Cat Saturday (24 Photos)

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  • JOMR


  • JOMR

    any love for a cat-dog?

    • amrith777

      I concur with Sheldon Cooper regarding the "Dogapus"

      Leonard: What's a dogapus?
      Sheldon: A hybrid dog and octopus. Man's underwater best friend.
      Leonard: There's someone working on that?
      Sheldon: I was going to. I planned on giving it to myself for my 300th birthday.
      Leonard: Wait a minute you hate dogs.
      Sheldon: A dogapus can play fetch with eight balls; no one can hate that.

      • Brad

        Like this if you read that in their voices.

  • Mr. Authority

    Un-First. I am giddy with delight.

  • @undefined


  • @undefined


  • Me!


  • Ian.

    #13 is very educational

    • DickFister

      They have an agenda. Beware

  • dreez

    I love kittehs!!

  • cock&balls

    Always my least favorite posts

    • Logic

      It's a shame somebody is holding a gun to your head making you view this posting.

      Oh, wait, nobody is? If you don't like it, why did you come here then?

      • Shockteck41

        Hey guess what. I am not really a fan of the "I hate my Job" posts but I am sure some people are. So I use my magical power known as "Not looking at it" and continue with my life.

        • dawgbone98


          • DongSalad

            Jesus Christ you people are sensitive about your fucking cats… Get over it!

  • Milosch Greymalkin

    #13 is the best too funny

  • Sk_Chiver

    Fuck I love cat Saturday 🙂

  • Kodos

    I used to bullseye cats in my T-16 back home; they're not much bigger than two meters…

  • boutique

    wow its such a nice and very cuty cats and thats are so awsome thank to share me this nice one

  • AllTaco

    Well now I'm definitely not voting for Obama.

  • BWaecker

    #23 That cat must deal a ton of coke

    • KCO617

      It's Walter White's cat.

      • Kato

        W.W. deals meth, not coke. I'd say that's Tony Montana's cat, Chi-chi.

        TM: Chi-chi, get de yeyo!
        C: Meow!

    • T-Bone

      Drudgereport reported today that a substantial amount of $100 bills have been stolen today en route to the Federal Reserve.

  • Xcs23

    Dog Sunday?

    • Guest

      Happy Sundog

    • Kato

      For the goodness of mankind and all, how many times do I have to say this? There's already a dog post every Monday. Cut that shit out! This is Cat Saturday foo!

  • Kato

    I'm having a hard time viewing this post without muttering "meow" to myself.

    • 0331

      You need to lay of the nip man.

  • Kodos

    And yet here you are. Don't you have another debate to go prepare to fai at?

    • Kodos


      • BigHeadedHelmet

        and fail you did.

        • Kodos

          irony you caught.. obvious you are… aren't you special!

          • Hagulon

            Kodos tool bag you miss typed someone called u on it now ur butt hurt bet u look like #20 lol sucha hag

            • Poop Stain

              Hey dipshits, that's not really our douche bag leader!

          • Indeed

            Shouldn't it be "special, aren't you"

  • yoddle101

    He's a witch!!!! BURN HIM!!!

    • The Machine


  • Macro

    #23 Where Romney hides more of his taxes.

    • Indy

      Pretty sure you've heard it many times before but I"ll say it again….you are dumber than dirt

    • Rex Hondo

      I don't care which side of the political spectrum you fall on. Forcing political comments where they don't really belong just gives the other side an excuse to call you a dipshit.

  • ...

    Uhm. Maybe if you weren't such an asshat you'd have a cat that respects you….

    • Drunkendave

      Hahahaha. A cat that respects humans?
      What fantasy world do you live in?

      • The Machine

        Good one!

    • The Machine

      I feed it, take care of it, give it a home, and pet the damn thing. What else should I do? You probably let yours like your balls or your vag

  • cat hoocan

    go shave and bleach your butthole you fanal aggot

    • The Machine

      Someone who likes cats calling someone a &aggot, yeah that makes sense

  • whosyopapi

    Fuck the haters, one of the best posts of the week

  • OhioChiver

    #21 Yeah, we've all been there at one time or another.

  • @undefined


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