate it all from that view point…

    • Timmer

      Assassins creed 3 isn't even out yet…

  • Obama 2012

    We will win if you vote. Vote Obama this year for a change we can believe in.

    • David

      Lol how is it change if we keep the same person? ^ Obama zombie

      • Kristen

        ^agreed. Plus we trusted him 4 years ago for "a change we believe in," and look how far that's gotten us.

        • MohawkJon

          Only ignorant people think that the US economy can be fixed in less then 4 years. The way bush left us, we were still heading downhil.
          But by all means vote for a man without a plan, and a party that started this mess in the first place.

  • JDE

    I wish I lived close enough to buildings like that to do it

    • ColaChiver

      Yes, I'm sure you would just hop right up and do it if you had some buildings like this about…..GTFO.

      • JDE

        Man glad you got me figured out. Fuck off!

  • Tom

    I can top this, I'll even do it as I'm posting thi…….&$)5;,?!)$&)fgcdsgu…………..;/46hxsthbjdxbj……………..



  • OneEndedStick

    Then he got hit by a passing car…

  • Mchells

    urban super mario

  • name

    It must be annoying trying to take an afternoon nap with someone running on your roof everyday

  • neelsvanpk

    I was convinced that this guy will fall the hell off at some point.

  • TresBlah

    YOLOOOOOOooooooo…… Splat.

  • Houuu

    Sounds like fapping…. Just saying…

    • JustKidding

      …what kind of dick do you have? upon consideration, please don't answer that.

  • Murph Murphy

    Sounds like he's playing the spoons while doing that…. show off.

  • muff

    Sounds like he's playing the spoons while doing that

  • Don

    He's not free-running, just running from the cops!

  • ShakeyTheMoyle

    I'm a chimney sweep and have to get up on tops of houses daily and yet my palms are sweating watching this:S

  • JSJ

    Didn't make my palms sweaty, but sure gave me a headache with that camera view.

  • Meh

    I was bored watching that

  • Someone

    Looks like someone has been playing too much Mirror Edge.

  • Tim

    If people are interested in this I wonder why that Mirror's Edge game was such a flop.

  • heathclif

    Balls of Titanium. There were some pretty sketchy moves in this video. I always dreamed about doing shit like this but then I realized that I would probably get vertigo and slip and die.

  • GuntherSquirrel

    Um… Hows about no… I have to say tho, I got a kick out of being able to hear his heartbeat after a while, reminded me of some of my video games.

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